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LUMIX GH5 or LUMIX G9? ► Which One is Better?! Well… It Depends

Photo Moment - January 24, 2018

So you bought a GH5 and now the G9 is out, and you're wondering if you should trade in / upgrade. If you're a serious stills shooter, it's a serious question to consider. Or you're now in the market, and trying to decide which to get. GH5 vs G9? There's a lot to compare. Let's discuss!

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If you're looking for a new camera, which one are you going to get? GH5 or G9? Are anyof you GH5 owners going to ditch it for the G9?

@13en’s_stills g9 doesn't have vlog. I can't shoot anything but log
PhotoJoseph honestly after thinking about it another G9 fulfills my needs as a B cam and gives me the added benefit of expanded photo options. I could use it to capture short clips from different perspectives (and photographs) while my GH5 has the main locked off shot. Also cine D and V provides enough financial range for most videos so Log isn’t essential and if it is I have my GH5. Lastly the added photographic capability gives me access to a killer sports, wildlife, and still life camera so honestly it’s the best option.
@13en’s_stills D & V has no comparison to vLog.
Swapnil Bhartiya true but I personally wouldn’t need log for most kinds of shooting I do but in the event I do I have my GH5
PhotoJoseph thanks for the help look forward to picking one up
"If you don't know what it is... You DON'T need it!" I needed to hear that! I know which camera to invest in! G9! Thanks!
haha right on! And you're welcome ;-)
Im save same money tô buy the gh5, i already have the 6D for photos, um thinking maybe on a7iii too,but the gh5 have nice reviews on yt saying the gh5 is better... I dont know what to do 🙈
The GH5 wins in almost every category except autofocus. Depends on what matters most to you! I use all GH5 and GH5S in my productions, from youtube to commercial work, and love them all
do the sound from music louder and your voice more silent..this would help
Hi PhotoJoe, How do I record video on the G9 with date time stamp without the black background behind the date stamp, perplexed. I do depositions and it's a cleaner requirement.
I’m sure you asked this somewhere else and I answered you there bro
@PhotoJoseph , So sorry Joe, but I will dig for it, been snowed in New Jersey, just got back home, i'll check. next thing is your morning live on Youtube or your website?
The show will be back on YouTube this month as soon as my ban is lifted.
I need a new camera that will provide great video quality for capturing a fast-paced Christmas light show and also for vlogging. I'm concerned about the autofocus issues with the GH5 not being able to capture Christmas lights clearly. Any thoughts by chance?
Yeah when deciding between the two - take it from me, a guy who produces 90 minute feature length nature/hiking/backpacking/camping style documentaries - I can't think of one single time I pulled a 4K clip that was longer than about 4 minutes off my camera. And that was after me doing about 6 narration takes in one shot. I can think of very few use cases where a 10 minute video recording limit becomes significant.
all this number are bullshit .. GH5 and G9 are same for photography in the reality ...
I really want to watch your videos. I'm a GH5S user and FCPX user, but THEY ARE SO LONG!!! Holy crap you need to listen to "how to make videos that don't suck". SO much rambling. 30 minute video what should be 10 minutes. I just can't get over how terribly long and boring your videos are. Good info, but it takes 3 times as long to get it out.
Hi, owned the Lumix G 9 for 2 weeks now.Happy so far exept its not possible to use flash in any burst mode. Only tried with Rotolight Aeos, but Panasonic Norway confirmes it is not possible with any flash! Tried with both sync cable and Godox x1 trigger. Very dissapointing for me. Is there any way around this?
Thank you for video, I would like to buy G9? Is still good buy for videos today in this price point?
Better than ever considering the price!
Can you do a G9 vs G95 comparism
I don’t actually have a G95 I’m afraid. Looks like there are a few already on YouTube… just search “lumix g9 vs g95”. Sorry!
And what about zooming either of these cameras while recording video when compared with the FZ2500 which has a motorized zoom with 2 speeds?
In my experience it is not at all easy to zoom using the zoom ring manually and not get some jittery movement as you try to zoom in or out.
However, when I owned the FZ2500 it was very easy.
What video mixer software you use to do your Channel -- nice show - GH newbie going with the 9 thanks
No vLog, 30 mins limit makes it a bad camera for vidoe.
No V-Log makes it the wrong choice for professional filmmakers who want to do professional grading, and the 30 minute limit makes it the wrong choice for people shooting long form video (like plays, or long interviews). The G9 however is a stellar camera for video the the vast majority of users.
@PhotoJoseph I bought it and then sent it back. It is a photography camera and not a 'hybrid' like GH5. I mostly shoot interviews that last 15-20 mins unless I am interviewing someone like Linus Torvalds that could be over 50 minutes. So it's not useful for me. Even for home users, they can't record whole 15 + minutes long birthday parties. What I mean to say is that it is not a video camera. It "can" record video but one should not buy it for videos GH5 is a better choice. I am looking for my 3rd camera (for multi-angle shots). I have Sony a73, but white balance/color science of Sony and Panasonic is very different. So, I am planning to get another GH5. I already have gh5s that covers any extar slow motion of low light shots. I considered G9, but it didn't meet any requirements.
Fair enough!
hi Joseph do the image of GH5 identical with the G9?? I have a GH5 and planning to buy G9 for stills but I just want to know if the image of both has a difference or they are the same.Thanks
that begging annoying patreon advert gets you a THUMBS DOWN !
Hack the G9 with unlimited 4k 60 and the G9 is unstoppable! You do see the low light limitation for photos but whatever. It's not horrible. AF isnt Sony level but its damn good.
For now, G95 came out. Then which one will you pick?
G95 is not in the same league as GH5 or G9.
GH5 450M/s. vs G9 150M/s 😂
A year ago, I couldn't decide between the GH5 and GH5S, so I took the shortcomings (low light and stabilization) of both in the GH4 instead and used the money on a Zhiyun gimbal as well as an Epiphan streaming box, not realizing that I wouldn't be able to use the gimbal with any cables tugging on the camera.

Now, I'm at the point where I'm tempted to get a second camera body and find myself missing the stabilization more than the low light. The photo features of the G9 are quite tempting for product photography, but the video features of the GH5 are also quite tempting for recording events or if I ever want to get back into making a short film or colour grading. I don't have an Atomos recorder, but the GH4 can output 10-bit if I did, which would presumably be handy to match with the GH5.

With 2 Oly (12-40 2.8 and 60 2.8) and 1 Panasonic (14-140 3.5-5.6) native lenses as well as a pair of 1st party DMW-BLF19 batteries, I'm pretty settled on sticking with the M43 system for now. I still just can't quite decide between these 2.
You can’t go wrong with the GH5. Still a flagship, still great for both stills and video. I shot all my stills in India this year on it. You won’t be disappointed if you buy one. And you can probably get a used one if finances are a concern.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for the reply. After a shower, I found myself leaning that way. Right now, both cameras are on sale for 30% off SRP, the lowest ever, likely due to the G95 as much as anything. At first I saw the G9 at 30% while the GH5 was only 25% off, which tilted me towards it more, but finding the GH5 elsewhere for 30% off made me rethink that reasoning.

For some time I was thinking that the high res mode would be a big part of what I'd want IBIS for, but the situations where it would be necessary or even viable (outside of product shots, but even then the final result would be for much lower res platforms) would be quite limited. 6k video, All Intra high bitrate codecs, and unlimited recording are pretty nice features to have.
I own m5 ii an m1.1. I think I want g9 does that make sense.
Sounds good to me!
Gh5 seems like the camera for me. (Video)
Thank you for a most informative video.
Wished there was no recording limit on my G9.
Just bought a G9. I would not worry about the time record limit. Most of us aren’t taking that long of shots right? Most my clips are 1-3 or 4 minutes anyways. 😊
I'm gonna get a camera for real state video, would you recommend the gh5, gh5s or the g9 would be enough?
The G9 would be plenty but if you really want the best, do the GH5S with a gimbal. Best low light performance for those low light homes.
@PhotoJoseph thank you sir , really helpful I guess I'll go for the gh5s with the panasonic 12-60 or maybe the olympus 12-40
Oscar Velazquez sweet! Please use my affiliate links… helps keep me in business :-)
@PhotoJoseph count on it sir!! 12-40 would be ... any link on that one?
Thanks man! Just use any link above to get to the camera; if you then search for the lens I’ll get credit for that too. Really appreciate it!!
I have the g7 and gh4. looking at the gh5 or the g9. I shoot mostly photo but starting with video. What advice would you give
I love my G9. I also use it for portraits and product shots. I shoot sports for fun. I will probably get the blackmagic pocket cam for doing more video jobs. Love blackmagic raw.
My G9 has all the frame rates. Not restricted to PAL or NTSC
.. it looks like the GH5 does not crop when shooting in 4K ... ... but what about the G9 ... ?
you can mod the G9 to film 4k 60p longer than 10min. the G9 is also a honking heat sink
Mecharsis how can you mod it?
@Yan Vostrikov there's a vid somewhere in youtube
G9 but the new GH5s looks awesome though.
I just wanted to comment to say that I 100% agree on the 10 minute record limit. That is a LONG time, even for an interview. For events, sure. But that is when you grab a camera that can shoot longer. But even then, people have shot weddings with the Canon DSLRs and those had limits too, so there is always a workaround.
which is better in low light conditions? Does G9 record FullHD in more than 60fps?
G9 does 1080p180 but only in automatic mode -- that is fully explained in this video. Low light they are probably equal.
You’re a great presenter Joseph, 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Is there a way to come close to matching the gh5’s vlog profile with the G9?
No. Log is more than a look. You could make it as flat as possible by choosing Natural and reducing contrast and sharpening but that's about it.
i am sleeping , bored
I’m still torn. I should go with G9, but I like the idea of variable frame rate on the GH5, but I don’t know how much I would really use that. Is just having 180 with less control okay?

Also, I think the GH5 has I.S. lock which appeals to me, but again, not sure what a difference this makes.
Variable is definitely useful but I shot almost all video with the G9 on my last trip, including a lot of slow motion, and I was perfectly happy shooting 180fps all the time. Not having manual control is more of a bummer but again I managed fine.
PhotoJoseph - this is just what I needed to know, because the G9 really seems like the best fit for me otherwise.
Mr PhotoJoseph! Thank you - is nice! One question - can I make an ultra-def megagigapixel time lapse using that wondrous sounding feature?
If so, then can I do it using a built-in intervalometer (there is one, right?) or, if not, can I attach an external one using that old headphone type of jack?
Hm, I’m pretty sure you would have to do it externally but I have to ask — why? Time lapse = video. What would you do with an 80MP video? Standard resolution for stills is 5184 x 3888. Ultra HD (4K video) is 3840 x 2160, so well under that. Unless you need to do 8K video (7680 × 4320) there isn’t much point to doing huge time lapse video. Am I missing something?
Thanks for the video, very helpful. I’ve had a G7 for a very long time and wanted to upgrade, so after watching many videos and this very helpful video I decided to upgrade to the GH5. Managed to catch a good deal on Black Friday and I’m currently digging into the camera and tested out all the features.
PhotoJoseph One question though. I was wondering what you use to transcode the 10 bit and hire formats. I see that you are a Mac user as am I and did Final Cut have this feature built in or do I have to be searching for a plug-in to do the conversion? I am currently still on the iMovie but plan on upgrading to Final Cut within the month.
PhotoJoseph are you able to preview the 10 bit footage in finder?
How much did you get the GH5 for?
Thanks! This was super informative. For commercial video, you definitely don't need more than 10 minutes. For weddings (although I usually shoot at 24p for ceremonies) the 10 minute record limit would be a dealbreaker. Thankfully for me, I'm so happy with my GH5 I don't see a big need to grab a G9. I'd rather grab a couple more GH5 or GH5s bodies and use the GH5 for stills as well as video. That's just me though.
I'm into all the tech, I love it but, can only afford maybe the FZ2500. Are there any MFT cams comparable it?
so you can't make photo on GH5 as a RAW or JPEG ?
@PhotoJoseph I have read on different website that it is not possible, that's why I ask
@PhotoJoseph I'm looking for a camera that records 4k 60 fps for wedding and travel and event for example and also good photography, I doubt between GH5 and Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II. if you have better option, I would like to hear it.

I first wanted to buy sony a6500 but it gets overheated, so I do not buy it.
Good compared. Thx a lot.
Great to meet you at Vidsummit! Thanks for providing value :D been looking at both for options!
Neither one will steer you wrong. I’m still trying to decide which to take to India!
what about the gx8 over the g9 interms of image quality and low light?
G9 has a newer processor and more advanced sensor, so the G9 should win, but it’d be close. The GX8 is a very good camera.
I have the gx8 so i'm debating if I should upgrade thanks!
I want to mainly make video. But sometimes photo aswell

I have no camera right now (Sold my CANON EOS 700D)

G85, G9 or GH5?

And I want to someday make some money with it ;-)
You gotta watch this video and make your own decision… I can’t answer that for you my friend! It comes down to what YOU need more.
Great this video showed me the total breakdown of the G9 . I may be in the G 9 shortly. Thanks.
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