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How The New Panorama Mode Works For The DJI Spark

Photo Moment - July 28, 2017

Normally, Friday is called Mevo Friday, but seeing as it's actually through the VidiU, the Luma USB router and the DJI Spark, we can't quite call it that. It's another installment of PhotoJoseph's Drone Adventures. The DJI Spark now has a panorama mode. Let's see how it works, shall we?

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Comments from YouTube

Very cool. Just got my spark and cant wait to try this!! Thanks for sharing!
Y hi why are my DJI spark drone when I connect to my phone and my drone and I try to go spring life I don't see it in my settings no more do I need to controller
Amazing scenery! Great video! Thanks for sharing!
+Brendan O'Mara 🙏
great tutorial.. just started using spark. your display has more information displayed. Is there a setting for that - count of pics in pano. camera settings etc, I have latest software using RC, iphone 6s. is different on android?
+Mike Cameramike I'm on iOS, too. It's in the settings somewhere. I enabled that extra info.
Great video! Thank you
+Orlando Jones 😁🙏
Nice info. Like this !
Yess it is ok
cant wait to take 180 photos in new orleans next week!
+Chris Rosado Please share when you do! And be careful :-)
Nice video. Thanks for sharing. I used to live in Ashland and thought things looked familiar... Just got my Spark. Learning the ins and outs.
+Mark Juliana Awesome!
Nice video! How are you recording the audio during your live streaming?
Thanks. In this show, the audio was routed separately through the VidiU Pro, which is why it was out of sync. I am working on a way to get audio through the iPhone (which is where the video is passing through) to keep it in sync, however since the current iPhones only have the lightning port, it's an annoying challenge.
How was the raw Image of the pano ? Guessing 4k image bc of firmware update .
+Kelemen Lajos I'll post some and let you know where
Thanks for the info! I'm familiar with 3rd party app that can do that. (I also prefer to use that rather than an unknown app) ;) If you have some raw panos, that are not private, could you post them? In return i will stich them for you with my method, and you can compare it with yours. (And a will see some raw images from Spark and can decide if i should jump in or wait till the next gen) :)
Thanks, if you could also post the raw images that would be great! (for your privacy you can strip out any gps info from the EXIF, but please let the photo specific data intact. Thx!)
Kelemen Lajos send me your email Ill send you the 21 raw pics it took and you can try stitching them .
Thanks! (It's in your youtube message inbox)
The Mavic Pro don't have 180 pano. DJI need to sort this out for it asap
Yes it does
Howdy! Great videos, it's amazing how much content... quality content you consistently put out there. I know why your Spark just landed straight down (aiming for the tracks to land on) rather than going to the launch point. The same thing happened to me a few times and it had me scratching my head. I found on page 15, bullet point C of the manual "The aircraft will land automatically if RTH is triggered and the aircraft is less than 3 m from the recorded home point". However, it's a little off because the distance was around 15m from the home point when you activated RTH. While that number in the manual isn't consistent with the video, I'm confident it landed straight down because of that feature. Basically, if you haven't flown that far away, it'll land rather than return to the launch point. The Spark does some different RTH things depending on the conditions, RE: just landing, or using different altitudes depending regardless of what's in the settings. It's good to read up on that section, and if you're a geek... I mean cool guy.... like me you'll find reading about drone RTH features in the manual wicked fun. :)  Thumbs up, hope all is well!
+Michael Seneschal aha! Yeah, that does sound familiar. There are so many details to this thing! And thank you for the complements; I'm glad you're enjoying!
Do you have to stitch the pics while the spark is connected? I took 5 different panos and can't find them on my app
+Robert Hoffmann Yes. Otherwise it can't access the photos
Lil fart.

The distance of 15 meters is the distance you are out from your launch or return to home location. So you were 15 out and 50 up. Hope I was able to explain well enough.
+James Gilliland aha!! Thank you!
I don't think that the Mavic supports the Pano without Litchi app
That 180 pano mode awesomeness!!!
excellent - boy do those chew through batteries I was watching the level count down and down!
Derek Watson I was doing the same haha
U have audio now
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