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DJI RONIN-S + GH5/GH5S ▶︎ Explore and Demo with Sean Marc Nipper

Photo Moment - November 01, 2018

Sean got himself a RONIN-S… let's see what he thinks of it! Better yet… let's see what I think of it when it's paired with the LUMIX GH5

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Hi Joseph, is it still like this that the GH5S LCD turns black when the Ninja V is connected to it and on the Ronin S? or did you find a workaround with firmwares? I have my GH5S but not yet the gimbal and the Ninja V.
The LCD never turned black when connecting to HDMI… I’m not sure what you mean?
Quality content, thank you for making the production research entertaining!
Can you talk any faster the guy on the right lol
hi from france! I just changed my panasonic gh5 for a pasonoc gh5s! the king of the night! on my ronin on the other hand the difference is enormous! on the pana gh5 i was running, it was ultra smooth, on the other hand without the ibis the pana gh5s is delicate, a lot of trembling when it is well balanced. do you have this kind of rendering?
Is it thé no ibis which do that?
that's odd… typically you want the IBIS off when putting it on a gimbal. I'd re-check your balance and perhaps check in with some channels who do more on gimbals. I'm certainly no gimbal expert, sorry.
Hey @ninay76 - I have this same issue on the ronin s when switching from GH5 to GH5s...found any solution or tips to remove the micro-jitters?
But you did image stabilisation in post? I wanted to see how the DJI was working...
What Gimbal would you recommend for the S1H?
I just bought the Ronin SC. I haven’t put the S1 or S1H on it yet, but with a small lens they are under the weight requirement. And the feature set on it is pretty incredible.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for the reply. I will be interested to hear how it works with the S1H. I tried the Crane 3 but returned it because there was not way to make it activate video on my camera. I am currently trying the AK4500 It handles the weight and will trigger the camera from the handle, but for some reason will not do a complete 360 turn when held horizontally, though it will do so vertically.I am using the S1H with a Zacuto cage and the 24-105mm lens. But it does not show the S1H on the list of compatible cameras.
I haven’t even tried triggering the camera yet. I’ve only balanced the G9 which doesn’t have USB-C. It should trigger the GH5, and I’d imagine the S1H as well but will have to test!
That movie your mate made was just magic. Well done. Free membership for me too.
I watched a video on another channel and i'm not sure, but does this roll ok with camera? I want your top advise for a camera and gimble...Price under $4500
i noticed both of you guys have lav mics. What recorder are you using?
The mics go into a Behringer X-Air 16 to feed into the broadcast system. It also records a copy of the inputs.
That was boring
i just got one before you posted this great vid bro
Great review... Will the focus wheel work with the GH5S?
Yes, for sure. That’s mostly what Sean used.
@PhotoJoseph Hi, I've managed to raid the piggy bank and now have a Ronin S for my GH5s... Thanks for all the help.
The only feature I am missing with this gimbal is object tracking. Otherwise it is perfect.
Ha, that'd be cool. But it'd require the camera feeding tracking info to the gimbal (don't see that happening), or the gimbal having an extra camera. I think that's not really a "gimbal" type feature. I wonder if there are tracking heads on the market though? That'd be cool!
@PhotoJoseph Ow it exists already, all the new Zhiyun gimbals have it. What they do it is link the gimbal to a smartphone via bluetooth. They have an app that runs on the smartphone and that makes use of the camera on the smartphone which then tracks the object in the frame and tells the gimbal what movements it should make to keep the object in frame. It's great for one man operations like me, because I also need to operate other equipment at the same time. I am always short a couple of hands. Here you can see it in action on the Zhiyun Crane 2:
@Kelkschiz whoah… really?! I will check that out, thanks!
I love best buy. The warranty is awesome and if your a premium member you have something like 45 days for returns. Great video guys. I believe I am going to have to order one of these.
Ok, Anyone who saw The video you posted a day or so ago would like to know WHY on earth would you post a video on how good or not the Ronon-s is if the video shown was "Stableized in Post!". That makes ABSOLUTELY no sense. And why were " comments disabled!".
What's up with that.
Calm down Darryl… we had an issue with rendering the version for upload so I let the live one stay online while we sorted that out. Comments were disabled because I didn’t want comments to be lost when I finally got the corrected one up. And the stabilized portion of the shot was to correct a mistake. In the real world… sh** happens. Sometimes you still have to stabilize a stabilized shot. This isn’t an ad for the RONIN; its a real world use report.
Ok, I'll let you off Da hook this time.
P.S. if you have to stabilize your footage in post when using a really good 3-axis gimbal, Then we all have a serious gimbal problem. i would never purchase one if that were the case.
I think it simply came out of inexperience. Sean was quite clear that it was new to him, and he made some mistakes while filming that he had to correct. Give him a few more months with it, or at least a few more proper shoots, and I am confident he would have much better control.
i hear ya Boss, I'm with you.
He gets a pass.
Not sure if I missed it in the video, but does the focus control work if you have a Metabones Speedbooster connected to the GH5/GH5s?
It should, but we didn’t have that combo to test. As long as the camera AF works, then the Ronin should be able to control it
@PhotoJoseph Awesome! Thanks. keep up the good work.
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