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DJI Spark Remote Controller OTG USB Cable ► Fly With a Reliable Connection

Photo Moment - January 29, 2018

Did you know that you can connect a USB cable between your DJI Spark or Mavic Remote Controller for a more reliable, stable connection? Learn how here!

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OMG you remind me of alan on 2 1/2 men :{
Wow your Spark takes forever to connect to the controller via wifi do you have a lot of interference or such? in your area? Hmm there is something wrong my controller shows up in my android within 3 seconds and links to the spark withing 5 secs. Aha I think its your metal desktop thats the issue.
My Spark and remote are taking to long to talk to each other and either end of my OTG cable will not fit into my phone I ordered the one that I'm supposed to use for phone and remote or Spark but it will not fit my phone what can I do and what do I need to do I had cutting the cable that I thought I was supposed to and I really don't want to spend another few dollars to get another cable to work one in will fit my phone and the other into the the remote or Spark is there something else I can do
stop being so dramatic in your video seriously
go to the main point, i'm tired of your crap honestly.
Nice video!! Worth the subscription.
well I'm new to this I have the drone for like 2 days I haven't got it more than like 5 meters away from me but there is always a bit of lag on the video feedback for somereason so I'm saying to connect it with the cable and hopefully fix the problem great video anyways ;)
Otg on the go
Skip to 8mins
Over acting annoying
power up remote first, wifi to remote first. then power up the drone. problem solved. but i want my cable back and can't
good explanation. question, what if i use the otg cable and not in airplane mode
I'm always using the cable.. To me a hardwired device is always better than a wireless..

But when starting up the quadcopter and radio... Im originally an RC Heli pilot and the proper sequence for us is the radio first then the heli or plane... That for fear the reciever on the craft gets a stray signal and sakes off etc... That way the radio signals already looking for the craft when it's turned on...
Very helpful and fun to watch. Thank you for your help
Zzzzzzzxzzzz get on with it dude!
Hey, Joseph! Long time, no it was a pure delight to find you this morning on YT. I was one of the hundreds of Apple Distinguished Educators who got to have a blast with you at our ADE Insitute a few years ago a Full Sail University. I'm still using many of the special tips you gave us back then. Gosh, was that really about 10 years ago? Happy memories, too, of that great group photo you made of all of us -- you were up on the ladder...and the photo makes me think of a tilt-shift lens, due to the great care you took in giving us a special image. Hope to see you again someday. Take care and keep up your great work (still missing Aperture, though!).
-Dr. Larry S. Anderson, ADE Class of 2000 - Tupelo, MS
Are u on crack.
I have a DJI Spark using a Note 9. I have video lag when recording. I do not have a Micro cable. Do I ned to have this to stop the video lag? Thanks
How much cocaine do you do in a day... whew hahaha great information though... thank you
If you own a spark , get rid of it. They are garbage
@PhotoJoseph if it doesent connect, nothing you said matters.....
@PhotoJoseph not meant for kids or peple with no flying skills. start with a walmat drone lol lol
i have owned them all. the best little drone in its class ! hands down.
OK, I just got a new Spark this week. The RC would not link with the Spark Drone as you showed by turning on the drone and the RC at the point when you turned them on. The instructions actually explained it clearly. You turn the drone on, turn the RC on, Press the button on the drone battery until you get one beep, then Hold the Flight Pause, the Fn and the Custom button on the upper back of the RC simultaneously and hold until the controller beeps and the yellow lights on the drone flash slowly at which point the red linked LED on the RC will change from red to solid green then you can plug the phone in and start the DJI Go 4 program. Don't forget to turn the phone to airplane mode and turn on the wi-fi.
Hi just watched your video on otg cable what you did a year ago I use the cable on my spark and mavic platinum and achieve greater distances and better signals. Great show regards Irvine(Portsmouth UK)
I agree with the comment below talk less get to the point more
Talk less do more
Mine, from day one, will not work with my controller. Everything is connected fine, but THE SECOND the motors start, the phone says “aircraft disconnected.” As soon as I stop the motors “if it will respond.”, it works again.
The drone also stops responding to the controller, wether I am using the phone or not.
It works fine if I fly it with just my phone.
I can’t find the problem. My controller is basically useless.
I'm brand new to the spark, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I believe you actually have to link/pair the controller to the craft. Even if you are already linked, you may just want to redo the linking. Hope this helps.
Freddy Rozen , one of the first things I tried. It made no difference.
This DOESNT WORK, impossible to connect with OTG now.
@PhotoJoseph I use USB C from phone via adapter to micro USB into RC, maybe the problem is that it needs OTG on the controllerside as well?
Who do you use the app with the phone in airplane mode? Doesn't the controller need your phone's GPS ?
Mine connects via Wi-Fi to the controller 1st time every time without fail . I bought an OTG cable and have used it with an iPhone 6s,7 and ipad mini and to be honest it makes no difference to anything so I've just gone back to using Wi-Fi again
How do you get maps on your phone to see where you're at if you're in airplane mode? Wouldn't you need for 4g to pull data for the maps with the otg?
Using a pixle 2
Labla blo bli blo blo jada jada ffs 18nminutes jada bladadada
Thanks for sharing and making the order of things clear!!
I have had zero success with my spark, it was a big waste of money, gps disconnects all the time, won't even fly 10 feet away.... I have not tried this cable thing but it's my last resort before I set it on fire 🔥 lol thanks for the tip!
I’d say your unit may have a problem; the Spark isn’t a waste of money. It is a fantastic little drone. Also be sure you are up to date on the firmware; their updates have made a lot of significant improvements. Good luck!
@PhotoJoseph Calibrate the IMU. Then, go to a different location, calibrate the compass, and try it.
can you charge from the usb if you get a male connection at each end
thanks for your reply i got one and tryed you cant charge it from the usb
Did u ever sell that iphone7?
Thanks for the video, was helpful for the order in which to connect stuff. To be honest things must have changed a little in the year since you posted, I use a basic micro2usb-c cable, as soon as I connected my S9 to the remote (already connected to spark) a dialogue box popped open and asked if i wanted Go4 to open automatically every time the connection was made. Said yes and it's been perfect since.
This is much easier to listen to if you set the speed to 0.75 !!!
This was the video I needed and couldn't find anywhere else, thanks!
Juste more assertive and not so dithery, you need to take constructive criticism in order to make your channel better, take heed or continue down ur path, after all what are comments for if people can't say how they feel, as I said in another comment, good stuff etc, you just need to waffle less and script it, write it down if it's hard for you to come up with words
I encourage constructive criticism. I request it. I benefit from it. However, "VERY ANNOYING YADA YADA RAMBLE" is not, in any stretch of any imagination in any universe, constructive criticism. It's just being a rabbit turd in a chocolate chip cookie. Something you think is going to be wonderful, only to realize it's just a piece of 💩.

So tell me, how's your LIVE show going?
I'm touring regarding carcinogens but yh You can bring the horse to the water but you can't make it drink
Hi question, what if you accidentaly looses the otg connection on the rc does the spark innitiate rth? Or will you may re plug it and may take control again? Im using an android phone.Tia
I have modified the spark remote to accept mini iPad, by breaking the chassis were the arms restrict the movement
I'm going to try it. Thx!
Buy a better phone, instead of your Apple crap, I have a cheap Android and have no problem with the Wifi connection
Finally an answer to the problem. I was about ready to throw mine in the lake.
Great vid
When using OTG cable be aware that you will either be charging the phone from the RC or the RC from the phone, either way, one goes flat pretty quick. Unless someone knows how to stop that without having to Root the phone. I amnot sure but I have read that there is a correct end of the cable that has to be at the phone end, anyone else have this experience? I agree with other comments about the speed of talk. This is a problem with most Youtubers, it sounds normal to the presenters, but to those of us watching and trying to learn and take things in, it is frustrating to have to rewind and replay.
This is my biggest complaint with the spark I just spent 30 minutes out in the hot sun trying to get this dam WIFI to work and it doesnt I've had only one day out of 4 days flying the spark where I didnt have to reset my WIFI and today it just wont connect and I have the OTG cable but I cant get it to work at all so If I can get the cable to work I will just stay with using it. I'm using the Samsung S9
Electrified , Try turning of your data connection, it works for me 🤪
Thank for the reply, I just use the OTG cable now, with that cable the range is about 1 mile
Can I just use a USB micro cable with an adapter?
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