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GH5S Unboxing!!

Photo Moment - February 12, 2018

It's heeeeeerrrreeeeeee! The LUMIX GH5S finally arrived at the studio. Let's unbox it!


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G9 High Resolution Mode ► Can You See The Big Picture?:

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I couldn't wait to unbox the GH5S for you all… now, the next thing is deciding what to shoot with it first. Any suggestions? What do you all want to see?

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PhotoJoseph @photojoseph. Did you check out the autofocus fix. can you tell Panasonic.
Take it to the same sporting event that I'm anxiously waiting to see the G9 photos from. College basketball, kids soccer, high school football... don't care.
If it's possible, please can you make a dynamic range test in video mode V-Log L? Some says that GH5s has 14 stops of DR, others say that it has only 12 stops...
It’s a 14-bit vs 12-bit sensor; maybe that is the confusion. Bits don’t translate to dynamic range. The GH5 has 13 stops according to dxoMark score. No tests yet on the GH5S.
Thank you, Joseph!
@PhotoJoseph- What are your thoughts on a TZ200/TZ220 ? I’d like to pre-order one for my parents to replace their Canon T5 for traveling.
Great looking little pocket cameras for sure. I haven’t used them so can’t speak from experience, but I know their predecesor was very nice, so these will be too.
I have a GH5s as well I got it a week ago so loving to jump from GH4. Just wondering if Panasonic will make a formal response to the Shutter Angle Auto Focus scandal all over the web right now? Or hopefully you address it in a next video
lol I just saw YodaYeo commented below me. Excellent!
I like your videos, but this had 0 new info in it. A request: Slowmo IQ comparison please, with fast moving objects and a lots of details like shooting colorful tennisballs into a lake or something! 😂😎 Thanks!
Well, it was just an unboxing! I’m not sure that there’s supposed to be any difference in VFR IQ, is there?
Your right. Well, different sensor, less data, more processing power/pixel and higher frame rates as well. I wish you would look into it! ✌
Fair enough. I will!
Camera Porn!
2 in 1 day! 🤯
I have a suggestion: the GH5s is great in low light, we all know that by now so you can skip it. What I would like to see is what it looks like in normal light compared to the GH5, especially skin tones and dr. And how much has the autofocus improved? especially in combination with the leica lenses 12-60, 15, 25mm. thanks.
There are already sample daytime videos comparing Gh5 to GH5s. They're pointless. No difference. The only sample videos should be comparing low light quality.
There are reported minimal minimal differences in AF. If you’re looking for AF then the GH5S is not the camera for you. Frankly I’d have been happy if they shipped it with no AF at all!
I will do low light comparisons, sure
I have seen at least 3 other YTer's demonstrate that the GH5s' AF is noticeably better than the GH5
I had a feeling you'd do this tonight. But I thought it would be later so I missed it. :D
Sorry 😐I opened as soon as it arrived!
Hi, Have you tried my shutter angle focus fix yet? It's getting some phenomenal feed back.
Notice that no rep of Panasonic or Lumix Rep have spoken about it
See my comment above, Mike
PhotoJoseph no comment lol. I’m subscribed and love your videos Joseph they are so helpful. I’m totally on your team buddy I guess after seeing so much content about it in the last 48 hours I guess I clicked straight to your channel to get your opinion about it so I’d love to still know what yours is. Do you think Panasonic will or should make a formal response?
Keep up the good work
Thanks man. I appreciate the support. I have to play by the rules though. If/when I can address it I will.
I think this guy has the most comprehensive GH5 AF settings video:
When will you get Voigtlander lenses?
Don’t know … definitely on the list though
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