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GH5S vs GH5 Comparison ► Which One Is Right For You?

Photo Moment - January 09, 2018

What are the differences between the LUMIX GH5 and the new GH5S Video Recording Digital Mirrorless Camera? In one hand, the GH5S' lowlight performance is improved… and in the other there's no IBIS. It seems like this camera was designed for a specialized use. With so many amazing cameras to choose from, which one is right for you?


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why does the gh5s cost more
PhotoJoseph hey man i have a question. I do head-talking videos in my studio. I want to buy one of these cameras but I extremely need the autofocus to big good (I hate focus hunting). So which camera would you recommend me to buy considering I need 4K at 60fps with professional Image quality?
"IBIS" not IBS.
IBS is Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
LOL please tell me I didn’t say “IBS” somewhere… 😂😂😂
@PhotoJoseph I prefer the GH5s (IBS free)!!!
do you have a training video for the GH5s ?
Just the GH5, but of course like 95% of it applies the the GH5S and I’ve done shows here on the rest of the differences.
Hi Joseph, are you going to compare the GH5s vs S1 any time soon? thank you!
Very very nice sir amazing amazing
Dear sir I want to make feature film is this camera is suitable for big screen feature film without distortion. Pls must reply
Looks like the GH5s Is the perfect camera for me as i'm a action sports shooter and 4k 50/60p in cinema 4k prefecto and no IBS don't really use it on my 700d anyway but i'm gonna be buying a flycam anyway so we good for this shit.
’S’ stands for Sensitivity...
in other words Gh2 still rocks!!! no progress yet
Riiiigggghhhhttttt… the GH5 is totally the same as the GH2 🙄
with all these shet,is better to.wait the gh6...
Panasonic is not clear at have tha hand knock right now!!!
What are you talking about? How is Panasonic "not clear"? There's nothing unclear about this… and the GH5S is freaking amazing at 2500ISO
just is not fair to consumer...most of owners doesn't like these and not owners ask, whay i can't get both things without the disadvantage??, so they leave to sony where it is..
The best choice is GH5 + GH5s = GH6 💢👍😎 To be continium...
PhotoJoseph hey man i have a question. I do head-talking videos in my studio. I want to buy one of these cameras but I extremely need the autofocus to big good (I hate focus hunting). So which camera would you recommend me to buy considering I need 4K at 60fps with professional Image quality?
Sounds like the GH5 is for you. If you’re shooting talking heads you should probably go manual focus though and lock it down.
PhotoJoseph thanks man. And what would be a good Focal length that keeps me in focus even if I love 5 inches forward?
Not good comparation, different source images.
Huh? There were no source images… what do you mean?
Hi PhotoJoseph, Just wanted to let you know I gave you a shout out in my latest video on the GH5 as I am really enjoying your course on the GH5 and also your Youtube videos. If you get 5 mins check the video out on my channel.
@PhotoJoseph and friends, I purchased the GH5 last year and was getting close to purchasing a second camera to finally start to shoot a documentary; then comes the GH5s. I am somewhat of a hobbyist and I have never shot in VLog, but planned to do so on this project. Since much of my project will have decent lighting, would having identical GH5 cameras create a better look and provide an easier workflow? Or is there an easy way to ensure the images match up well in post? How much of a problem can I expect if I decide to shoot with a GH5s/GH5 A/B camera approach?
What is the native iso in the gh5
Oddly, this isn’t something that Panasonic has published. Most assume that it is ISO 400 because in V-Log, that’s the starting ISO. However I’ve also heard it’s 200. I can’t explain why this is something Panasonic doesn’t publish, sorry.
Hey Joseph, Do you think it'd please a stills photographer with interest to capture good video at times (say 70:30 ratio). I'm not into burst shooting or fast autofocus. I'm into street photography, long exposure and a little bit of portrait. I have quite stable hands. I can manage 2 seconds exposure HANDHELD easily on my OnePlus 3, it has OIS but it is still a limited mobile sensor. I can even mange 4 seconds handheld if I give more attempts. I believe with the better ergonomics that the gh line of cameras have I can pull of even better. I had always been limited by my phone (I always set it down to 100 iso when I'm in the mood to take photos) but I didn't complain much though. When I'm in the mood to take photos, I take control of everything from white balance,shutter speed,etc and even focus manually since my subjects are generally not moving fast. Now I really want to explore photography and the only cameras I had been interested are - Leica SL + 28-90mm (very expensive), mamiya 7 + 43mm + 150mm (hard to find and limited scope of number of shots due to film), gh5/gh5s + 12mm summilux + nocticron. I'd be happy with 10MP as long as it is not grainy and is artefact free (I know MP doesn't necessarily translate to detail). Also I'm more interested in the dynamic range than resolution since better colour transitions is what that gives the better 3d like feel which is what I love more than pixel peeping. I don't remember a time where I had to crop in and considering that my surface book at 6MP screen (3000*2000) is stunningly sharp enough for the 13.5 inch diagonal size, I think if the gh5s is grain free, I'd be able to make 15 inch prints without an issue.

Why gh5S you'd ask. Just because I don't keep taking videos all the time, doesn't make it any less important. While I won't be taking videos all the time, I still would have occasions I'd love to shoot video and for my interests - first person with quite a bit of panning like I'm on a roller coaster or swing or something, the excellent rolling shutter performance of gh5s is at home. Also a part of the reason why I have not explored video till now is because my current device - OnePlus 3 is pleb tier at that. Also the multi aspect sensor (I'm always a sucker for the benefits that a larger area of illumination brings). I'm more of a 60fps guy as well and the better high ISO performance would be really handy in those situation.

Here are some photos I took on my OnePlus 3's limited sensor - mostly handheld long exposures to compensate for the low light incapability of the camera.

I can totally understand that g9 is a camera more suited to photography professionals - faster autofocus, faster burst speeds. But my type of photography needs is not that. I'm not much into wildlife photography, wedding photography or anything of that fast action type. I'm more into stopping down and taking photos (consider my photographic tastes to things you can do with a film camera). Most of the time I'm into manual focus so my subjects are fairly slow. The two things that do interest me about g9 are better 6.5stops IBIS and the ultra high res mode. Honestly I don't think I'm into that ultra high res mode when it comes to how much things I shoot. I'm not sure I'd be willing to give up better 60fps video at low light (owing to better higher iso performance) and better rolling shutter performance for IBIS. And considering that I have fairly stable hands and not into vlogging and such I don't think I'd miss ibis much (I may be wrong). I'm into video as much as I'm into stills, just less frequent. I was just wondering, if gh5s is that much worse than gh5/g9 at stills apart from the lower res which I believe I can be perfectly fine with provided it doesn't have huge grain or aberrations.

Would the gh5s please me? Should I be worried about lack of ibis. From what I heard, actually ibis can make things worse at times (for things similar to my use case). Thanks.

The only comparison I could do for now is through dpreview. I wouldn't bet much on this since it was JPEG and the colour saturation was quite different between the two. However, even in this I'd recommend you to set the iso to 3200, fit the two images and compare. Gh5s resolved noticeably better than gh5. I'm not sure if this is just oversharpening but I'm pretty sure that gh5 details got completely smeared (best example is to look at the bottle cap and the reflections bouncing off of it or faces/teeth or the grasses). Colour cast is hard to compare but I liked gh5s better than gh5 for the most part except that it was a bit darker all the time. Now bump the iso down to 400 and compare. The hilights on gh5s was better than gh5 but I'm not sure if it's just the jpeg algorithm. iso 1600 was an oddball for some reason I can't understand. The native iso for this camera are iso 400 and 2500, for gh5 it is iso 400.. so it works better to compare at iso 400 and iso 3200. One thing I'm worried about is the moire - you can see a bit of that in the circles adjacent to the bottle (that is the number 8 square if you follow the order of numpads).
Anyone know the bit rate in VFR mode on the Gh5s? 240 fps spread out over 100mbps would be super thin.
I’m not sure if this has been answered yet, but are we definitely losing the ability (compared to the GH5) to crop into the sensor, in 4K mode, and or in HD? Dan Watson doesn’t think it’s possible with the new sensor size (10.2MP). From what I’ve read, you need 8.3 MP for 4K. Can you confirm? Cheers.
I’m sure you can but the crop wouldn’t be as dramatic. The sensor is larger than UHD and therefore obviously larger than HD so both should still have the “Ex. Tele Converter” option. Ask me again when I have it in my hands and I’ll let you know!
Hi Joseph good comparison. I wonder if you know... if the GH5s will have the same HDMI delay out? if it’s possible to stream over usb c and maybe power it as well? Seen some test with AF and it seems a little better...would love to have a better AF for video...
Awesome video bro, lollllllllll thanks not for me, very happy with my GH5 still rocks.
Garfield Oliveira my too. I am haррy🎉
Yep, can't see the desire to lose over a grand in a trade in/up just so it looks cute on my manf tripod ...
As a GH5 owner, I'm happy I don't need to lose sleep wondering if I should squeeze my budget for the GH5s.
No IBIS... That's a huge huge perk to the GH5
10MP vs 20MP photos...
But its nice to see that the 240fps actually looks like 1080p vs the more usable 120fps in the GH5
I don't see many people choosing to pay more for the GH5s and getting 'less'.
But don't get me wrong, the GH5s is a nice addition the to Indy film industry!
Imagine if money were no concern, and carrying 2 cams were no big deal, having a GH5s and a G9 would be a powerful combo. But if money were no concern, you'd still have a GH5 too. But for the rest of us really, for 80% of what we do, the G85 will do the job too.... lol
M43 in today's market is a solid investment choice!
AMEN, brother!
i run the gh5 and thanks to this video I'm now calmed down about think I got ripped off somewhat
i run the gh5 and thanks to this video I'm now calmed down about think I got ripped off somewhat
Excellent :-)
panasonic promised us better auto focus on the gh5 but now they release another version of the gh5 and the autofocus still the same sucks
GH5 did get a little better AF and they will hopefully continue to improve. You’d be pissed if the GH5S was better and you had to pay to upgrade.
Multiaspect-Sensor reminds me on GH1 and the famous GH2 - they got a multiaspect sensor
Maico Schulz gh1 and gh2 still rock. good news
4k 60p is 8bit 420?? not 10bit 422?
All Intra. I realize I left that out… LongGop you still get 10-bit 422, but for all intra, at 4K 60p, you drop to 8-bit. Same as the GH5. I'll have one in my hands soon and will confirm.
PhotoJoseph Thanks!
Hi Joseph, I just recently started underwater filming (Scuba Diving). Which of the two cameras is more suitable for underwater video recording (GH5 or GH5s)?
Very cool question. I would guess that underwater, having in body stabilization is quite unnecessary, but having better low light performance is key. So yeah, I'd go for the GH5S!
Thank you
Hey Joseph. Have been wanting to ask you for a while now, but haven't found a relevant video for such a basic question. Can you do a quick video on your typical Premiere export settings for the GH5, particularly on bitrate for different applications (what's best for web and other deliverables)? And also cover what all of the different export settings mean? When to use or not to use Adobe Media Encoder, vs a straight export from Premiere? I was looking through your channel, but didn't find a video on it. I've done plenty of looking online, but it would be great to hear from a Lumix Luminary on this subject.
I actually use Final Cut Pro X and Compressor… still interested?
Absolutely, I'd love to see your methods. I have FCP X also; I'm not bound by Premiere. Thank you!
Ok I’ll add it to the list!
You're awesome, can't wait to see it. Hope I can catch it live.
Sir I want one best camera gh5 And g9 and gh5s which one is best pls tell us sir
That’s like asking which screwdriver is the best. You need the right too for the job. But if you want the most all-around camera, probably the GH5 is what you want.
Sir I want trying to flim making. Recently I liked g9. which one is best for video and photography.
If practical explosions that generate shockwaves are in the budget, I'm thinking the option to use much better camera bodies are also in the budget... just a thought :)
A $2500 camera is disposable on a big budget film. Think about it that way.
For sure! Great vid :)
Yeah this is designed as kind of the "GoPro" of big budget films and "B" / "C" camera of mid size films. Also a good option for small films too.
Hollywood won't use a $2000 camera on their multi million dollar films
So you’re a Hollywood DP or Director?
Pretty sure he wasn't using car mount as an excuse, just stating it being the better choice for car mount than GH5. Yes, the GH5 has excellent IBIS (especially with DUAL IS), but it does not replace a gimbal. I haven't tried running with it yet, but know it won't fare well there, as movement of sensor is the limiting factor...gimbal would kick it's ass. Tripod's aren't going away anytime soon. As for AF? Who cares? Vloggers? Most videographers using the GH5 probably don't even know how to engage AF on ANY movie camera. Even though it will gobble up most of 2018's eqpt. budget for me, as a nature shooter it will be essential with it's low light capability and that low light excellence will make the 240fps slow-mo that much cleaner...and slower. For nature shooters this is the perfect 1st and 2nd camera in the field, depending on time of day and the shooting situation. Pretty sure Panasonic's not worried about gutting GH5 is unique enough in it's own right.
Also, I believe it has Dual, Dual Native ISO, one with VLOG and one (the one you quoted) without VLOG.
Hm, I haven’t heard that. Enabling V-Log shouldn’t change the native ISO. But I’ll keep my ears open
Yes, it's very early since it's release; however, I heard that it switches to 800, 5000 with VLOG. I could definitely be wrong.
What about OIS in lenses-- I assume that they will continue to work, as those stabilized lenses worked on the GH5-- correct? That can provide some very good stabilization, but how quantitatively does that typically compare on the GH5 (i.e. when in-body is on, verses the lens stabilization is just on)?
That is correct, and I should have discussed that in the video. On the GH5, with full and latest stabilization in both body and lens, it’s up to five stops. With just a lens it’s probably around two. So yeah, you definitely get some OIS. Cinema lenses of course are not stabilized, which is what many people using this camera are likely to put on it.
Hi I'm newbie to camera world ,Just recently purchased GH5 unfortunately what I found out low light is terrible, I need good came for low light, plan was I will purchase leica 42.5 mm f/1.2 nocticron to help out , please advice should I switch to sony a7ii or stick to gh5 and maybe update to gh5s ?? please advice is 42.5 mm f1.2 will solve my low light problem ?? thanks.
That’s a very vague description. I advise you rent a Nocticron and see if that helps!
Also if you’re new to cameras, do NOT buy a GH5S. Plus if you’re new, odds are that you’re not getting anywhere near the most out of the GH5. I find it’s low light performance to be quite good.
Photo Joseph is sporting a biblical beard. 😎
Haha 🧔
Has the Panasonic GH5 s the Sony Starvis sensor?
Sensor manufacturers are never disclosed unfortunately
prices are getting higher and higher they want 2500 for this ....
Which is a massive bargain for the target market.
Hi, when the video about your fav pics of 2017?
Excellent explanation (with diagrams) of Multi-Aspect Sensor from Gordon Laing: at 2:10.
Hey Joseph, regarding the slightly larger sensor, check out Gordon Laing's video at Cameralabs who has some simple, easy to understand graphics showing the benefits for the GH5s.
I will, thanks!
Also, what on earth were Panasonic thinking when they gave one of these to Casey Neistat? Totally unsuited to his vlogging style, and now Canon appear to have given him a 6D, and that looks even worse!
One more addition that I saw in the wex video is that the 3.5mm audio input on the GH5s now supports the option for LINE level signal, not just MIC level.. nice addition for those of us coming line level from a mixer instead of using mic straight in. That might even potentially save some from having to purchase the XLR1 for line level.. would bring the cost of a new purchase closer to the GH5!
Yep! Dang I didn’t include that either. Well there’s a lot of details still :-) hehe
NO IBIS? Shut up and take my money!
kinda wish I woulda waited for this now..
Looks and sounds great!
My plane is about to take off. I'll need to watch this when I get wifi back. I have a GH5 and recently (last weekend) took a road trip to do some landscape photography and had issues with the focus - with a Sigma 18-35 on a metabones adapter. Are you familiar with any issues like this?
Nothing specific, no. I have very little experience with that combo but when I played, AF did work.
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