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HOW TO UPDATE ▶︎ GH5, GH5S & G9 Firmware Update (October 2018 edition)

Photo Moment - October 23, 2018

The October 2018 firmware updates for the Panasonic LUMIX GH5, GH5S and G9 have just been released! Learn how to install them in this video.

Download your updates here:

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Hello, I have the H5 II and have done the process as you described. But when I put the memory card back into the camera and press play, it just says: no pictures available. What am I doing wrong?
@@photojoseph Danke: Es lag an Bluetooth und WiFi. Das muss ausgeschalte sein, sonst geht es nicht.
You’re updating your GH5 II to 1.1? Without telling what you ARE doing, all I can tell you is to follow the steps EXACTLY. I haven’t done the update on this camera yet so I don’t recall if it’s the “play button” method or the “update menu” method. Either way make sure Bluetooth is off as well.
My Gh5s says no valid picture to play when hitting the play button.
Sounds like the update .bin file is in a folder, not at the root level
Very useful. Thank you ! Did you visited Photography show 2021 in Birmingham England ? I have a feeling that I’ve seen you this Sunday
Wasn’t me, sorry. Haven’t been to a trade show since COVID
Joseph, I have a gh5s with firmware version 1.4. I am trying to upgrade the firmware to the 2.1 version. Nothing is happening. I am doing everything like in the video. I get to the part where the camera asks you if you want to upgrade to version 2.1, yes or no. I click on yes and it quickly skips the upgrading screen going straight to the screen where it says to turn your camera off and on. What can the problem be? Do I need to reset the camera?
My GH5S slot 1 is broke, trying to update firmware through slot 2 and nothing happens when I press 'play' to initiate update. Can anyone confirm that slot 1 MIST be used to update? This could help be diagnose my issue to fix my GH5S.
No but I recall that a specific card slot is required on most cameras.
@@photojoseph did you try this yourself to be sure?
@@photojoseph damnit 😟 why Panasonic!?
Actually yes… I’m quite sure they slot 1 has to be used.
I can't get this to work with my lumix gh5s. When I use the simcard reader and drag the bin file over it just places the file without installing it to the root. Maybe I can try this using a mac computer or something. Doesn't work with my g85 either.
Good! Make sure you’re in MOV recording and that you choose a recording format that says “VFR available”.
@@photojoseph oh wait I do have the updated version now. I assumed it wasn't because I am still unable to use the variable frame rate setting, a forum post said older updates can't use it. I wonder why I still can't use the setting.
@@photojoseph my bad I meant SD card reader. I extracted the zip and then dragged over the bin like you did not into a folder. I formatted the card. I'll try charging the battery to full again right now its at 3/4 full.
I don't understand what you mean by "simcard reader". The camera uses SD Cards, and if you connect an SD Card reader to your computer, and copy the .bin file to the root level (meaning the very top; not in a folder) onto that card, that's all you need to do. Be sure it's the .bin and not a .zip, and make sure you format the card in the camera first, and that you have a full battery.
Where did my question go?
If it included a link or profanity it was blocked automatically. Try posting it again.
Hi, the video was very useful, thanks

Which keys do you press after inserting the SD card?
for the installation to begin,

I am using GH5S.
Please watch the video again
how do I check to see what is on the camera now???
Go to the same firmware menu and it'll tell you
Weird, my GH5s is not recognizing 1.4 bin on my card.
I'll tell you what I tell everyone, which always solves the problem — read the instructions / watch the video again. Don't skip steps because you don't think they apply. Common mistakes are extracting the .bin, not putting it on the root level, or using card slot #2 instead of #1.
If you are on pc extract the file until it shows .bin I had the same problem where it said no valid picture to play. I only had to unzip it once, to check right click the file and then click properties and if it is zip file un zip it until the extension is .bin
Thank you so much
You’re welcome!
Straight to the point! Great. Thank you!
You’re welcome!
Nice! I did a tonne of work on my gh5 to set it up originally and save 3 different custom shooting modes. Will I lose all of that work if I update? Anyone know?
You shouldn’t but you can back up your settings to be safe
I've tried the instructions a dozen times, even had someone else follow your instructions, no luck - doesn't even see the file. Upgrading on my GH5 from body ver 2.5 to 2.6. Yes it was formatted in the camera and I tried it with some photos and without. Battery is full chg. Copied the zipped file direct, did not extract it. But I tried it extracted as well, no luck either The file is clearly seen on the disk.... totally confuzled...????
Are you using slot 1? Also, this video is old. There’s a newer update which I assume you’re trying…
Hartelijk dank weer Joseph, voor de duidelijke tutorial hoe ik mij Panasonic GH5 kan updaten

Greetings from the Netherlands
this didn't work for me with the card in Slot 1 it had to be in Slot 2
oh you said GH5S in a previous post. Hmm… I'm about to record a video doing all updates, and will know then how it goes for me!
Which camera? Usually it has to be in slot 1. This is interesting.
I'm on GH5s and this doesn't work, it says No valid picture
I copied the file into the DCIM folder. That worked!
Great video man
Hi... I bought a GH5s recently... The body has a 1.1 version firmware on it... Since then, 1.2 and 1.3 has been out. In order to get all of the benefits of 1.2 and 1.3, do I have to download/install both, or will 1.3 alone include the previous benefits as well? Thanks
@@photojoseph Awesome... Thanks for the reply and info, PhotoJoseph... Really appreciate it
You can upgrade once to the latest version
Thanks. Got version 2.5
Thank you Joseph, super video, clear, to the point. Just updated my GH5. Mega Big Help! Thnx! DG
buen video
nice.. thanks :)
you're welcome!
if you update say from 1.0 to 2.5 does it mean you also update all the prior updates that have been released?
Yes, any update will always include previous updates. If it can’t it will warn you but I’ve never seen that happen.
Thank you so much!
You're welcome!
Very useful thank you. Saved me a ton of time.
Thank you Bud!!! I just updated my GH5, right now I'm shooting with the Sigma 18-35mm!! Does anyone have any suggestions on what Auto Focus to set with this lens...?? B/c the AF noise is killing me 🤨
hello, is there any possibility to save another language to GH5s? in my only English :(
@@photojoseph thank you, but I have only English language and is it possible to upload to other languages,
The menus mean? Yes, you can change the language of the menus. It’s in the menus.
Thank you so much! You should give tips to Panasonic on how to deliver an effective update instructional :)
For my G9 I managed to download the .bin file and it is on the card in slot 1 but when I press the play button it says "No valid picture to play"
What can I do now?
@@Stalled-wm3qd Thank you for that info. I had tried several times and had the same issue. Pasted it like you mentioned here and it worked.
@@photojoseph Yes. But just found that it was somehow in DCIM file so removed it from there and pasted in the main body of Card1 and it updated ok from there.
Hmm, did you reformat the card before starting? You've inserted the card then turned the camera on, in that order?
Several months late here.
Can you use the USB connection to download from a PC to the card in slot 1 on the G9? ie then you don't have to remove the card to a PC or laptop especially if you don't have a card reader.
I honestly don't know but probably
this was the best video with best quality tutorial
Can't get this to work. My camera keeps saying "no valid picture to play" when I hit the play button.
PhotoJoseph thanks for commenting. Nothing I did worked on a PC so tried on a Mac... Hey presto a working file. G9 now successfully updated!
Ed and Chase; you both followed the steps in the comment I left above?
Same. G9 won't see the update
You're likely missing a step. Please watch the video again and follow every step exactly. Make sure the card is newly formatted, the file is decompressed and in the right place, and the card is in the first slot.
can you delete it off of the SD card once the camera displays that its running the new firmware update ?
At that point you should reformat the card, yes. Good question!
2 months late on this but cheers Joseph for the help
Here's a question I've yet to find an answer for. Got my G9 fairly recently. It shipped with 1.0 firmware. I can find no reference on whether you have to go from 1.0 to 1.1, then 1.2, or can you go straight to 1.2. I've scoured the Pana website and nada. Anyone know?
You can skip versions. Update away!
I did exactly what you said. however putting the update in the "root" of the folder. how? its not working
Just drag it to the disk, just like in the video
can yu do this with the camera connected to your computer via usb? i dont have anyway to put my sd card in my computer
@@photojoseph does it work? any update?
No, it has to read the file from the card. How do you copy photos from your memory card? Do you mount the camera on your computer as a hard drive? If that’s the case, you may be able to copy the file to the SD card plugged into the camera that is connected via USB. It’s worth a try.
Very helpful, thanks!
That went very well, thank you for the tutorial.
Seems panasonic have left use gh4 users out
You don’t seem to understand. The updates are made possible by taking advantage of the processor in these new cameras. The CPU in them is massively more powerful than the one in the GH4. Even the G9 is more advanced in some ways than the GH5. You simply can’t do these things on the GH4. The processing power isn’t there. Remember these are computers as much as they are cameras.
Yes I understand that but how hard would the update be for the gh4 after ther work already put in Fior the gh5 autofocus which for me stare the 4k revolution. .. I have the g3 2011 the gh4 2014 the gh5 2017 and ill have the SR1 2019 so I won't die but it would have been nice is all.
Come on… that camera is over four years old. None of these new features could possibly be supported by that hardware, and also, how many camera manufacturers update cameras that old?
Is there any way to hack the 10 min limit on 4k 60p / 30 min limit on 1080p as it was on G7 model ?
Not that I’m aware of
Will it work on a GH4.
No. Each update is specific to the camera model. There are updates for the Gh4 but they’re quite old. Still, check the same website and look for updates to see what’s there!
Great upload my friend.. Sending positivity across the board! :)
Is the firmware upgrade steps same for lens ?
You mention in the video not to unzip the file. I almost gave up until I decided to unzip and copy the extracted file to the memory card.
No problem, as long as we find it out :-) ;-)
I said not to extract the .bin file. I didn’t say not to “unzip” the file. I suppose it originated as a zip and my system automatically unzipped it. Sorry for the confusion.
The best video to show how to update Panasonic Cameras! Too bad you did not make this a couple years ago! Thanks!
I did, but it was buried in a longer video. Glad this was helpful.
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