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High Speed Sync, Part 2… featuring LUMIX GH5 & Panasonic 580 Flash FP Mode

Photo Moment - October 26, 2017

Ever wondered how to turn day into night; to use high speed sync (aka high speed flash, aka FP mode) to get dramatic light photos at high noon in the full sun? Check out part one of this two-part show!


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Can I use the Panasonic FL360L as a master for m4/3 compatible Godox flashes in slave/remote control mode?
My question involves using a godox pro trigger send setting the camera to FP? Does FP only work when the camera sees a wireless Lumix flash? I have a GH5 and Godox AB600
I can't speak to that model specifically but I do have Godox units, wired and wireless, and can use FP mode, yes.
Thanks for these vids on the Godox flashes. This is probably off topic but it also seems to be hard to find an answer for: legacy flash integration into the Godox network, specifically a gh5, x1t-o, and old Nikon/Metz speedlights. Can you point me to any reliable information about whether and/or how these old flashes might be used off camera with the Godox gear? I doubt TTL is an option but perhaps there is a way of manually power managing from the transmitter? Thanks again.
I can’t tell you model by model but here’s the trigger you want and you can check from Godox what lights it’ll control
So what is the best flash for my Panasonic lumix fz 300? Or is there even one made for it?
Look at the
Godox models
"Focal plane"(shutter) as opposed to "leaf shutter" which are never patially open (slits); and don't have limited sync speeds.
I just watched that video and I’m also having that problem with the wireless greyed out was there any solution?
Give me a time stamp please. It's been as long time since I made this video. But if I had a problem here did I not solve it on the show?
Oh I see, a problem someone else was having. Not page but it's Electronic shutter disabled? That will kill all flash functions. Very hard to troubleshoot without seeing the camera and being able to poke around it.
I did turn it off and it’s still greyed out.
@john valenton same issue here
did you figure it out pls help
This deserves more likes with the amount of effort these guys go to!
Thanks, appreciate that.
@PhotoJoseph, I am looking to get into fancy pants photography. I currently own two Panasonic G85s. The lenses I have are the kit lens 12-60 MM kit lens, the 25 MM 1.7 ASPH & the Panasonic H-HSA35100 F2.8 II ASPH 35-100mm. What flash or flashes do you recommend I pick up that will allow me to get into HSS Photography/OCF that work well with the G85? Thanks in advance for your help! Take Care!
I am probably going to recommend Godox but stay tuned to the channel. I expect to start working with their products soon. I’m in discussions with the company.
Wow! Thanks for the response Joseph. I'm not sure how I found it but I do now follow on all platforms! Very educational and thanks so much for taking the time to teach others!!
I think Godox has proven fully featured (hss/ radio triggered)"speedlights" don't need to cost $500-$600 each.
Great job!
Something to note, once silent mode is on, flash is disabled
Excellent point. (For anyone wondering why, it’s because silent mode invokes electronic shutter, which doesn’t work with flash).
Found out the hard way. On a shoot, the camera was noisy and distracting during video recording, turned on silent mode and forgot. When time to use flash during a wedding shoot, nothing happened. Regardless of what I tried.. It was a nightmare until I realized.
Aw crap. Yeah Panasonic has to get better about showing you WHY something is disabled. We’ve brought it up repeatedly.
Wow! I just discovered my new low cost flash breaks the rules. I can shoot with the Godox TT685-O in HSS (the O is for my little Olympus OMD M10 mark II, and I think works with Panasonic, but they have N and C and S as well) on-camera, or off-camera with their X1 radio trigger or light from a manual flash. Really powerful and low cost, too.
Thanks very much for opening this door for me, Joseph! So ku-el !!! I never even thought to try until I saw your video here!
Worth every minute - learned a lot! Thanks!
Hi Joseph. Suggest Witch is best ND filter for GH5 in daylight shoot
I using 12-35-f2.8 lens.
There are many models. Just look for good reviews. I haven’t done a comprehensive comparison yet sorry
Love your shows! Did you use something other than your Black magic to film this?
+Hack My Control System Thanks! The only other camera is the GH5 when you’re looking through it.
Your favourite image does look dramatic but is totally ruined by the lens flare and the overexposed sun in my opinion. If I were taking that photo I would have put the sun behind his head at least to hopefully not get a lens fleare. I probably would have if I had an assistant get them to hold a reflector on the dark side of his face too to just fill it in a little.

You do also know you do not have to have a to do this too as your built in one can act as the master. I just went outside to test it out and was working fine with my Nissin i40 as the off camera flash and my builtin doing the triggering.
+Shawn Sobey The Gh5 doesn’t have a built in flash it you’re right that you can trigger it with the built-in if your camera has one
Ah yes I forgot that. I only have a G7 at the moment but am getting interested in the rumoured G9 which is said to be the GH5 but for photographers. I am surprised you have not mentioned or hinted that about the new camera as there is apparently some models being tested in the field some photographers now. I guess you probably can't say anything until it is official which may be this month for a release early next year from what I hear.
Hi Joseph,
I tried remote wireless flash control with a Nissin i40, but the relevant menu line is always disabled. Apparently this feature is enabled only when a Panasonic flash is connected. What do you think?
Hm, others here have talked about their third party flashes working fine. I don't have a Nissin so I can't test it sorry to say
I have an i40 too and it worked fine. Maybe you have your camera set to electronic shutter as you can't change any flash settings then. The only thing with the i40 is that it only has 2 analogue dials so I am not sure yet how if it is possible to change channels as it only has A B C. I wonder if it is possible to use mixed manufacturers flashes and mixed systems?
Shawn Sobey Hi Shawn,
Thank you for your contribution.
The shutter of course has been set to mechanical, but nevertheless the menu item “wireless” is always disabled.
I understand that it works with Panasonic flash only. In the case of Nissin i40 I think only solution is to use a couple of Air transmitter and receiver. Have you experience of any remote flash triggers from gh5 to i40?
Same here.. I have the GH5 and TT350o Wireless settings are greyed out. Does anyone have a solution for this?
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