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Talking about Drones and Photography LIVE with Christopher Briscoe

Photo Moment - July 14, 2017

Who knows what this is or was about… it could be anything. ANYTHING!! Well, actually it's two professional photographers sitting down to talk about how drones have opened a bunch of new doors in the world of photography.


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Comments from YouTube

Drones and photography can’t get much better than that!
Whilst Drones do have definite photographic potential, these advantages seem to be increasingly negated by the mounting number of rules, regulations, and local ordinances where one can fly, especially for the photographer.
Nice show, enjoyed it :-)
Like this guy. You gotta get him on again sometime. Just brilliant and laconic and oozes experience.
@photojoseph What a different and genuinely enjoyable 'Live Moment'. Here's to more MEVO Fridays, Joseph, thanks. The location 'without a name' 😉 that you're in, seems to be a magnet for pro photographers.
It must be something in the local air/water that makes you two so easy to listen to.
I love the idea of getting the perfect landscape angle with a drone. I know many hike around and spend months finding the perfect spot. I think drones could really help those of us who obsess about getting the perfect shot, whether we take that picture with the drone or not.
+Mark Cotner Totally!
So nice and cool live you had. I really love respect you showed for him.
I'd love to follow him also on Instagram could you write down his instagram account?
I'm currently following you also of course.
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