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How To Find Your Crashed / Lost DJI Spark Drone with Flight List / Logs

Photo Moment - July 05, 2017

I lost/crashed my DJI Spark Drone, Ooooops!!! (Drone n00b). But, I found it… here's how!


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Literally just found my Spark after being lost for about a month! Thank you @PhotoJoseph
Wow awesome! Using this technique?
PhotoJoseph yes. Literally watched the video and paused step by step using the app (didn’t know about find my drone feature but it had been in a field behind a church for a month after shooting a wedding ). Was able to follow your steps and switched to satellite view and saw it sitting in tall grass belly up.
AllWright Media that is AWESOME. Your story makes it all worthwhile, and makes me forget about all the haters commenting on this video! 😂😂 Thanks for writing in!
PhotoJoseph my pleasure man. Keep making great content. I don’t say a lot but i (and a few million like me) appreciate your sentiment and your ability to articulate the way you do. We get it 🤷🏾‍♂️ Happy shooting 🎥
Watching lost mine last night
Oh no, good luck!
This should be 4 minutes. Peeps that need it lost their drone....
I can’t get over how divided people are on this video. I shared my experience on how I found my drone. 🤷🏼‍♂️
PhotoJoseph sorry I was being a dick I just lost my drone and I didn’t think it was going to be recoverable. I felt like Harry I’m dumb and dumber when she asked for his number when he was on fire hahaha. I also found my drone, so thank you.
@andrew emmel Thank you, and I'm glad you found your drone.
But youuuueerr
Mine lost GPS and I lost the drone, blown away in the wind. I spent several hours on three separate days searching for luck.
Aw damn… sorry to hear that
Hi guys,

Please help me..My inspire 2 recently crash out of the blue & it was clearly a Manufacturing defect..The DJI guys are giving reasons & not responding well..My drone can't be turned ON then too I have extracted the flight records & sent to the DJI ..they are asking for a MCDat file which I can't see at my end and no video cache file is available as I wasn't recording at that time..Please help me it has been 3 months I am struggling..Also plz tell me whether the MCDat file & video cache file are related and whether they are really required to analyse the cause of accident
Nice video and story, thanks. Will this work with Mavic Air as well?
As far as I know, yes!
If you want to play the drone, play in the open instead of in the fields
A good (old school) tip for when flying towards yourself is to turn your body 90 degrees sideways.
I like it!
Good as long youre phone has a conection to youre drone, if it where to run away this would not help mouch.
Beware, i almost lost my spark, when battery 15% it will slow down to 9.8km/h , at fall from the sky, lucky i able to tack my spark and it do not fall on people house roof, I was damn lucky this time, thanks God
Beware, i almost lost my spark, when battery 15% it will slow down to 9.8km/h , at fall from the sky, lucky i able to tack my spark and it do not fall on people house roof, I was damn lucky this time, thanks God
Waste of time, get to the point
Great tip. It saves me grief before I get my Spark.
Excellent tip but edit it down to the important bits.
You just saved my drone sir. I thank you very much.
thank you very much dronie i was gonna suggest a metal detecter but rhat would be crazy over the top right hehe
Recommendation: learn all the features of the app, including the "find my drone" feature which does allow it to make noise so you can find it.
Great video. I'm a new drone owner and just got my Spark for Christmas. Crashed it the first time yesterday by hitting a power line I thought I was well bellow. Hadn't even given a thought to "what if I couldn't find it?" Not until I saw your video. I guess they've made considerable changes to the software since 2017. Now there's a "find my drone" button that immediately shows it's last GPS location on the map and then you can switch to sat image. Also my phone automatically saves a copy of the video.
Just lost mines today. Went to the spot we’re the gps said it was at. It was not there. Am pissed . Nobody took it the camera . What do I do?
Did you look all around that are where the GPS said it was? I found mine under tall grass. Almost missed it entirely. And remember the GPS may not be 100% accurate so look in that whole area. Good luck!!
Thank you. Our Spark went Rogue today. We were able to find its flight log and will be out at first light to see if we can locate. Fingers crossed.
Good luck!!
@PhotoJoseph the flight was a huge help. We did locate and it was in great shape!
Too much bullshit talk get to the fookin point
Record video cache?
Liked, subbed. Thanks!
you on dope?
It’s called a natural high. You should try it sometime. It’s a cocktail of “excitement” and “bliss”. Pretty uncommon, I realize…
you are a goof ball !!!! wow good luck dont make any more videos!!!
congratulations you made a 2 minute video a 14 minute one!!! I lost brain cells watching this.
Thanks, I’ll add them to my collection.
Find my drone and use the flash lights & make sound. That’s how you suppose to find it.
That requires a connection. It had lost the connection.
waaaayyyy too much coffee or meth
Is your drove video have sound ?
No. The only place it gets sound is from your the phone attached to the controller (if there was a mic on the drone, all you’d hear is the propellers and wind!). So there is audio recorded on the cached video file saved to your phone, but NOT on the file in the drone itself. You may have to enable that feature; I don’t recall.
Enjoyed the entertainment storyline and got some info.
Much ado about nothing. Tip #1: learn how to fly with a toy drone before you crash a more advanced and more expensive one. Tip #2: read the manual, learn your drone and make all adjustments (enable video cache for example) before the flight. According to this video you are knowledgeable enough to be dangerous.
Just how I like to be…
Good info, but you talk WAY too much.
I’ll put more pregnant pauses in my next video
Couldn't watch this for 14 minutes the guy is just too annoying
Wow so many of you really hate to see someone excited and passionate don’t you. Fortunately there’s plenty of really sedate and boring YouTube videos out there too. Enjoy!
Simple..on dji app, go to find my drone,copy and paste the co-ordinates into google maps and voila!!
Nice video
Thank you so much, I found my drone thanks to you
How come you have a map on your flight log? Is that a Google map? I have like a cartoon map on mine?
I know this vid is a year old now. Just got a ‘spark’. I put a ‘tile’ on it. It weighs 9 grams. About what one prop shield weighs. But maybe i don’t need it. It chimes over 300 feet away. It shows on a map if in range. If I can’t find it, if anybody else goes by it who uses the tile app, it will send me the drone’s gps coordinates to my phone. $25 for extra insurance. It’s also waterproof. But I didn’t know about these other built-in functions you were talking about. Thanks
You can record your screen in iphone. it's on the dashboard.
When does the video starts ?!? Jeez
Why not just click the find my drone feature in the software ?
Right screen 3 bars. Click "find my drone"
This video is old; I didn’t know that feature then. Regardless this is another method to use when others fail!
Use flight records in the DJI app. 7:56
14min.??? Holy sh.. 2 min. ok
He looks like he just drank 5 cans of red bull
Put it in tripod mode fly it back At a slower pace.
lol Chris....Some people just like to talk...Annoying
No worries mate, keep up the excellent babbling💚🍀😂😎🍄
Bla bla bla bla bla bla, utterly useless video😧
PhotoJoseph that’s completely out of line and you know it💯!!!
What’s out of line?
PhotoJoseph you know exactly what I’m saying💯🤮
I should be nicer to him?
PhotoJoseph shame on you, now please afford yourself a life...
Your phone can screen record. Look it up! :D
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