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Lightroom CC Mobile Workflow on iPhone iOS 12 ▶︎ Import, Sync, Manage

Photo Moment - October 03, 2018

For those using Lightroom Mobile, a change in iOS 12 has made importing and managing your photos (between Lightroom and the Photos app) just a little bit easier. Follow along to see how you can streamline your mobile workflow!

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Comments from YouTube

Hey this was a really impressive and informative process review. This is my first time watching one of your videos. You're a very good teacher.
Thank you kindly!
is there option in Lightroom that i can stop mobile from syncing all photos? I just want to be only synced photos that I select. Thanks for response.
Nope, there is no selective sync
Apple products infuriate me. I will not ever seriously consider them for a ‘desktop replacement’ until they allow moving stuff where i want it. I own a ravpower file hub, i just went to move some raw pics over, i selected them in the rav browser and looked at the options. All i could see was copy to photos. NOPE! ios only allows every file other than raw. So i go to upload to icloud then i go to lightroom to download. Cannot see an import option anywhere. I go to files and go to icloud, multi select the pics (in this case only four images as a test) and import them ... they seem to go ‘somewhere’ but i can’t see them in photos. I go to lightroom and once again no go. I go back to files and try the ‘copy to lightroom. I go to lightroom and one of them is there. It actually only will do them ONE AT A TIME. Apple SUCKS. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn off auto sync to cloud. Again, i don’t want my stuff automatically being copied ‘somwewhere’!!! Again i say, apple SUCKS. My samsung tablets do what i want them to. I can plug them to my computer and drag stuff ANYWHERE.
Hi there, great tutorial, really enjoyed watching it.
I do have a few questions if you don’t mind:
How come you can see the video files?
I'm shooting on a Sony a7r3 and only if I change the files name and location I can start seeing them on a card.
Second question,
Do you happen to know of a method to share the workflow in lightroom cc, or at least, a method to allow Raw file to be downloaded while sharing an album?
Thanks in advance ;)
Sony video files are weird; that’s a question for Adobe. Probably not a fully supported format. No RAW download from Lr shared albums; gotta use Dropbox or similar for that.
I think I come up with a solution, but it is not the fastest one ;p
You know how you synchronise all your files in Adobe Lightroom cc across all your devices ? Well on the pc or Mac version you can specify the folder where you keep a copy and that folder can be inside the dropbox sync folder. Either this or I can let him access my account and he can carry on where I left off ;)
Thanks anyway 🙏
Guys, help me! How to export originally DNG files from Lightroom mobile from IPhone to PC? When i was trying to copy i catched Error: "foderName could not be copied because an error occurred. An unknown error occurred(-4)". I think it is due to the fact that have not subscription in adobe, or not? From my IPhone i can export in original format only one photo, when i select all photos what i need i I can not do it(import origianal format) . Do you know how to solve my problem?
Is there a way to transfer RAW files only from SD Card to iphone to external drive?
How do you upgrade your lightroom mobile storage plan? Coz i just reached the max of my 20GB In my lightroom mobile.
With cold hard $€£ — there should be a “upgrade now!” notification, but if not just click on the cloud in the top right corner of Lightroom and visit your account settings
How are you streaming the iPhone and getting that red circle at the same time? App? Setting?
It’s built into Lightroom. Gear > Gesture Shortcuts > Show Touches
Does the GPS location carry over from my iPhone Camera Roll into the Lightroom CC app? I don’t see any GPS info under the “Info” screen :(
It’s there. I don’t know why it isn’t revealed in the app but the data is there. If you open the photo in a metadata inspector you’ll see the GPS info.
Fuji user here,.... just delivered 350 (2500 or so full shoot) photos without a pc or mac... XT3 + sd card reader + Ipad Pro + lightroom CC + Gdrive.
The only part I didnt liked is that the raw files have to be imported to IOS and then to LR, wish LR could import directy from the sd card or camera.
Nice! And yea, I agree… unfortunately this is a limitation of iOS. Apple doesn’t allow ANY third party app to access the card reader. I don’t know why… it really doesn’t seem to make sense. Maybe one day they’ll allow it, then this workflow will be even better.
Annoying - yes. However you can use a shortcut to make the process a little less painful. Shortcut will look for last import into Camera Roll and then import all those images into Lightroom and then delete from camera roll.
Can you see which photos are raw and which photos are jpeg before you import? I'm asking this because I usually shot with RAW+JPEG on my camera. And I want to import only raw files to lightroom.
Thank you
Yes. The Lr import window shows a RAW badge on RAW files.
Is there a way to effectively structure your photos folder timeline only using Lightroom Cc or do you have to go back to Lightroom classic to structure all of the photos? Also, can Lightroom CC work with a cloud or drive other than its own adobe cloud system?
You have full control over folder, sub-folder and album placement in CC. CC will work with any SINGLE external drive but only its own cloud service. I have a connection of training videos on CC on my site here:
Maybe the new gnarbox 2.0 is promising a file management system and intergration with Lightroom mobile?
It's supposed to be an improvement yes. I haven't worked with it yet though. It's difficult because of limitations in iOS but from what they've told me they have a pretty good solution.
Great info, very useful. I'mpretty disapointed in Lightroom CC syncing not working reliable, but at least this part is now solved for. Thanks for sharing.
I've actually had a great experience with Lightroom syncing. Way way better than Apple, sad to say.
Stfu about india and get on with it
Price of premium features??
Starting at $10/month
Thank you for the video. Is there a possibility to have only smart previews on the iphone and copy it on the original files later on my PC? (To save space on my iPhone?)
The phone will offload the originals to save space as needed automatically, unless you mark an album to keep the originals locally
Thanks for this video man. I just subscribed to LR CC and I love it so far.
Can´t you do a Siri Shortcut to do this automaticly
Interesting question. Deleting the old photos you mean? Maybe!
@PhotoJoseph Yes, I heard that Adobe is coming out with a short cut that imports to Lightroom and then deletes the files from apple photos.
After seeing this comment I made this super simple shortcut for you guys:
Do you know the reason why you can't transfer RAW images wirelessly? And being that Panasonic is so good about listening to their customers, do you think this is something we could petition to be added? I absolutely LOVE the idea of being able to take nothing but my camera and iPhone/iPad on a trip and being able to edit and share without the hassle of moving cards around or anything. Seems like a super easy thing to add, but I don't know the back end of app developing. haha
I ask me the same qustion over and over again! Want the same. We are not living in 1900...
Why not just turn on auto import in Lightroom CC?
I know we had this conversation on Twitter already but for anyone reading this… I don’t do auto import for several reasons. One, I don’t want all my photos from Apple Photos automatically imported. I don’t want screenshots or all the other random crap I snap on my iPhone showing up in Lightroom. Second, I want to import where I want it — not just into the “auto” folder to be sorted later.
The other issue about using cellular data to sync Apple Photos or LR photos is that you can kill your phone battery very quickly, especially if the cellular signal is weak.
I am having problems when importing Olympus Raw files ( .ORF ) to Lightroom with IOS12. It looks like Iphone doesn't like these ORF files... Befgore, with IOS 11 everything worked perfectly but now it's a pain in the butt. I also have problems downloadign ORF files from my Google Drive cloud. The files download but I can't see them... WTF!!!!! Some times I hate apple's weird philosophies... Looks like they enjoy making users go mad :(
That sucks! Do you have another device to test with to ensure it’s iOS 12 itself and not something on your specific device that’s gone wonky?
PhotoJoseph Nope. I only have my device, and its brand new, only one month old. I dont think its a device problem. With IOS11 it was perfect. With apple its always the same thing, making simple things become complicated. The only reason I have an iphone is because I hate android.... Anyway, I guess I'll have to wait untill adobe or apple do an update... Meanwhile lets meditate 🙏
Meditation is good, but let’s try action :-) Report this to Adobe and let them chase it through Apple.
PhotoJoseph I talked with them but they didnt give me any solution. The guy told me it was working ok on his iphone ( I dont beleive him ). So the conclusion is that they are not up to date with their software and that they dont want to admit they are not serious.
Apple said its third party software problem...
Not profesional at all
PhotoJoseph The diference between Stev Jobs and apple is that he was a futurist and inteligent man and apple is a bunch of guys who beleive they are Gods and only try to be cool and fancy... 🙄
Hi, I have a question, I used the 4k Burst in my ZS100, How do I extract a 4K Photo in Lightroom CC?
As someone who has just got on the iPhone/mobile Lightroom bandwagon; thanks! This is an extremely useful, thoughtful guide.
On Android, I can transfer raw files from my Canon M3 to Lightroom mobile via wifi, but my Sony a7 will only send jpeg; I think that's just a Sony thing though.
Oh interesting. I wonder if the LUMIX will send the RAW to Android. I’ll have to try it.
Is it sending the raw file into LR on IOS or the jpeg? My Lexar lighting transfer device will only transfer jpeg into camera roll.
Using the Apple SD Card Lightning adapter it’ll transfer the RAW.
Once the photos are uploaded to LR CC on my Mac do they also sync to LR Classic?
As long as you have syncing turned on, yes. But the workflow is kinda crappy and I’d have to check to see if the RAW files actually make it to Classic, or just the smart previews. I know Classic still has a lot more features, but CC is growing fast, and I’ve moved 90% of my workflow to it.
When I tried it the 24 RAW images that I had imported into CC from my iPad using the SD card did not import into Classic. Classic had a statement displaying "24 photos syncing" but after waiting an hour none of them did.
You may need to toggle sync off and on. Then, contact Adobe. These are worlds colliding and sync never worked well with Classic.
Never mind, I tried it just now (only 2 photos) and they synced perfectly to CC online and to Classic.
Hi Joseph, if, after all that, you want to keep them in your desktop and no longer sync them with your Lightroom mobile...?
Nope. Sync is on or off. It’s not selective. This is the future… all images, everywhere. Embrace it (and be prepared to pay for cloud storage!)

This was very helpful. Now to see what has/hasn’t changed since you recorded this and how I might put to use if I able to add Lr while using iOS 14.3 on my iPhone 7+ and using Photos 3.0 with 2017 macbook Pro running High Sierra! 

Susan S

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