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LUMIX GH5 2.3, GH5S & G9 1.1 Firmware Update May 30, 2018 ▶︎ Autofocus & Shutter Angle

Photo Moment - May 30, 2018

Panasonic has released a significant firmware 2.3 update for the LUMIX GH5, GH5S and G9 cameras. The update is packed full of goodies, most notably the Autofocus shutter angle fix. Let's see what's new!

01:18 — Where to get the update
03:28 — How to update your camera
05:06 — Improvements of AF Performance
08:31 — Improvement of Body I.S.
09:37 — Improvement of Sound Recording
10:42 — Improvement of High Resolution mode
12:28 — L. Monochrome D and Grain Effect
17:53 — Focus Ring lock
20:18 — WB/ISO/Exposure button adjustment
22:15 — Dial in Operation Lock Settings
24:23 — Live View Boost (for extreme low light)
25:11 — Night Mode
26:39 — 20x Enlarged view in MF Assist
27:27 — Power/Wireless Indicator on/off
28:50 — V-Log, 709 Photo Style
31:32 — LUT Display in playback
33:04 — More controls assigned to Fn buttons
34:12 — Vector Scope displayed during WB adjust
34:47 — RAW Processing of Burst shots
35:41 — Restarting from Sleep in Wireless modes
36:26 — 1/4 Battery indicator
36:49 — Windows 10 Garbled folder name fix

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Comments from YouTube

I downloaded the GH5 V24.BIN file, put it on the formatted SD CARD then into the camera, hit play, i keep getting a message that comes up and says NO VALID PICTURE TO PLAY"....been trying to get this updated for hours GRRRRRR ! tHOUGHTS ?
Hello Joseph, I wanted to check if you have faced the following issues on your GH5. I recently updated the firmaware 2.3 and it's all was working fine untill about a week ago where my wifi teethering stop working. What's not working is connecting phone app directly to GH5. The issue is that I am not able to see the wifi hotspot signal from camera. I tried all phones didn't work. But I am able to connect the app to camera via home wifi router, where I connect the camera and phone both to my home wifi. Can you tell me what could be the issue.
I did experience the distortion with the leica 8-18mm on the GH5. Haven't updated, but ill test it out with the new update
I understand the 8-18mm pana is rectilinear, so it's not quite about the straight lines, but it's a sound-wave like distortion.
PhotoJoseph  On the panasonic update section, they described it as a "peripheral distortion". It happens when I record as I walk.
hi joseph great channel and so imformative can you make an updated download of your settings 2.3 , have just received my gh5 with olympus 12-40 , thanks in advance if possible
ill hold that to you joseph , i will be watching with bated breath keep up the good work , best channel about the gh5
As always, thank you o much for the help!
You are my hero! Thanks for this video. Helpful.
After further effort & research, I think I am stumped. My card slot #1 broke (the card won't depress in all the way and latch in place) soon after getting the GH5 and I've never taken it in since I didn't want to be without the camera - I just used card slot 2. It seems I can't get the firmware update until I fix card slot #1. Any insight or info I'm missing?
PhotoJoseph no worries! It's time to send it in and get the card slot fixed. Long overdue.
My god.. I dont know what to do.When i try to get the firmware file from pc to the sd card in gh5s it says the disk is write protected,Even tho physically Its unlocked and i can format the disk during camera use.
you're a champion ... thanks for making this!
I noticed you need to have a full battery, even if powered by USB.
I then noticed that you mentioned it too ;) however, it didn't say it needed to charge or anything, it just said there was nothing to display. I found that you needed to charge fully in the instructions. I shouldn't complain about the update, but it would be nice with better error messages..
Also did you try the in-body mic on the G9 before the firmware update, in the video about the mic comparison you used the GH4, but the in-body mic on the G9 pre-update was horrible. Unless you were recording at a high sound level it picked up mainly internal noise from within the camera, at least for me.
Edit: I didn't even know internal noise was a thing, but put your head to a working G9 in a silent room. It really shows why they need an extra mic for noise cancelling, which it seems they calibrated in the FW update.
Hi, what do you mean, at the end of the update sequence, by saying push play? Where is that? I’m having trouble updating my GX9 and lens. Will you please show an image of where exactly where the “root folder” is. Doing as you explain doesn’t work for me or mirror the LUMIX web site instructions. THANKS.
Thank you for the great tips! You are a GH5 Nobleman!
Hi Joseph - enjoy your videos any rumours about an firmware update for the G85? To improve the focus similar to the GH5
@photojoseph The new firmware also enables Olympus lenses with FN buttons to be programmed!!! Big win
I have tried updating my gh5 3 times now but body firmware stays at 2.0, I even tried unpacking it and putting in the 'GH5__V23.bin.cpgz' there instead but Nada?
Could this be because I have V-log in the camera?
Hi, I've got this issue since updating 2.3. Cam works fine but I'm experiencing a yellow big mark the ni power off the camera. Don't know how to fix this big yellow mark when powering off. Contacted Panasonic but no reaction yet and didn't find any solution on the web... Do you have any experience with this?
Did you get your update file from somewhere other than the Panasonic site? When did you update?
PhotoJoseph I updated it straight from the panasnic website. I updated last week. Asked panasonic and they said i’m in “Service Mode” but no clear answer how to fix it... I should send it to country where it was produced to repair they said... Do you have experience with the yellow mark?
Yeah, but only ever when it was using beta firmware. So it’s super weird that you’re in that mode. They are correct; you’re in a service mode. Have you tried doing a full camera reset?
Hey! What about my lowly GX85? I feel so left out.
I'll check that! Thank you.
Hi, could you please ask Panasonic to put a 100/120fps video update into the G9, I think the lower frame rate would generate a better video and the slower rate looks better for B-roll effect, thanks for you excellent channel, I am learning a lot about the MFT platform!
Thanks! You have what now, 150 and 180, right? You don’t have the precise control like on the GH5 because that’s a pretty specific video feature and the G9 is designed as a stills-first camera.
Thanks for the reply, I guess the point was, say like us you are a small business not related to video or photography and you need to be on social media for marketing, but want a higher production value than smartphone portrait video. You want to be able to do stills and video straight out of the camera with minimal processing time because you have your business to run, but can't afford a A7III with lenses, 1DX Mk II Canon or the GH5. To me the G9 would be a good choice, but the slow motion according to YT reviewers is fair and 120FPS looks better, slowing the rate down in a firmware patch would allow a slower shutter and better quality image, given the processor speed of this camera it might be conceivable to get auto focus at 100FPS ( my lumix TZ110 does this rate and I love that camera but no mic input or 4k stabilization ). Perfect small business social media platform sensor.
If you haven’t yet, try it at 150 and see what you think. Don’t rely on YouTube videos too much.
Great video i just bought the gh5 having a lot of trouble with custom white balance in the creative movie mode. cant change it to custom white balance at all. i only can change it in C1-C3 Mode. please help some body
Which “custom”… the K setting where you dial in the temp in degrees Kelvin, or the ones where you take a photo of something neutral and balance from that? More info please. Also tell me what you mean by “can’t”. The option is greyed our? Missing? You set it but it pops back? Also, since you’re new to GH5, do you have my training?
Hello Photojoseph thanks again. its very hard to explain the problem so i made a short video clip
Thank you for table of contents and the video
thanks for the review, great video.
Hey Joseph, Does the 'grain effect' for the BW show in in RAW files? It seems like that would be better 'baked in' into the files for post processing.
I'm a little bit disappointed that I saw you hadn't paired any iPhone / iPad to your Lumix, so you never used its Image app. seriously. The app is great (for younger digital-native generations., though I'm 50's and use it very often.)
From my experience and observation of Image app "bugs" and some immature UI/features, I feel there should be very few feedback to Panasonic about Image app. and coincidentally I found an example.
(but to review any software is another thing from reviewing a camera. need some expertise as same as camera reviewers)
36min00sec, it seems GH5 (no red ring). anyway, it's OK. Just wanted to know what the heck its accelarated feature is. I can't understand what it is (by trying it with me) or can't find any difference. (like your "night mode" experiences)
haha the zhongyi speedmaster, I went with the SLRMAGIC t.095 for low light
sir i have a question
i have to update 1 by 1 version or i can upgrade straigh from first version to last version ?
thank you sir
From any version to latest version. That question was asked in the Q&A video actually.
thank you for answer :D
can you use the graln without the black and whlte and use lt ln normal color ?
no update for my beastly t3i hehe
Btw, I am a Panasonic, Canon, SONY, Nikon user, and the others do NOT update as frequently, nor as liberally as Panasonic. However, I hear FujiFilm is very good about updates.
PhotoJoseph — you are such a great teacher. You deliver with tremendous clarity, carefully considered word choice, and you really work so hard to make all of the material clear to the widest possible range of users. I helped Apple, Dale Carnegy Xerox and many other companies improve such factors within their companies and delivered materials, and I know how difficult it is to do what you do so well and how unique your skill set is. I assume you improved over time, but you come across as having it as a natural set of abilities. Thanks for all the great information.
What update do they have for gh4?
Is the g9 4k?
I would also add when updating to put the file in the root directory of the card. Also you must put the card in slot one. It won't work in slot two, at least the way mine is configured to record videos to slot one and stills to slot two.
Do you or anyone else know if there's an update for the 15mm leica lens? The AF is not so good even with the update.
The 15 and 25 Summilux lenses don't have updates as the have no stabilization.
My 15 doesn't have an autofocus problem so if yours does I'd send it in. That said every lens on my GH5 had an autofocus problem in still photos until the 2.3 update. Now it works as it should have when I bought it.
If these V-Log JPEGs were 10 bit, that would be awesome.
Dump them into DR and do exactly the same colorgrading...
I am bummed Panasonic does not fix the record light! - Can we please start a petition to have the "Red Record Light" STAY SOLID instead of blinking on screen? How many times do we look down at the in between moment and panic. Please panasonic -adopt industry pro solid red light on screen or give us the option.
How do we get a major ask campaign going!
PhotoJoseph seems to have their ear... It's hard to believe they didn't fix this yet.
Red solid SD card icon and counting while recording is not enough?
Sebol DSG - camera is always in a cage and it’s on a rig of some sort- in a multi cam shoot - I’m not sitting with it 2 inches from my face - I need to see from a distance - not trying to catch a blinking light at the right time.:-)
No, it's not, especially the counting. If the counting is NOT there (not recording) it's not something you may pick up on if you believe you ARE recording.
@photoJoseph I am guessing others have probably posted this. It is my experience that Nikon you are lucky to get an update at all and these are almost always just to fix bugs at least for this DSLR bodies (I don't know for certain about their mirrorless and point and shoot models). I am guessing the same seems to be for Canon except they would seem to allow custom firmware like Majic Lantern which would seem to be able to add features. I have no interest in Sony but I can't say that I have heard that they offer any more updates than Canon and Nikon. I know for sure both Fuji and Olympus would seem to offer a similar level of support for older cameras and have added features. Both have updated some bodies software to 4.0 or more and for possibly even older models than Panasonic does.
The file naming SUCKS, Why would they insist of having MY FILE NAMING have P at the the beginning and only 3 letters?
That that p at the beginning is seriously annoying for windows file search. REMOVE IT PANASONIC!
Something that frustrates me a ton with my GH5 is that I can't toggle the waveform monitor while recording. I've assigned it to a direction button on the rear dial... do you know of any workarounds for this? (I feel that for the sake of anyone else reading this comment I should mention that overall I LOVE my GH5... to be clear. haha)
really detailed info. love it as the g9 is my main workhorse! keep that up.
Fuji has what I think more often updates for their cameras... but still thumbs up for both Fuji and Panasonic!
@photojoseph Great video. Just watched your training on the GH5 too.
Hope you can clarify a point.
In Creative Video mode, my understanding was that the AFS/AFC/M focus lever only functions for turning off Autofocus (M). The AFS/AFC selector only works in stills mode. The important function for video Autofocus in video is to turn on "Continuous AF" in the Video menu. True?
Do you think they will ever correct the image display on camera that when shot in raw (only) that you can zoom in and pixel peep for nailed focus let's say on the eye or anything with high detail and not appear to be in focus on the camera LCD screen? I have found when shooting in jpeg you can zoom in all the way and check focus zoomed way in, this is not the case when you shoot in RAW. I have been told this is known and may be corrected with a firm ware update. All my Lumix cameras basically can't confirm focus 100% when shooting in raw only in camera unless you shoot both raw and jpeg. I have found when using Lightroom on all these raw photos that the focus is in dead tac sharp, just not in camera playback? Your thoughts? I'm guessing it has to do with the camera compression and how it generates an image when shooting raw only compressed on the back of the camera.....
So the reason is happens is that the embedded JPEG in the RAW file is not full resolution. When you view on the back of the camera, you’re looking st the embedded JPEG — not the RAW file (this is why if you shoot B&W in RAW, you’ll see B&W when previewing the photo in the camera, but not when you view it in Lightroom/whatever). I would think they could update to include full size JPEG and I know I’ve brought this up before. I’ll do it again. I agree this should be changed.
Also — a workaround is to shoot RAW+JPEG. Then you preview the JPEG when you hit play which is full resolution.
Thank you for the follow up I appreciate it! I love the camera and its overall functions but this issue and that there are no copyright entry’s for the camera system as others camera systems allow would be my only two changes....
I'll have to update straight away and test it out!. The distortion on the 7-14 was terrible. So much that i had to stop using it for certain jobs.
Interesting! Thanks for letting me know and please do report back once you’ve tested.
Yes, Fujifilm updates regulary. Adding new features too 3 and 4 yrar ord cameras
Hey Joseph Panasonic expert, after days of tries and research I am desperate to find an answer to that simple albeit mysterious issue that I face with my GH5 when using an external monitor out from the hdmi output:
the AF lock back button that I used to both focus and lock the focus in one click without a monitor doesn't focus anymore as soon as I use an external monitor.
It then just lock the focus that I now have to do using the "classic" front trigger button of the camera.

Any hint on why it happens ? and/or how to solve that ?

Thanks loads
It was already like that before 2.3 update. No mention about that nowhere, nor in the manual. I would really like to see it written to be sure it's the technical limitation or something before giving up. I am slightly frustrated with that ahah
Nobody is doing what your doing and it being done live is impressive.
completely right, he is unique and impressive for that
Thanks folks!!
ask them to allow manual focus assist while recording
Ariel Pereira Quintela this is the only thing I want from an update!
I think shotting stills with vlog its good for matching time lapses to other footage shot on video
Hey Joseph, it was great meeting you at NAB. I told you ... I am a big fan of your detailed educational videos. Saves me from hours of jumpin' around on YT gettin' bits n pieces & still be lost. U serve the whole meal w/ desert. Good work Homie!!!
Hey, PhotoJoseph, this update could also be applied to the G85/G80 and the GX85/GX80 since the "shutter angle fix" also works with them. I am quite sad that Panasonic is not doing a firmware update for the low level cameras as well (G85 and GX85). Can you please ping them to do so since you at least can contact them directly? Thanks!
I second that! Unfortunately, these camera companies rarely make updates for consumer/prosumer cameras, unless something is literally broken.
PhotoJoseph Not really. If you shoot all manual and you do the shutter hack math it works exactly like in the GH5, but, if you shoot on any kind of “auto” mode (aperture or full auto) the camera does have the AF bug and it is super slow. When I was moving from Canon I was between Fuji and Panasonic exactly because they were famous to do frequent firmware updates, but, I am quite disappointed that Panasonic is doing it just for their flagships. Fuji is far better on that regard, but, I am already super invested in m4/3 glass... :(
D No, it isn’t because it is far bigger, heavier and double the price. The G85 could be a perfect “small youtuber / vlogging” camera, Panasonic just need to improve it’s AF...
That is a very dumb and condescending comment.

I am just suggesting an improvement to Panasonic using PhotoJoseph as a potential contact. They can or cannot hear my suggestion, I have no control over it. And I still love my G85/GX85 for video and traveling. And I have money for a GH5, so, I didn't bought one just because it's size and weight don't fit my needs.

I am basically complaining that Panasonic can, obviously, improve their cameras with firmware updates and it is doing it brilliantly with the main flagships, but, it is sad that they are not paying the same attention to their mid/entry level cameras (where the MAJORITY of their customer base is, actually). My suggestion is simple: you don't need to include a billion features on the G85 and compete with your flagships (even if Fuji does that... well... anyway), but, you can at least get major fixes, like all AF improvements, and implement them on the other bodies. That will just increase customer happiness and fidelity by a LARGE margin (just look at all Fuji customers, it is called brand loyalty 101).
What are you excited for the most in this update? What are you going to play with first? FULL TABLE OF CONTENTS IN DESCRIPTION!!

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