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Configuring Epiphan Webcaster X2 for YouTube & Facebook, and the Beta USB Camera Support

Photo Moment - August 15, 2017

Wondering how to configure the Epiphan Webcaster X2? PhotoJoseph will take you through how to do it for both YouTube and for Facebook. Joseph is on the road for his vacation, (or in the air, depending on when you see this), so we are coming to you pre-recorded today. Sorry to those who enjoy the live show. 


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Hello Mr. Joseph! It's almost 2yrs since i bought the Webcaster X2 and i have not been able to use it. Could you be used of God for me as angelic helper to put me through via a teamviewer session ? I feel sad looking at my $300 device lying idle. I will be satisfied if you can atleast teach me how to stream with it using either my Logitech C925e or C920. For example, after plugging the webcam, it keeps telling me "App does not have premission to live stream on this user" More so, i want to be able to use the webcam as my primary video source, instead of it appearing as a PIP
is there any way it can be operated by battery?
Please guide me.
Hello Joseph, thanks for this video. I got myself a Webcaster X2, I also bought a USB webcam to use as a second camera.

All I am getting is a green screen. Can you help?

What camera did you use for your Second camera?
Can multiple camera be connected to a switcher/mixer (Roland V-1HD) then connected to Webcaster X2 ?????
@PhotoJoseph Thanks...\\
Two questions, do you lose your audio when you switch to your Usb camera? And I take it you cannot broadcast to both you tube and facebook live simultaneously?
Thanks Joseph, Webcaster seems to have fallen into the technical abyss., I purchased one a while back but yet to go live. A) I’m in the Philippines...B) It only accepts a “P” hdmi input turns out I have yet to find a camera manufacturer who lists there HDMI output as it turns out all my cameras hdmi output is “Interlaced”, so a scaler seems to be in order. The USB providing both audio and video is a handy up grade so I guess I could go live with my webcams while I am waiting a scaler. I wonder how well the Webcaster works with say a Roland or Lumantek multiviewer? I am an ol’guy so educating myself in OBS or investing in VMix don’t enthuse me much. I will say I have an RII mini keyboard, pre-webcaster....the Decktop version might be the wireless Logitech 400 which features a track pad. I know epiphan is pushing the Pearl....but the webcaster remains the best small studio option I have found. I looked at Mevo as a solution, but found it too limited when working space is extremely small. On the USB, have you attempted using a usb switcher and multiple webcams? I guess audio can be maintained over hdmi even while using usb video. I’m full of questions as my C-920 webcam gave me fits with latency issues, which I could not find a cure for. I wonder if any of these prosumer switcher multiviewers which allow independent audio input, properly imbed it in the hdmi output, so latency is at least minimal? Sorry for all the do a great job, thanks...
PhotoJoseph , ain’t it the truth!
Hey Joseph, very impressive, comprehensive review, thank you! One question: I film a lot lectures/talks at a university. Do you think I would need to bring a monitor + mouse with me to the events I need to livestream for configuration, or could I prepare everything beforehand at the office, and just turn on the device and have it automatically connect to the wifi (if its saved) and youtube without needing to bring additional equipment?
I would definitely have them on hand at least the first few times. Once it connects reliably a few times with no intervention maybe you could leave it behind, but I wouldn't want you to be stuck with no way to connect!
@PhotoJoseph thanks joseph!
@PhotoJoseph Hey Joseph, one more Q: I'm looking for a small, portable, tablet-like monitor with an hdmi input for this purpose. Basically a tablet without an operating system, just something basic like that. Can't seem to find anything. Any recommendations?
Try this. It's crap but it works.
Can you simultaneously stream to both facebook and youtube
Can I stream from with and HDMI cable that is plugged into an NVR- IP cameras? and if so, do I use the HDMI IN or "out" connections?
Way too long. Get to friggin point. No one is here to hear you talk and joke around. This video did not help me.
Webcaster X2 - Live Stream to Facebook and YouTube
Is there a less expensive way to do a one-time event (wedding)?
Thank you. For a 'one time' I'll try to borrow something...
I take it I can't live stream just using my Macbook internal camera or a usb camera connected to it
Can I go live on both Facebook and YouTube at the same time?
Can we stream pre-recorded videos from this device?
PhotoJoseph Thanks
Ciao Joseph, all very nice, but a little roast, at 4:32 you say "being on wireless is a little bit sketchy" and at 6:09 you say "Wired tech who really wants that". Yes, yes i get you point, but my opinion is i prefer wired tech all the time, does't matter if for headphones or a mouse/ keyboard, all this recharging eats time. I make one exception to send the sound of my Laptop to my bluetooth speaker, but they can't run out of power. Just some thoughts, thanks to you Joseph, Ciao Anton
Can I live stream a pre-recorded video from my SD card with Epiphan Webcaster X2 ? If Yes! Kindly teach me how to do it
very good !
Joseph - would love to know if the USB camera in can somehow use say a Yi4K over wireless to a dongle in the X2. Audio is not an issue in this case, only a USB camera a few (20) yards away, where a physical USB connection won't work. Any ideas?
The USB port only works with a webcam-type camera. If you feed it a higher bitrate HDMI to USB converter, it won’t work. For any specific device it’d be worth testing though. You never know!
Joseph, I’m an ol’guy, who is a firm believer in the KISS theory...I want to run the new Marantz Pro Turret USB setup through the Webcaster x2...can it be done and if so what other hardware is needed? Thanks for your help....
Have you used the Black Magic Web Presenter? and if so, how does it compare to the X2?
It is, which is it's one drawback... But it seems like a slick setup.
720p is a bit 5 years ago... Maybe they'll give it a firmware update to 1080. Do you find the X2 buggy? From the reviews I seen it seems like the software is almost unfinished, and it seems like they have features in beta for quite a while.
BMD told me it may be updated to 1080p with a firmware if there's a need. Thanks for the insight!
I know the 720p is nuts... I may wait to see what the Pearl Mini is going to be priced at, hopefully it's reasonable :-)
Beginning at 22:00. You mention "true  multi-camera input" Will I be able integrate multiple HDMI cameras using an HDMI splitter?
I got one of these yesterday, unfortunately I didn't realise my Canon 80D has an "unclean" HDMI feed, so my live video would have all my cameras settings on display, it's a slight oversight by me. I have found a way to use one of my GoPro Hero 4 Blacks, just need a couple of extra cables to allow me to use an external mic. For the moment it does appear to be a nice little unit, I will need to get a camera specifically for live streams in the long term, I'll probably go for camcorder with an external mic input. This is a very useful video, thanks for putting it together.
DunksterBricks look at Marshall Electronics 505 cameras, I am....
Does the Webcaster X2 support a 3g / 4g modem?
Sounds like Epipham needs to develop an android app to connect the users phone to the device so all set up can be done on the phone so it eliminates the need for a mouse and keyboard.
Hi Joseph, for connecting the output to your ATEM, you could switch the output interface setting from HDMI to TV. That helped me to capture the output through my BMD Intensity Shuttle. Hope that helps.
+PhotoJoseph Yes, in the X2 you can set the output type. It's the option above "HDMI Mode" in Settings > Display.
Hi Pepper I am trying to use the BMD Intensity shuttle to bring a video feed into the webcaster X2 is this possible at all?
como faço para adquirir aqui no brasil...
It's available on Amazon and other major resellers. If you can't find it though, contact the manufacturer epiphan and ask them!
Continues stream on FB is for long stream but after the event is over the clip is not save on FB
is that right ? doesn't save the stream on FB ?
Thanks for the great informative video. I need to add one more fact. The display on the X2 is very dim. It is readable indoors but unreadable outdoors so you are operating blind if you don't have a monitor and mouse. Epiphan claims the first shipment units had a darker tint than the newer ones and offered to swap mine out. I don't realize that it switched video! Thanks again.
+Bernie Howard Fryman Interesting, thanks!
Thanks for the great review / tips / test. I'm probably going to buy one, it appears FANTASTIC for £300.

Q: Do you have a Magewell or Epiphan HDMI to USB adapter to test the "two full quality" camera option? Once you are back from you well earned vacation.
+Matt Diver I do have one I can use. I'll do a proper two-camera stream from it when I'm back, yeah.
Jospeh, I am having trouble wrapping my head around this one. I am looking to get a mobile streaming setup, but I am not sure if I need this product. If I always have a laptop with me, wouldn't that replace the need for this device? I am planning on having a Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini with me so that I can input an external camera over HDMI or SDI.
+Bart Johnson Productions This device would replace both the laptop and the UltraStudio. This has HDMI in and handles the streaming. But you do still need some kind of monitor to plug into so you can see the interface. You could buy a really cheap LCD screen if you don't already have something you can use. You can't use an iOS device or access the setup screen through an app or browser, so you really have to have a monitor. That, IMHO, is this thing's most limiting function. Plus, this needs AC to work, or a battery pack and appropriate cable (not something you can buy from them so you'd have to sort out on your own). The VidiU Pro is all-in-one (but also over 3x the price). A laptop with an HDMI converter (i.e. Ultrastudio Mini) and an app like Wirecast or OBS will also do the job.
does it work for livestream and twitch?
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