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HOW TO stream YouTube LIVE *Scheduled Event* w/ DJI Drone

Photo Moment - June 28, 2017

Your DJI drone (I'm using a Spark) can stream to YouTube Live. It appears to only be able to feed to your “Stream Now” stream, but I'll show you how to configure it to stream to any pre-existing event! (even though I'm still what you would call “a Drone N00b”)


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Can we broadcast live without 1000 subscribers ???
You’ll have to look up the current restrictions/limitations.
This was very useful, thank you. Is it possible to change batteries after starting a live stream without losing the stream?
of you plug it into USB and pull the battery out, does it stay powered on? If so then yes it should be able to.
Hello, i remember i could live stream with mine, but as of right now, i cannot find that option, the only difference now is that i removed otg cable as wifi is stabilized
That’s a lot of work for 12 min of streaming!
Yeah… 🤷🏼‍♂️
Thank you. This video is very helpful!
hi on my DJI spark drone when I try to connect to my phone and my drone without the remote control it won't let me go live cuz I can't see it no were
I cant do that with my spark
what switcher software
Really love how you have to have the drone turned on to configure your stream. It kills me to lose 5-10 minutes of battery time.
yeah… solution is to plug int into a USB battery supply while getting it set up.
That works if I'm filming nearby I guess, but it still makes it a little more difficult in remote locations. You were right about the DJI stream setup UI needing work too, we can only hope for updates on that though.
If you have a fast charge USB power brick it’ll work very well. I often do that regardless; have it plugged in while it goes through the power up process and I screw around with whatever to ensure I lose minimal fly time.
I have the Phantom 4, so I'm not sure if I can power it over USB. How to set up a scheduled stream from your drone works the same though and that helped me out a lot, thanks!
Oh, I see. But the Phantom also has a much longer battery life than the Spark, so losing a few minutes isn’t such a concern. Glad the video helped!
You need the controller more than the battery
I got one!!
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