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Packing Camera Gear for Vacation Traveling - What I’m Actually Taking to Sweden

Photo Moment - August 14, 2017

PhotoJoseph is going on vacation and packing his camera bag for Sweden. How much would you take with you if you were flying half the world away? Joseph shares his thought process about packing his photography gear for travel.

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How are you able to bring up a view of the chat screen during your LIVE streams? Also how are you switching you have a tutorial on how you do your live streams?
I used to fly almost daily and they'd often weigh my hand luggage to see if it fit into the 6kg allowance. They then made me take items out (and put them in my coat pockets) until the bag was under the 6kg limit. (My coat was now 12kg btw) ...

They'd then stick the "cabin baggage" sticker on my bag and let me go through security ... where I'd promptly re-pack the bag with all the bits that were in my coat pocket(s)

I think "jobsworth" springs to mind
+Jon Morby haha yikes. What a system.
Joseph, this bag can actually also be bought in a Taupe colour...
+SRO Digital oh sweet! I don't think that was an option when I got it.
Well would have joined live however I only got the notification an hour after the show and when I went to the site just before the show was due to start I couldn't see anything listed so just assumed you were already on holiday and there was no show today :(
So I gather :) .... If it had been public then I'd have found it when I came looking at 17:25 .... I didn't see it, got side tracked with other videos and then finally saw the notification at 18:30 saying the show had just been uploaded ...

Oh well, live and learn! :)
+Jon Morby Sorry man… someone forgot to set the show to public 🤔🙄
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