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Configuring a SmallRig Cage for GH5 and Ninja Inferno

Photo Moment - December 12, 2017

Here's a great way to configure your SmallRig cage for your LUMIX GH5 with a Ninja Inferno and a SmallRig handle

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Here's a great way to configure your SmallRig for your LUMIX GH5 with a Ninja Inferno and a SmallRig handle — and save 10% by visiting!
I did this and realized that he rig becomes very front heavy. If I set the rig down, it will then rest on the lens. Did you have this issue?
I notice in this video you are using a gear head. This is not a common choice, but I love it and I've been using it for years. I do multicam shoots and I use the gear head on the camera that is doing the wide static shot. This is more precise and less aggrivating than a ball head.
I love this head. So precise! Not as fast to move, but super accurate. I have two of them now… would love more but they are $$!
How about getting a handle on the side and mounting the mic on top of that? It should also make things things stable since you get a wider grip
nevermind see it now lol
i built this
where does the cold shoe go?
I've gone for a similar set up but have the monitor mount the other way around, it gives you a little more clearance over the top handle.
Great setup! May be a bit much for me!
Amazing advice as always Joseph. Are you using this monitor mount?

I think this could solve my monitor placement issue. Thank you.

I was going to get this.

I'm trying to find the best solution to secure my inferno too, as per my smallrig cage below. .
thank you sir, i bought the same setup and i gotta sday it's great!
Hey Joseph love you work on your channel. So I'm looking to a GH5 and cage, but I'm torn between getting the Zacuto cage or the SmallRig. But from what I have learned online, the smallrig is easier to assemble and disassemble unlike the Zacuto which looks beautiful by the way! What is your opinion? I wish you discount was available in the UK!
I haven't played with the Zacuto unfortunately, but I've heard good things. I'm very happy with my SmallRig, so all I can say now is that you are likely to be happy with either one. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you!
I tried something similar at first, but since I didn't want to block the screen with the handle, I had to go another route...

- 1984 Universal Handle (this would probably work better with the 1638 or 1447 handles)
- Single 15mm Rail Clamp 1549 attached to the front of the handle
- 8" carbon fiber rod through the 1549 clamp
- NATO Lock Clamp 1254 attached to the rod
- 7" Director's Monitor Cage 2008 attached to the 1254 via the NATO rail

This gives me an almost centered display setup, full handle clearance and a pretty balanced unit. I can also use the left side cold shoe mount for my Microphone.

Here's a shot of how it looks (will take a better rig shot soon)
Very nice. I’m impressed with the versatility of this thing. It’s pretty awesome.
Indeed! Such an awesome cage. I love all of the crazy parts they make. It can definitely get expensive.
True, true
Hey - please can you share a picture of the setup you're using. I'm really interested to rig my GH5 like this with the handle but i can't see your instagram link anymore it's not working. Thanks!
So I did this exact same thing... Except that Smallrig mount is a piece of shit! I love the cage and that handle, but the adapter it self is terrible.
Which mount/adapter are you talking about? Admittedly I haven’t used mine much but it all seems pretty solid to me.
Just saw this. You need to get the Atomos cage from Smallrig $149. Then attach it to the came monitor bracket. after that you will have several cold shoot and nato rail options to mount your mic directly on the monitor. Just order mine today fo that purpose. You can also mount a V- Mount battery to the back.
Nice. I will use this as is for now, and see if I feel like I need to add the Atomos cage. Thanks!
I have this same setup with my tilta cage and small rig friction mount. Take a look!
I added a nato rail on the top of my 2049 cage and that clamp is on the top handle. Order through Amazon instead of Smallrig China. It took months to get them to send the Atomos cage and other parts. Amazon will charge you more but you get it in a reasonable time.
Do you use Olympus lens on gh5?
You can, and I do have a couple, but nothing fancy. Most of my lenses are Panasonic. The ability to use any MFT lens though is part of what makes this system so great!
I just tried to see which page your small rig link went to but I get a 404 not found
Fixed now. I had an ! at the end of the sentence that was getting included in the link. It’s — thanks for letting me know.
I have a Manfrotto geared head (model 3275) that looks very much like the one you're using in this video but I don't like the plate and release mechanism. What are your thoughts?
Hmm, when I search for Manfrotto 3275 I get the 410, which looks like the model I have (I am not in the studio to look at it). I love that head and the plate is really solid; I quite like it. What don’t you like about it?
Another awesome informative Vlog thank you 😊🙏
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