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DJI Spark Sphere Mode - How to Make Tiny Planet Images From Sphere Mode Equirectangular Photos

Photo Moment - November 13, 2017

I want to show off the DJI Spark 360º Sphere mode for making Tiny Planet images. The panorama photo mode now has a fisheye lens effect. Then, to make the Tiny Planet image, I use the “Tiny Planet Photos and Video” app.

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This guy is jacked up on something.
Get to the point of the video guy. 5 mins of fucking around before anything happens with the drone.
Hey Mitchell, I’m right here. “This guy” isn’t jacked up on anything; it’s a LIVE SHOW. Cool your jets and learn to be respectful. It’ll get you a lot farther in life.
It is a bril function for the spark; unfortunately Facebook doesn't recognise any of the 360 photos. The faff you have to go through is a massive headache.
Hello. Need your help.
If you click on this link below, this 360 starts off at the top and zooms down to the floor and the viewers can still pan around the 360.
So I want to know how if anyone knows how it was done. Thank you.
Thanks :)
Been flying the spark for ages now and haven't really looked much at the pano stuff, done a couple of pics, think it might be time to play around a bit. Cheers for your vid mate. 😀
Any reason why my DJI Go app won't stitch the photos together for me?
No idea sorry
Thank you!
i'm very new to my spark i took a sphere yesterday and didn't know about the stitching. I'm going to see if i can stitch it and mess with the tiny planet app.
What earphones/Headset/Mic are you using?.....The sound was great and seamless! I run a YouTube News Show between 2 channels, would love to collab. Started in January 18, Up to 45k on main and 16k on my back up. Would love to do some tech stuff...thx Adam Aka Marf
DM me on Twitter @photojoseph and let’s discuss!
I am fairly new to a spark also. I like the concept of Panoramic and sphere. The stitched together panoramic pictures have a lower resolution than a single picture. I was hoping for a high quality large picture. I assume other programs could take the raw pictures and stich them into a high resolution picture?
Nice job, but I guess that pano isn’t working properly
thank you so much for cool useful video. my problem is when i search Tiny planets in app store there is so many of them says Turn any photo to tiny planets. first of all i cant find this specific one you are using. second most of them dont work. just give you a useless result. how can i find this one? i really appreciate it. thank you
The link to the app is in the video description
apparently there is no android version. thank you for reply
Dude, you need to slow down when you are trying to talk. There is no reason to try to be Chris Hardwick. Normal speed is just fine...
Thank you for this video and yes little planet app is working amzing
That app is crap. Look at the stitching errors. Use MS ICE. It's free and doesn't fuck up so much.
I wanna see you throw it!
LOL not my baby!!
Cool video, Keep it up!
Hi, Great video !
which app are you using to video edition so you could swap from one source to another? Thx
Thank you for the information! have downloaded the app and hoping to try out this mode soon. All I have done so far is record some standard drone video for my channel so will find a way to incorporate this :)
hello, there is a program that assembles the photos automatically? the drone only takes photos but does not unite them together !!
thank you !
Yeah, search “Tiny Planets” on the iOS App Store. Probably on Google Play as well. I think I showed that in this video?
You really should buy the remote for this. It's a whole new experience and it will train you for flying the Mavic. Good stuff though!
+Kyle Lukas I just did! Black Friday special. Came to $110 I think. Can’t wait!
Keep the Spark video's coming. Nicely done Joseph.
+Ron Brown Thanks!
BTW... You were one of my favorite guest hosts on the old TWIP podcast.
+Ron Brown Aw thanks! It’s supposed to be coming back… guess we’ll see!
I used to be a Aperture guy also, so it was hard to hear Fredrick give you a hard time about Aperture not getting updates and so on.
+Ron Brown Haha yeah, well sadly he turned out to be right!!
Hello Joseph from Las Vegas
+totomxlv Hello back!
Hey Joseph. I don't watch many of your shows as I'm a geek and not a photographer. But this one about the Spark and Tiny Planets interested me. I have a Theta S camera and it takes great spherical photos which are a lot of fun, as you've discovered. I might even try mounting it to a quad-copter but the resolution would be better by stitching multiple photos. (BTW, the flattened spherical photo/video is called equirectangular or some just say equirect and you can find various editing apps for this.) And the reason the top of the image is blurry of course is because the Spark's camera couldn't tilt up enough to capture the sky above it. Nice that the stitching process just puts a blurred sky there instead of black or a texture as the 360fly camera does.

Now I'll be downloading the Tiny Planets app and will look for others as this seems to be getting popular. Thanks for the episode and I'll look for more quadcopter fun in the future.
+glusk Thanks Gerry! Nice to see you here :-) And thanks for the info!
Ever see those "Tiny Planet" photos? You can use the DJI Spark's 360º Sphere Mode to make those! I use the "Tiny Planet Photo and Video" app to make the image. Do you use a different app?
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