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i.Resolution, i.Dynamic and i.ISO on LUMIX Cameras ► Should You Use Them?

Photo Moment - June 11, 2018

Ever seen those “i-modes” on your LUMIX camera… i.Resolution. i.Dynamic and even i.ISO — and wondered what they were for and if you should use them? Let's find out!

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For gh5, does idynamic when used increases noise level?
Hi Joseph, I use my GH2 for video only, does i dynamic and i resolution work for video too or is it just for stills? , still confused.....
Thank you,I have a Panasonic LX100 on order,I was looking for a video like this.I have a Nikon D3200 and lenes,I was looking for something smaller and good in low light.
The LX100 is a really nice little camera, I hope you enjoy it!
@PhotoJoseph I've been taking pitcures with it both inside & outside,with flash & with out flash.Great little camera I realy like it.
Anyone know what soundtrack he used in the intro? I love it
I've had it so long I don't even remember where it came from, sorry
@PhotoJoseph bugger, thanks anyway!
Great explanations. I always wondered what they would do. Time to go play. Thanks
Glad you found the video!
Basically a t a v mode like on pentax . My personal experience is that it does not work half as good as the Pentax and Ricoh ones
Very helpful thank you.
you're welcome!
Top Drawer, wish I'd watched this sooner. Thanks.
Hi Joseph thanks for the great info you address.
I do video deposition, my question to you is on the G9 how do I remove the black background behind the date time stamp
I’ve never used that feature but if there isn’t an option to do it in the menu then I’m sure you can’t.
You talk far too fast!
Or, you listen too slow? 😂😂 Kidding sorry, couldn’t resist. I do talk fast, but the playback speed feature works really well on YouTube too. Give it a shot! And thanks for watching.
No reason NOT to shoot RAW + JPEG.
Well there's a reason I want to be able to process on a mobile device as quickly as possible I don't want to sit behind a computer for four hours
The raw effect is not curious at all it will apply slightly just like when importing into lightroom RAW photos also are changed slightly for various reasons
Id like to see better examples than the cloud photo for idynamic- dynamic range is a huge criticism of MFT sensors and Id like to see if this feature really makes a difference.
To cool for words..
Do you have any idea how to turn off the focus assist (red light beam) in the iAuto mode?

Thank you
It may not be disable-able in the full auto modes. Find the menu to disable it in regular modes and see if it is available when in iAuto
Thank you for your reply. From the manual I read that focus assist does not work if the camera is set to silent.

I tried and it worked
i.Happy now.
Great video. I do wish you would also talk about the noise created by using these settings.. also, I think you should set the exposure compensation to -2/3 or so and combine it with high i.dynamic.
Also, I would like to know if the normal auto ISO prefers lower values over the i.iso when shooting static scenes..
Thanks !
Great explanation of these functions, greatly appreciated Joseph. I am a relatively new G9 user (switched from Nikon D7000) and there so many great features, I am really enjoying my G9
Awesome thanks! And welcome to the LUMIX family.
I have troubles with flickering with my GH5 when taking Timelapses which didn't happen before and just started on every shot I'm taking now. U guys think a contrast flickering could occur because of i.Resolution set to auto? Or does anyone has a hint for me what else could cause it? (Shooting in manual mode only)
I found my G9 to be too noisy at iso 800 and of course in higher iso. Panasonic claims that we can go up to 3200 without too much grain. Any advise .
Joseph, LOVE your channel and content! Great stuff here, on one of those topics where some of us didn't understand a setting, therefore didn't use it. Use it now! Thank you, so much! On a separate note, may I offer a small critique... specifically, when you talk you have a tendency to speed through a part of a sentence, then swallow your words, an example of this at 8:11. "It's only going to apply at the ..." I have a great difficulty is understanding you, your cadence is very brisk, and your voice falls off. This sometime requires me to backtrack in the video to catch your words. Your audio gain sounds like it is too dynamic, perhaps. Anyway, if you could slow down a bit, pause between sentences... maybe take a breath.... your content would be nothing short of perfection. Thanks again!
Thanks for the feedback. I know I talk fast, and sometimes go too fast when I feel like the show is going too long. This is a pretty old show; I've adjusted the format a bit since then. Thanks for watching!!
Really good explanations and examples. Thank you!
Jo great Video, pity i missed the India trip hope it went well, if you ever do any in the UK Scotland/Lake district nudge me love to join you... if you need a guide for the UK or some ideas then my brothers rock climbing buddy is the publisher here, very good and concise books and you dont talk too fast i can understand you and im british LOL
Yeah for using any type of kit lens get yourself a prome with wider aperture. And learn how to use some flash properly
Would you please explain the different the various symbols for RAW? there is RAW , two bars & one bar thank you
Bars? Do you mean the squares? Squares are JPEG; fewer squares is lower resolution. RAW and squares means RAW+JPEG
Thank you PhotoJoseph... Of all the tutorials I've watched since getting the GH5 nobody, not even the manual explains the Bars... Much appreciated... Now I know... )
Hi Jo, thank you for this video. I have a G85 and I use specifically i.Dynamic in Video recording mode always! This is the biggest difference you can see. Shoot the video with off using ISO 200 and then switch i.Dynamic to HIGH and use the same ISO you are blown away by the light gathering.
It's really helpful when you do vlogs outside and when you are capturing animals in harsh light situations with a high dynamic range. I have no experience with the other settings but I will try them for video. I'm not in Stills that much...but your video is great. Thank you and stay blessed
Awesome, thanks for sharing that. That's the cool thing about these features… there are often many ways and reasons to use them!
Where did you get your "square" lens hood for your Lumix gx80/85 please😊, I can only find the circle ones!
That must be the 25mm lens. It's what it comes with; not a special order
@PhotoJoseph Darn it, I purchased mine from UK Jessops and I only got the camera & lens & strap! No lens hood😭! I'm searching the internet & I can't find one anywhere! HELP PLEASE✌✌✌
You bought the 25mm Leica f/1.4 and it didn't come with the square hood?
You need some lights given those high ISOs in a studio.
Uh, this was done lower light to show the feature…
He makes Michael Keaton facial expressions
@PhotoJoseph Its a likeable quality.
Haha thanks
Buster Keaton
Job well done, I was never sure what they actually did.
^great video and super important subject. However, think about: there are people around the world for which English is not a no.1 Language. So please speak with normal speed and make a break between the sentences. Sure, you will get more subscribers around the world. good luck
I vote for iDynamic with RAWs.. it's definitely preserving the highs and giving more meaningful content (good if you framed the shot well, bad if you only care about the plant)
Just bought my first lumix camera, gx 85. I have a question, is i.ISO will ignore iso limit setup ?
Mark Salendu good question!!
Maybe the raw images are taken so that the camera can do calculations based on the variance between the images.
Cool video man.
you can see the shutter speed changed in the raw i.dynamic
Yeah, I'm wondering if they do this for calculation purposes.
Thank you for the video, very helpfull.
Can you help me understand when you use the difraction compensation in the camera settings? Do you set it on or not?
Come on Joseph, skip the damn “dot” already!!! It’s just I-resolution, I-dynamic, and I-iso...
Why do you wear the in ear monitors ?
The better to hear you with, my dear. Oh, sorry… 😁😁😁 So I can hear what you (the audience) hears. If I’m doing anything on my computer / iPad they makes sound, I need to hear it. I also hear myself. This allows me to know if there are any problems; did a mic go out, are you hearing sound you shouldn’t, am I getting radio interference or clothes movement, that sort of thing.
@PhotoJoseph gotcha, makes sense now. On another note, its so amazing to get a response. Watching people on youtube kind of makes me think of you like a movie star, so it feels like a brush with fame to get a response. And, on another note, if you're still reading, I've learned so much from you and your live stream, I work in sales and using Skype/zoom/webex and I have had to learn how to be "live on camera" 8 hours a day 5 days a week. Its interesting how the skill of a live streamer is now overlapping with people who would have formerly spent a lot of time on the phone as part of their job.
Thank you I appreciate that. I’ll continue to respond to as many messages as I can; obviously for someone with millions of subs that’s impossible, but at my 20k I can handle it still (usually). I’m glad I’ve been able to help, and yeah I get what you’re saying. Being on camera for any reason is a whole new skill set and it’s one more and more people are needing. Thanks again!
Thanks for the clarifications. 👍
i.Dynamic doesn't work with RAW
thanks! great explanation!
thanks for the informative video, may I ask you a question? it's about HDR shooting with the FZ1000 - so I mean shooting auto bracketed pictures for creating an HDR picture on a PC later not the integrated HDR function of the camera - do you recommend in that case also the i.ISO or put the ISO to the lowest for best details? and the i.Dynamik on or off when creating HDR anyway? thanks and kind regards
Interesting question. I think for the cleanest merge you should disable the i features so there’s consistency across the shots. But also I think no one would be able to tell the difference if you didn’t.
Hello Joseph, Thank you very much for doing this videos! I just subscribe because they are amazing!

I was wondering if you could do a video about speed light for the G9 I have been researching a lot an I just can’t find something that gives me the confidence to buy it.

Thanks again!
For i.Dynamic, have a look at the exposure information and you might observer ISO and exposure values changing. That could explain the difference. In my old Nikon's, when you turned on wider DR modes, it manipulated the exposure triangle some to change what was captured by the sensor.

Great explanation. Just picked up an old LX100 as a travel camera and though it lacks i.ISO, those other two had me scratching my head. Thanks!
My bad on the i.ISO. The LX100 does have it.
Panasonic idynamic uses two things, 1 tonecurve compression (lower highllight lifting shadow) to fit scene in to dynamic range of the sensor( It lowers contrast acros the image. 2 changing Exposure in -1/3 or -2/3 or -1 stop down to underexpose the scene to avoid highlight blown out.
So it also "helps" when using rawfiles, On auto it underexpose automatic in 1/3 stops if highlights are near to be blown in the assumption that shadows much more easy are to recover. The contrast correction isn't visible in the rawfile unless you use Silkypix (fuji/panasonic) and your camera is in the list, then using camera profile you enter a profile which actual reads the idyn and ires ánd choosen color profile(vivid, natural, custom) and apply that to your rw2 automatic. Quite neat! So in Silkypix ires and idyn and your personal jpeg settings are applied on your rw2 file so you got a great startingpoint. (just choose : color tab underneath contrast, See "profile" default natural, pull down list, and check "PhotoStyle/Camera Color. If your camera isn't listed then you don't see this option.
Finally someone with the answers!
is this works for video mode?? sorry I'm newbie for lumix user..thx
Billion explanation !!! 😂 im give you sub for this video:)
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