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Hardware: DJI Spark

The DJI Spark is the perfect pocket sized quadcopter camera capable of 12MP Still Photos and 1080p30 Video

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How The New Panorama Mode Works For The DJI Spark

Normally, Friday is called Mevo Friday, but seeing as it's actually through the VidiU, the Luma USB router and the DJI Spark, we can't quite call it that. It's another installment of PhotoJoseph's Drone Adventures. The DJI Spark now has a panorama mode. Let's see how it works, shall we?


How to Remove Audio from DJI CACHED Video

I shot a little video on my Spark but didn't have the memory card installed, so had to rely on the cached 720p footage. Unfortunately removing the audio was a freaking nightmare!!!!! But I finally figured it out.


What’s in my bag? Practical Packing for Possibilities

I never pack the same bag twice… what's in it this time? You can't anticipate everything in your day. Some times you will see the perfect shot… and not be prepared. So how do you pack a bag to be ready for what can't be anticipated?


HOW TO stream YouTube LIVE *Scheduled Event* w/ DJI Drone

Your DJI drone (I'm using a Spark) can stream to YouTube Live. It appears to only be able to feed to your “Stream Now” stream, but I'll show you how to configure it to stream to any pre-existing event! (even though I'm still what you would call “a Drone N00b”)


DJI Spark - Drone n00b - LIVE STREAM FLIGHT! (Take-2)

Today we'll be flying my first drone quadcopter, the DJI Spark “baby drone”, and streaming live from the DJI app. For audio, I've got a wireless lav mic connected to my iPhone. Let's see what happens! What could possibly go wrong?!



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