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Infinite Power! Panasonic DC Coupler (dummy battery) for LUMIX GH7, S5II, S5IIx, S9, GH6, GH5…

Photo Moment - June 10, 2024

This is a Panasonic-made USB-PD powered DC coupler (aka dummy battery) for most LUMIX cameras made since the GH3. Other than providing continuous power to your camera, on the GH7 it will enable recording high frame rate 4K video (4K120) to an external SSD.

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Saweet! Thank You
You bet!
This is great. Need to try that with powerbank
Totally works as long as the power bank can output 27W
For my purposes I like using a USB battery to power my Panasonic S5 and my external monitor. They both have their own internal batteries, just in case a cable gets unplugged, neither of them will completely shut off. The USB C cable for my monitor has a USB-PD to barrel plug adapter that requests the battery to supply 12V to the monitor.
Excellent, just waiting for it to get in stock.
With DC 18 I can power my osee t5+ external monitor from camera battery?
No. The DCC18 converts power from a DC source for the camera. However whatever that source is (i.e. a SmallRig battery) can also power your monitor (and many other things).
Does it work with the original LUMIX S5?
Sean with the Lumix USA channel kept saying this wasn't possible. I knew it was. Just needed the right electronics inside. Glad they finally made this.
Ahh. Secrets gotta be secret until they’re not, I guess!
@@photojoseph He said it wasn't possible to make a dummy battery that would run off USB PD.
Said what wasn’t possible; a DC adapter running off USB-PD?
Thanks for clarifying! The descriptions I was looking at made it sound like the DC coupler only worked on the GH7, really glad to hear it works on all the other same-battery cameras (GH6, etc) as well!
Yes it does!
Short and straight to the point. Doesn't need anything else.
Cool ❤
Was caught off by how to the point this video was
Haha short topic; no need to belabor the point!
Omg that macbook charger must be so old, it's huge
LOL not at all… M2 Max MacBook Pro, bought last year.
Do they make one for d-tap or barrel connections, or just usb-c?
@@luke.pettigrew it is the DMW-DCC18
@@luke.pettigrew I believe so. I'm thinking of upgrading from the GH5 to the GH7 and trying to plan out my rig ahead of time.
Is the DMW-DCC17GU what you're looking for?
I work for Panasonic- we love standards for electricity delivery and there is no standard for the type of power or communication (at least not one with a recognized governing body) delivered via P or D tap. That is why we won’t offer one. SAE… we need you
Just USB. Kondor blue makes one for d-tap and possibly other connections too
Yes, I use that convenient dummy battery since GH3 (I don't remember if for GH1 and 2 it was there). And then for the S1
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