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What’s in my bag? Practical Packing for Possibilities

Photo Moment - June 30, 2017

I never pack the same bag twice… what's in it this time? You can't anticipate everything in your day. Some times you will see the perfect shot… and not be prepared. So how do you pack a bag to be ready for what can't be anticipated?


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@PhotoJoseph, I have some advice on the Mavic Pro. I own one, and made the mistake of not getting the DJI Care Refresh. And once you fly the Mavic, or other DJI drones, for the first time the clock starts ticking and if you exceed 48 hours you have to go through a process with DJI to validate your drone before you can get it. For only $99 that covers 12 months it gives you peace of mind while you take a year to learn how not to crash it. :-)
I did get that! That was one extra I did pay for. I think it was $59 or $69 for the Spark.
PhotoJoseph I should have known you jumped on that. lol 👍
@PhotoJoseph, great video and love learning how others pack bags. I wanted to comment your microphone/cable bag that has a zipper pocket and seems to be a clear ripstop plastic or something is pretty cool. Do you mind telling me the brand of it or an Amazon link? Thanks!!
I wish I could! I've had this forever and just dug around Amazon but couldn't find anything quite like it. Sorry!
No problem. I can always search Amazon, most the time you can find nearly anything on their site for shopping. I am a prime member and that is dangerous. lol
I bought the Zhongyi 25mm f0.95 this spring on your recommendation and I'm loving it as well. Combined with focus peaking, it's actually really easy to get sharp, beautiful photos.
+Quentin Smith awesome!
nice video mate thanks ;) sub for you
+Erik 🙏
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