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Is Keynote Good Enough for Motion Graphics Titles, Lower Thirds and Animations… for YouTubers?

Photo Moment - September 25, 2019

If you've been wanting to make awesome animated lower thirds, animated callouts, title sequences and more, but don't have the chops or want to learn After Effects or Apple Motion, then Keynote may be the solution for you. Check out this tutorial on how to go from Keynote to Final Cut Pro X (or Premiere, or Resolve), and see what you think!

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Will you use Keynote for your motion graphics? Also, watch this to see my most ambitious Keynote animations to-date!
Too cool works on keynote on the ipad too
Did you find a way to export with transparency? You can set the background to transparent, but movies render out with a black background. If you found a way to do it I’d love to hear it!
@PhotoJoseph you may cringe considering what you said about avoiding the step in post, but I green screened the background and did a transparency that way on my macbook I can export transparent and on ipad I have to chroma key it
Chris W Ah yes, that does work for some effects. It’s when you get into motion blur and colored things that it gets hard. That’s actually why I did the opening title with the bouncing transparent colored circles… you couldn’t key that! But yes it’s a good option if it’s the only option!
@PhotoJoseph If you export from keynote as a movie compression type "Apple ProRes 4444" the transparent background stays intact. To find this setting, when you export as movie look for the "resolution" dropdown and pick "custom" then you'll see the ProRes option.
I have always loved keynote. For decades now. Just that it still does not provide for a timeline. Animating objects and slides to match music is always a trial and error…sadly.
So grateful for this video! I stumbled into creating basic motion graphics in Keynote out of the same frustration — I did NOT want to learn a new piece of software. I kept wondering, "Could it really be this easy?"

Your video makes it clear that YES — it can be easy. You show us how to push the limits of Keynote and get fantastic results. Many, many thanks for creating this awesome resource.
aw thank you! Best comment ever ;-) I'm so glad it helped! I still love using Keynote for graphics… it's great!
You took too long to explain basic
And I thought I knew Keynote! One of the most useful tutorial ever! 👏👏👏
aw, thanks! That's awesome to hear!
Great tutorial thank you
You’re welcome 😊
Thank you Joseph. I always thought that I should be able to do this but never had the workflow in place. Always went back to Motion and took half a day doing what Keynote does in 2 minutes. Thanks again.
Great minds find great shortcut. Keynote is a real swiss knife, and i find it a good replacement for :

1 - After Effect : needs a long way to setup even with expressions & all, especially for simple titles & logo appearance. Keynote does that in seconds. Exports in 4444 with alpha, you've got all the frame rates needed 12 to 60 fps, it only lacks motion blur & advance effects & masking techniques.
2 - InDesign : lets suppose you have a booklet/presentation to make and you dont want to do the work twice and separately, you get the size of an A3 paper in pixel ( i.e. in photoshop ) you add the bleeds you get it into your document size and you're good to go, you have both a well animated presentation + a high resolution print file.

Bonus : You can copy and paste from Illustrator to Keynote while retaining the vector aspect of the visuals.
great job thx :) it's possible export apple motion and import keynote for animation ?
Great video! And I couldn't agree more. Keynote is awesome for making motion graphics. Most of the staple movements you'd ever need can be done (very often) waaaay quicker in Keynote than Motion or even Final Cut Pro. Pity Keynote won't allow you to export to frame rates other than 30fps. Almost the whole rest of the world outside North America uses 50hz power, and therefore 25fps based frame rates! This should at very least be an option for exporting.
One week later... Keynote updates with multiple frame rate exporting. Sadly (at this stage), it appears to be just doing a quicktime convert from 60/30 to 50/25fps, resulting in the same very jittery playback, especially on anything moving sideways. It's as if the export is not rendering 'natively' in the other frame rates. Anyway... it's a start!
Oh no, really! I saw those updates but wow that’s disappointing. Hm, so a possible solution would be to remap a 30p export onto a 25p timeline. Your video would play back 16% faster, so you’d want to compensate for that in designing the slides if timing is critical. But basically if you play the video frame for frame (so 30 frames = 1 second becomes 30 frames = 1 second and 5 frames) then you would get no stutter. Does that make sense?
I love your background changing colors! The demos are clear and the review is useful!
so helpful, so clear and quite sexy. Good job Joseph
Oh man, that’s nice.
I work a long time with keynote to create animation videos but worked with a green background which I than keyed out in final cut.
This is so much easier 😃
Really excellent tutorial - thanks!
Loved this! Please make more!
Greatest lesson on Keynote
It really is a magic solution. .
Keynote has become an alternative to Motion Software
High greeting to you

next step
How to export work
[interactive File]

As a locked interactive file
So that you can benefit from it
No need to open Keynote
But as an application. . .
I tried to find the solution in exporting to pdf file
The idea did not work

Thank you and appreciation
No idea man… totally different thing than what this video is about and I don’t think it’s possible. You’re a asking for an app, not a movie.
This is the most useful video about keynote animation I have ever seen. Thank you. I can’t wait to apply these tips.
haha awesome, thanks!
So good!
My man came in clutch for my stream game.
How can I use this keynote animations on ecamm live for streaming
I don't know if ecamm supports 4444 (transparency), so you'll have to try that out.
Subbed yesterday. Will use this vid today. Love this!!! Thank you Joseph!
sweet! I love this workflow and use it almost daily.
not working for me. Keeping giving me a black background every time I export
Sounds like you missed the transparent background step. Watch it again!
I set the background to no fill. export in ProRes 4444 and i still get a black background
@PhotoJoseph got it to work. it was my os. I was running mac os 10.15.1 , did an update and not it works. Thanks for your videos, they have been a great help.
Did you set the background to transparency? Did you enable transparent background on export to 444?
aha! That was going to be my next question… right after I hit send I remembered that there was a bug in an earlier macOS, which I reported and they fixed for me ;-)
This is life saver, thanks!
thanks, glad you like it!
Does this work for OBS?
hm, I don't know if OBS can read a ProRes 4444 file but I kind of doubt it. Try it though and let me know!
thought you can do all that inside FCPX. titles ?? maybe shapes would be helpful with keynote
There's minimal behaviors in FCPX. Way more control in Keynote.
@PhotoJoseph talking about texts presets. Motion so easy and have plenty of possibilities. keynotes is the awesome with charts and graphs I guess. But your tutorial is fantastic, you make it easy to understand. was just wondering. I subscribed of Cours. good content
Thanks Simo! At the end of the day, this is just another tool in the arsenal.
Damn I forgot to subscribe.

Welp shit happens.
Amazing video!!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Nice, thanks!
Fantastic tutorial, very informative and easy to follow through with and perfect for how I think also. Thank you for the inspiration.
Wonderful, thanks!
I’ve been using keynote religiously every day for eight years, I passed my entire product design course using exclusively keynote. Since this 6.0 update I have not been able to make the background transparent and resorted to greenscreen which always has colour balance issues. This will be an absolute lifesaver, one of the best tutorials I’ve ever seen.
Thanks! So you're saying before v6 you had a way to make it transparent but couldn't find a way to do it since then, but now you know?
Yes, simply make the background transparent and export as prores 4444. I have never touched prores before as youtube compression eliminates the benefits, I should have tried it earlier.
I've been looking for this! I am finally convinced . Thank you sir
Awesome! It's a great way to do motion graphics on the cheap and easy.
I’ve been using a green background on keynote. This is great info, would try prores444 next time. 🙏
Right on! Yeah 4444 is definitely cleaner!
Great info, would like to see more on this. Question: Is there a way to export any other frame rate other than 30.
There is not, but FCPX does a fine job retiming it.
This is awesome - thank you! - and yes, I'd like to see more too! :) Thanks, and peace!
Thanks Michael!
Thanks Joseph - the transparency setting on the master slide is a great tip!
AND please share a link to the video that you talk about at the end - Without autoplay, I am not sure which video is the one. THANKS again.
Thanks! It’s linked in the description too… and here you go:
Looks like the long lost Livetype! thanks for this!
Livetype!! Man I forgot all about that app…
Great :D :D I used this and it's simply and perfect! Thank you so much
Great to hear, thanks!
Thank Joseph... If you allow me I would like to add some information. Even if you save the file in Library, when you make a change in Keynote, FCPX update the file Prores 444 . When you import the clip into the timeline and you want to have a pause between the IN and OUT of the animation, it is useful to use the "Retime Hold" function Shift + H... in this way you don't split the clip and you can eventually apply a Ken Burn. 😁 Don't forget to select Alpha Handling: "Premultiply" to get a better superimpose. 😉
Thanks for the comments! OK, "Hold" I never knew about. Mind blown 🤯Next, I'm not sure what you mean though about keeping the file in the library. Making a change in keynote has no bearing on the exported ProRes file until you render it again. The only way to render over a file in the Library would be to find it in the package, and render over that, which I think is a bad idea. Do you mean something else? As to the premultiplied; I'm afraid that's incorrect. I'm not intimate enough with exactly when to use or not to use it to argue it except that I just tested it, and the premultiplied clips are losing all of their transparency. Without changing that, transparency is perfect.
​@PhotoJoseph Hi Joseph, of course you need to export the file from keynote and render over the same ProRes but it doesn't matter if the files are in the Library or not... FCPX update the file though they are in the Library package...It's the same thing. I always do it. Premultiply is importand if you make, for example, effects with lens flare. Using Premultiply you can appreciate the full glow of the effect. Do some tests
I would never recommend rendering over a file in the package, but if that works for you, cool. And I did do some tests. Not with lens flair but with moving thin text and immediately I could see that with premultiply on, all transparency went away and the text became chunky and ugly.
Most of the keynote-like builds are already available in FCPX - defaults (like "Custom" title) and third party, like mBehaviour for example. The key feature that Keynote has is "magic move" transition. Big deal when someone will try to mimic that feature in FCPX.
Are they? While there are certainly lots of third party tools and I have no idea what's in all of them, I've seen very few useful animations in Final Cut directly. Plus, it's not just about animating a single object. In Keynote you can build much more complex groups and animations. For example, watch this video — every animation except the hand written parts are create in Keynote.
Thank you! This will move me forward in my editing!
awesome, glad it was helpful!
Thank you so much for this video!! I just subscribed!
Actually, I've seen Keynote used as CG for live shows years ago! I think they were using an old version of it, like from iWork'08 or '09 (the gig was in 2013 or so). I've never been able to gather all the elements of that "hack" since then and I've been told you couldn't do it with the new versions! 
Since you produce live shows as well, did you succeed to make Keynote work as a CG editor for your live shows? Did you try it? That would be so awesome!...
Thanks Thomas! I've not used it to make graphics for live… single static graphics as PNG would be easy enough. But to do animations, you'd have to convert the ProRes 4444 video to a sequence of TGA files (at least to use with the ATEM, like I do). Which I'm sure can be done, but not directly from Keynote.
Actually, that’s not how (I remember) I witnessed it. Keynote was working live through a video output and they were able to use it directly as a feed in their ATEM... Yes, it sounds a bit like SF! ^^ May be I dreamt it...
Ah… yes totally doable but not with transparency. You’re just playing the slide show over HDMI.
if Apple is listening to you, ask for a previewing transparency grid like Adobe apps use to show black objects on transparent background.
I’ve Asked
@11:11 quickest way to enter settings on export. If you change your system settings to allow keyboard to control window controls ('control' + 'F7') you can tab between dropdown menus as well as text fields. This avoids the need for using the mouse. Spacebar drops the menu and arrows move up and down. Tab, return and spacebar select the highlighted item in the list. But will All Controls selected things can get a little confusing for most folks! More of a disability and power-user setting, but it is generally faster. And good luck getting Apple to listen to FR to make the tool better. They generally don't listen to anybody and have very you developers on the iWork suite.
I’ll have to try that!
was wondering when some folks would catch on to Keynote's animation capabilities. I've made film titles and gazillions lower thirds and graphic animations for film using AE but Magic Move in Keynote allows for A LOT if you don't wanna learn AE (and AE is frankly a PITA to learn).

I was in touch with the Keynote developer team via a Keynote evangelist they were consulting (about 9 years ago) and requested something similar to MM, something I still wish they would do. A feature I called duplicate slide with all objects in end position. That would mean you wouldn't have to pile heaps of manual moves in the one slide. You could draw a line under you animation and start again on a new slide, starting with the objects where they ended up at the end of the last slide.

Apple went one further and made Magic Move, which allows you to save tonnes of time on multiple transformations of multiple objects. But it would still help to have the feature I requested because sometimes you need to do manual transformations (for eg using a curved motion path) or MM just can't work out the animation you are attempting. Good luck getting Apple to listen to your feature requests… are they talking to you at least? Typically Apple is terrible with regard to pro-user consultation (FCP7 anybody?)
p.s. it was super cool when Keynote allowed Apple Quartz Composer files to be imported like images. QC allows for any kind of 3D animation you can imagine practically. They dumped it, around the same time I was asking them to enhance their support for QC in Keynote, possibly so it would work on the web in iCloud.
I think there’sa as huge amount of potential in Keynote if Apple wanted to push it in new directions.
Great video loved Joseph. Would love more of those.
Hey Joseph. Just found your channel. New subscriber! :) I'd love to see more tutorials on animating with Keynote (if you're keeping track of votes) :) Thanks again, and God bless!
Thank you!
This is great! Please show more. One of the best videos I've seen in a long time! Great job!
Oh thank you! You’re one of the few that seem to care… I’d love to do more, but this video is performing really poorly :(
Anyway to do this with iMovie? I haven't stepped up to FinalCut. Damn impressive BTW! Exactly what I'd like to be able to do in iMovie.
I don’t know if iMovie will read the ProRes 4444 file. You’ll just have to try it!
@PhotoJoseph Thank you Joseph - I'll give it a try this weekend.
Tom Payne ALSO — recently discovered that this broke in Catalina. It will be fixed soon.
Holy POOP it works! Works almost exactly like Joseph shows in FinalCut. GAME CHANGER! Thanks so much Joseph! Only tested a text overlay and inserting a Flaming graphic but WOW. Haven't upgraded to Catalina yet (and now will not until this is fixed). I found one other guy who has been using Keynote in a similar manner as Joseph but his entire focus is using it with iMovie. Wish I had known this earlier - TY again Joseph NEVER would have thought of something like this.
Tom Payne that is AWESOME! Thanks for letting me know and I’m stoked you found this!
By far the best tutorial on keynote for motion graphics. Your tips to improve workflows were awesome. I’m sure I would never have known I could change the animation/text in the file itself. Best tip
This is awesome! Thank you for sharing this!
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