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Join Me ON MY SCOUTING TRIP to India ▶︎ I’m Looking For ONE Person!

Photo Moment - October 08, 2018

Many of you know I'm doing a photography workshop in India in Jan/Feb of 2019 in case you don't). I'm now planning a scouting trip in November, and thought it was a crying shame to do this alone. So… ONE person can come with me on this INCREDIBLE whirlwind tour of India. It won't be cheap… but it will be epic. Is it going to be you?

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We do digital media works in luring photography, aD shoot,product shoot,documentary,product shoot and software development and much more,,and also have a gh5,, and your videos helped me a lot:-)
Hi Joseph ,,I have a studio in Kolkata,, if do consider to know more in depth about Kolkata ,while you are in India and visit Kolkata,, do consider visiting me, here in kol
I am coming to Kolkata actually. Only one night on this first visit; I am there the night of 11/22. I have a guide and most things are planned but thank you for the offer!
This would be incredibly fun! pick me, pick me! (flying from Sweden, packing light. Gh5, batteries, a few lenses, chargers, cables, lens cloths, memory cards, harddrives, drone w 5 batteries, accessories to that. And a toothbrush.)
I would have loved to come with as I'm a super-ultra-mega tall dutch girl and would loved to photograph India from above, but after I bought my GH5 a few weeks ago there is no money left for travel ;-)
LOL that’s awesome. What a chance to learn the GH5! India, from above, with the guy who created! Are you sure there’s no money left? 😁
I love your training! I was already on Lynda when I run into your training over there and watching your channel made me decide to take the leap from EFS to MFT.
There is just a small bit money left but not in the amounts we would need to go on this scouting trip together. But who knows what happens, if all the stars align I might join you on a workshop trip in the future ;) Until then I'll have to stick to your course and social media channels :)
Awesome! The tour in Jan has space still so do consider that, and I’ll likely do another one later in 2019
Sounds like we're in for some more great content coming up. Stay safe and have fun man.
Welcome to my country India. Hope you have a safe & successful sojourn here.

Wish I could join you & your team but ... I can’t
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