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How I Stream: A Professional YouTube LIVE Streaming Studio

Photo Moment - December 05, 2017

People ask all the time how I do my streaming and switching. This is the short tour of my studio. We focus on the hardware needed and how they all interact to bring the streamed product right to you.

2:47 — Actual Start of the Show

Products Mentioned In Today's Photo Moment

Strata Pro iOS ATEM Switcher — Get Yours Here

Blackmagic Design ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K — Get Yours Here

Epiphan Pearl-2 — Get Yours Here

Behringer X Air XR16 — Get Yours Here

Telestream Wirecast — Get Yours Here

DECIMATOR MD-Cross V2 Miniature HDMI/SDI Cross Converter — Get Yours Here

Blackmagic Design SmartView Duo — Get Yours Here

Blackmagic Design Micro Studio Camera 4K — Get Yours Here

Panasonic LUMIX GH4 — Get Yours Here

Videos Mentioned In Today's Photo Moment

PhotoJoseph's YouTube Live Broadcast Studio

Other Links Mentioned In Today's Photo Moment

B&H Epiphan Event on Live Streaming — December 7th 4-6pm
Drinks With Photo Joseph in NYC — December 7th 6:30-8:30pm
Robert's Camera Mirrorless Magic Event — December 9th 11am-1pm
Drinks with PhotoJoseph in Indianapolis — December 9th 5-7pm

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Comments from YouTube

This is the short tour of my studio. We focus on the hardware needed and how it all interacts to bring the streamed product right to you.

2:47 — Actual Start of the Show
B R I L L I A N T and thank you for the studio tour. Jan 2020
Thanks! Man it's changed a LOT since then. Probably time for a new tour.
Is there a VERY simplified version to connect my GH5 to my computer for random live stream every once in awhile? Or do I need additional software?
Facebook let’s you stream from a browser. YouTube might too now; I haven’t looked. So you can use any webcam. But if you use an interface that the computer sees as a webcam, you can connect any camera to that. Check out the epiphan
@PhotoJoseph Is the epiphan a connector? I have seen some people just bought a connector that converts the HDMI to USB so the computer can read the camera as a webcam. Is that what you mean?
@Ryan Schneider VLOGS Exactly. It converts HDMI to USB, so the computer just thinks its a webcam. There are several on the market at varying prices; the Epiphan one is very reliable in my experience. Not the cheapest though.
PhotoJoseph Great info thank you man!
@Ryan Schneider VLOGS I'm waiting on the Magewell HDMI 4K USB Plus to do something very similar. What did you decide on and how did it go?
Quick question: for your Chat/Skype mac, I see that you have it coming in as one of your SDI sources into your ATEM so that's how you're getting the video feed into your broadcast, but what is the person on the other side of the Skype call seeing? Are you using one of the ATEM's Aux-Outs as a feed to the MAC? If so, what device are you using to convert from SDI-to-USB? Capture device? If so, which one are you using?
You nailed it. Aux out, then SDI to USB. I think the one that’s up there is from INOGENI. I went through a lot of converters to get one that worked with ALL apps, and truly treats the converter as a webcam. They see whatever I want them to see; usually I send program out so they see what the audience sees, but I can also make it so they just see me.
Thanks for the quick reply; for the audio coming from your guest, are you going using the ATEM's AFV or piping through your X-Air mixer for more control? Any audio loops introduced? And is it safe to assume your guest is hearing you via the capture device (combined Audio/Video feed via "webcam")
Audio from that chat system goes into the X-Air. The drawback of that is that I can’t include activating or deactivating it in a macro, however I gain the ability to eq it as well as time shift it if it’s out of sync with the video. The guest does NOT hear me from the ATEM. There is a dedicated AUX-out from the X-Air that goes to that chat Mac, which includes all audio except their own audio (to prevent the loopback). That is an XLR out from the X-Air which goes into an XLR-USB adapter. I just have to ensure that each service (skype, zoom, etc.) are set to have video from the INOGENI and audio from the other device. I’d have to climb up and check the actual hardware for you;’ happy to if you need it.
Are you from David Bowie's family or something? Nice video, btw. Ty.
You’re not the first person to say this… what makes a connection to Bowie in your mind? I’m most definitely not related but am honored to be in the same sentence as him.
So detailed yet concise! Love it
I tested #Ecamm today for Facebook Live .. it’s $70 I think I’ll start with that. Today I also ordered the #ElgatoStreamDeck Mini for Live Switching from #Amazon for $100 I cannot wait until #Streamlabs is available for Mac computers! It’s such a great platform! What you think Joseph?!
Wow when I grow up I wanna own what you have! Wow you’re mad Tech Savvy That a true Live Stream!
Thanks man. Yeah, it’s a hell of a setup. And it keeps growing!
Hey PhotoJoseph, I've learned so much from watching this video. Are there any budget hardware encoders that you recommend for 1 or 2 inputs?
The Epiphan X2 is probably the most economical that I’ve come across. Links below but stay tuned… in Friday 6/22/2018 I plan to do a show from it (if all goes to plan) and I’ll do a follow-up BTS show right after.

B&H - Amazon -
Thanks so much. Have you tested the AJA HELO?
I have not
After trying nearly anything from OBS over Blackmagic ATEM and so on I ended up with a i7-16GB-PC running Win7, vMix 20 and for my input-device a Blackmagic Decklink Quad 2. And this runs rock-solid since a few months including switching, video-calls and streaming to up to 3 destinations :-)
Nice. How many inputs?
8 SDI switchable as either In- or Outputs, 1 HDMI Input/Output. So right now I set it to 8 SDI Inputs, 1 HDMI-Output! But vMix also allows NDI-Iputs, Call in, etc. - love this system :-)
Great show as always. Maybe there will be some new interesting streaming boxes coming out on NAB2018...
I will be there and will be looking!
to stream mac in 4k you can try to do it via newest apple tv.
for iPad/iPhone you can use apple tv - a little lag but less cables. For people streaming in 720p you need apple tv 2.
Wouldn’t the HDMI Lightning adapter be cheaper? Or, what situation are you referring to?
Joseph, what lens are you using with the BMD micro studio camera for ur main 'sit down' set shot?
Right now it’s the 25/1.4 but it’s been the 12-35/2.8 in the past. The 25 is a little tight but I needed the other lens elsewhere
PhotoJoseph I'm presuming the're a Panasonic model ??
Those lenses are both Panasonic, yes.
Have you tried the NewTek Tricaster, you just plug all your audio + cameras in it, saving you a lot of hassle. You can also use the newtek Connect Spark to convert SDI/HDMI to IP, then use Xplit/Wirecast/OBS to pick up the IP streams.

If you just want to encode, get the Blackmagic Web Presenter?
I’m looking for a portable encoder/streamer for live events and have seen the Teradek Vidiu Pro on your show. I also read about the Cerevo liveshell X and it would be great to get your take on this device whenever you do a “on the road” live show.
Never heard of it. Looks good though; I’ll see if I can get my hands on one!
OMG Joseph we have almost the same setup!! I just need to get my micros setup
Dude I’m at work now crap
you sure we dont need 7 different liveshow alerts for each thing you want to talk about?
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