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LUMIX S1, S1R, GH5, GH5S, G9 November 2019 Firmware Updates

Photo Moment - November 06, 2019

Five top LUMIX cameras are getting updates this month, including the full-frame LUMIX S1 and S1R, plus the micro four thirds GH5, GH5S and G9. Watch the video above for a breakdown of what these updates mean, and scroll to the bottom for a GH5 vs G9 comparison!

UPDATE: These updates have been released! Here's the “how to install” video:

Panasonic Releases Firmware Update Programs for the LUMIX S1R, S1, GH5, GH5S and G9

Panasonic has announced that the company will release firmware update programs for the LUMIX Digital Single Lens Mirrorless cameras S1R / S1 (S Series), GH5 / GH5S / G9 (G Series) and application software to enhance functions and usability. All programs will be available at the LUMIX Global Customer Support website on 19 November, 2019. 

The cameras and major programs to be updated are as follows.

If you don't already own one of these cameras, here are links to all of 'em!

LUMIX S1 ($2,498)
LUMIX S1R ($3,698)
LUMIX GH5 ($1,998 $1,398 on Nov 6, 2019)
LUMIX GH5S ($2,498 $1,998 on Nov 6, 2019)
LUMIX G9 ($1,498 $1,198 on Nov 6, 2019)
SFU1 V-Log Update for GH4, GH5, FZ2500 and G9 ($97)

LUMIX Full-frame Mirrorless Camera
S1R Firmware Version 1.3 / S1 Firmware Version 1.3

  1. Expanded media compatibility S1 & S1R
    • CFexpress Type B card can be used. A CFexpress Type B card boasts a theoretical performance of a maximum of 2,000 Mbps. Realizing an approximately 300% higher transfer speed than that of a conventional XQD card, it supports large-volume photos and videos. 
  2. Expanded compatibility with Profoto wireless transmitters S1 & S1R
    • Profoto wireless transmitters “Air Remote TTL-O/P” and “Profoto Connect-O/P” can be used, enabling wireless connection and control of external strobes for professional shooting. All functions may not be available depending on the situation.
  3. Improved compatibility with Sigma interchangeable lenses and mount converter S1 & S1R
    • It is possible to assign functions to the Fn buttons of Sigma L-Mount interchangeable lenses.
    • The performance of Body I.S. (Image Stabilizer) when attaching a lens using the Sigma MC-21 mount converter has been enhanced. It suppresses roll movement.
  4. Improved compatibility with Panasonic interchangeable lenses S1 & S1R
    • It is possible to assign functions to the lens Fn buttons when the Panasonic LUMIX S PRO 70-200mm F2.8 O.I.S. (S-E70200) is mounted.
  5. Improved AF performance S1 & S1R
    • [AF+MF] can be used in AFC mode.
    • It is possible to set continuous AF on the live view screen in Creative Video mode or in other video recording modes when the video recording area is displayed.
  6. Improved performance of High-Speed Video S1 & S1R
    • It is possible to manually set the exposure according to the video exposure mode (P/A/S/M) in High- Speed Video mode.
  7. Other major improvements*
    • S1 & S1R
      • It is possible to select the card slot to save the JPEG images developed by in-camera RAW processing.
      • An Fn button can be used for checking the aperture effect while the button is pressed. 
      • Disabling any physical operation can be assigned to an Fn button.
      • AF Assist Light has been added to the Focus tab of the Video menu.
      • The luminance level of photos (including 6K/4K Photo and Post Focus images) can be set when playing back them over HDMI output.
      • AE can be locked with the [AF/AE LOCK] button when ISO Auto is set in M mode.
    • S1 
      • There were cases where a blue clipping effect occurred in V-Log recording. This problem has been improved.
      • (S1) There were cases where afterimages occurred in V-Log recording. This problem has been improved.

*For more details of the update program, please refer to the firmware update information page of each model to be available on November 19, 2019.

LUMIX Micro Four Thirds Mirrorless Camera
GH5 Firmware Version 2.6 / GH5S Firmware Version 1.4 / G9 Firmware Version 2.0

  1. Expanded compatibility with Profoto wireless transmitters GH5 GH5S G9
    • Profoto wireless transmitters “Air Remote TTL-O/P” and “Profoto Connect-O/P” can be used. All functions may not be available depending on the situation.
  2. Improved AF performance
    • GH5S & G9
      • [Animal Detect.] has been added to AF mode. Utilizing Advanced AI Technology, animals, including canidae, felidae and birds, can be detected in addition to humans. The focus frame is automatically set on the target subject by analyzing the size and position of the target subject in the viewing image. The camera keeps tracking these subjects even when they turn their back to the camera.
      • It is possible to switch the subject to focus on by pressing the joystick in [Face/Eye/Body/Animal Detect.] mode. 
    • GH5 & GH5S & G9
      • [AF-ON: Near Shift] and [AF-ON: Far Shift] functions have been added. [AF-ON: Near Shift] preferably focuses on a subject nearby while [AF-ON: Far Shift] preferably focuses on a subject far away. 
      • A Focus Peaking function is available not only in MF mode but also in any AF mode. 
      • It is possible to set continuous AF on the live view screen in Creative Video mode or in other video recording modes when the video recording area is displayed.
  3. Enhanced video functions G9
    • 4K 30p/25p 4:2:2 10-bit internal recording is supported.
    • 4K 60p/50p 4:2:2 10-bit HDMI output is supported.
    • Luminance level for 10-bit video is supported.
    • VFR (Variable Frame Rate) shooting is supported (FHD 2-180 fps/4K 2-60 fps).
    • HDR video recording is supported.
    • V-Log L recording and Waveform Monitor (WFM) are available with the Upgrade Software Key DMW-SFU1(sold separately).
  4. Other major improvements*
    • GH5 & GH5S & G9
      • [AWBw] has been added to WB mode.
      • [Highlight Weighted] has been added to [Metering mode].
      • [Exposure Offset Adjust.] has been added to the Custom menu, which enables adjustment of the standard exposure value for all metering modes.
      • [0.5SEC] has been added for an option of [Duration Time (photo)] in [Auto Review].
      • AE can be locked with the [AF/AE LOCK] button when ISO Auto is set in M mode.
      • [MODE1] has been added to the Live View Boost function, which increases the frame rate for smooth image displays to enable easier manual focusing.
    • G9
      • [MODE2] has been added to High Resolution mode, which reduced subject’s motion blur.

*For more details of the update program, please refer to the firmware update information page of each model to be available on November 19, 2019..

LUMIX Sync Version 1.0.4

  1. Wireless connection (operation) with GH5/GH5S/G9 is supported. 

How Do the GH5 and G9 Compare Now?

This is an excellent question, because the G9 does now have a lot of the features and capability that the GH5 does. So, what's missing? Here's a full comparison chart. 

Red denotes the superior feature; green denotes new with current updates

Sensor20.3 MP Live MOS, no low-pass filter
ISO200 – 25,600 (Extended ISO 100)
6K PHOTO18 MP 30fps (HEVC H.265)
WeatherSplash/Dust/Freeze-proof to –10℃ / 14℉
SD CardsDual UHS-II Slots
Battery GripBGGH5BGG9
Status LCDn/aYes!
Viewfinder3,680k-dot OLED, 21mm, 0.76x(35mm equiv.), 60 fps0.83x / 0.77x / 0.70x, 120 fps
LCD3.2ʺ 1,620k-dot RGBW LCD3.2ʺ 1,040k-dot LCD
Dimensions138.5 × 98.1 × 87.4 mm136.9 × 97.3 × 91.6 mm
Weight725g658g (70g / 2.5oz lighter)
Price$1,998.00 ($1,398 on Nov 06, 2019)$1,498.00 ($1,198 on Nov 06, 2019)
High Resolution Photo Moden/a80MP JPEG/RAW 10,368 × 7,776 (synthesized by shifting sensor)
AutofocusAdvanced DFD, approx 0.05sAdvanced DFD, approx 0.04s
Shutter SpeedElectronic shutter 1/16,000Electronic shutter 1/32,000
Burst ShootingAFS 12fps, AFC 9fpsAFS 60fps, AFC 20fps
Dual I.S. 25-axis / 5 stops5-axis / 6.5 stops
4K 60/50p4K 60/50p (4:2:0 8-bit) 150Mbps, Unlimited recording4K 60/50p (4:2:0 8-bit) 150Mbps, (Up to 10 min.)
4K 30/25/24pC4K/4K 30/25/24p (4:2:2 10-bit) All-I 400Mbps, Unlimited recording4K 30/25/24p (4:2:2 10-bit) 150Mbps, (Up to 29 min. 59 sec.)
VFR4K: Max. 60 fps (flexible), FHD: Max. 180 fps (flexible), Manual exposure4K: Max. 60 fps (flexible), FHD: Max. 180 fps (flexible), Manual exposure
HDMI Output4K 60p 4:2:2 10-bit Output4K 60p 4:2:2 10-bit HDMI Output
V-Log L UpgradeYesYes

GH5 Unique Features

  • Unlimited Recording
  • NTSC 59.94Hz / PAL 50.00Hz / Cine 24.00Hz
  • C4K
  • Anamorphic Support
  • Shutter Angle
  • Synchro Scan
  • Master Pedestal
  • Vector Scope
  • Focus Transition 
  • All-Intra Codecs
  • Time Code
  • Color Bars
  • XLR-1 Support
  • HDMI Out Recording Control
  • HDMI Out LUT Display
  • Video Priority Layout

G9 Unique Features

  • Superior Autofocus
  • Higher FPS for still photography
  • Night mode (red display)
  • AF Point Scope function
  • USB Power Supply
  • Dual burst mode presets
  • Fn Lever
  • Improved JPEG color rendering
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Comments from YouTube

I added timestamps for those who want it…
0:45 S Series Updates (S1 & S1R)
5:47 G Series Updates (G9, GH5 & GH5S)
10:46 LUMIX Sync App
10:56 GH5 vs G9
Thanks man, this is awesome content. As a GH5 user I love your channel :)
finally focus peaking in autofocus
Yes, but unfortunately it’s not on all the time like in MF. I’m a little bummed at how it works. It’s not quite what I was hoping for.
i cant afford a new gh5 with the kit lens. is anyone of you has a gh5 in excellent condition and selling it in affordable price? :')
I just noticed an anomaly with setting EC.

If you adjust ec using the top button, while you adjust EC, the brightness changes but you do not see any resulting changes to zebras. This is also the case if you adjust EC using a Fn button.

However, if you set the top back dial or control dial to adjust EC, the zebras will change as you adjust the EC.

How can a request be submitted to Panasonic to have zebras react in all EC adjustment methods? (Or is there some wisdom to this “madness”)
(Anyone reading this who does't know what John means by "EC", he's referring to "Exposure Compensation"). When you use the top +/– button, you are hiding the rest of the on-screen display, including the zebras, while you make changes. Using the other methods you've described, you are NOT hiding the display, and therefore not the zebras. I would recommend if you use it often, to set the rear thumb dial to exposure compensation. That is, for me, the single most used function on any camera!
Is ‘highlight weighted’ a form of spot metering or center weighted with EC to compensate for highlights.

I have always assumed that ‘multiple’ metering was similar to Canon/Nikon, that is it was ‘center weighted’/‘multi’ metering with EC adjusted based on metering at multiple points and adjusted based on a proprietary “magic sauce”.

Since Panasonic called it highlight weighted I am assuming it is a form of weighting. However, the symbol they use adds confusion that it might be ‘spot metering’.
I agree the symbol used is confusing. Honestly I wasn't sure how this worked until I looked it up because you asked ;-) The manual describes Highlight Weighted as a "Method used to perform measuring which focuses on the highlighted parts of the screen to prevent overexposure. This is suitable for theatre photography, etc." So I guess the spot symbols is still largely relevant, meaning that it will adjust the meter for a smaller, brightest part of the scene, regardless of where it is. Like an auto-spot meter, that points the meter at the brightest part of the scene, wherever it may be. Multiple metering is like Canon's, Nikon's etc where it evaluates many parts of the scene at once, and not just averages, but intelligently analyzes the scene to try to determine what is most important.
PhotoJoseph Any chance you could check with Panasonic and clear up this confusion. It would help if we had a better idea what they are doing vs. guessing. I would think they could give some guidance without revealing any proprietary information. Thanks.
Hey John, I got some more info back — my explanation is spot on (pun intended!). It is specifically designed for scenes with bright spots where those bright spots are what matters most, like a theater stage.
Joe, Thanks for the videos. I just bought the Nikon Z50 for shooting videos and vlogging etc. Do you have any experience with that camera? It seems like the GH5 is one of the most popular choices. I am considering taking this camera back and getting that one? I wish all of these cameras had quicker auto focus in real time! Also I just shot a video in 4K and a lot of folks like Casey Neistat say he uploads in 1080p, but why do I always see a 4K selection link in his videos? Does that mean when you upload in 4K Youtube automatically includes all of the resolutions below the 4K format? Thank you, keep up the good work.
I don't have experience with the Z50, no. The GH5 is a very robust camera with a ton of high end features, check it out closely. As to YouTube and 4K, it will downscale whatever you give it, but it will not upscale. So if some of Casey's videos are showing in 4K, then he uploaded in 4K. That doesn't mean he shot 4K; he could have shot 1080p and then uprezzed to 4K, which would be weird, but it's possible. Then YouTube will automatically render lower resolutions. For example this video was shot and uploaded in 4K (2160p), but you can watch it in 1440, 1080, 720, 480, 360, 240 or 144p. (those are all vertical resolutions, by the way)
@PhotoJoseph Awesome, Joe, thanks. I need to learn more about cameras as my videos and editing are pretty lackluster. I've learned a lot about 4K today and I'm pretty much done with it. Even to render 4K at 1080 is useless as YouTube kills it with compression regardless of anything you do in post. I'm sticking with 1080p @ 24fps 👍I need to get off all of the camera "auto" settings, they pretty much kill everything I'm trying to do. I saw a million things adjusting in the video I shot today... it was bad. I havent uploaded for a while so I'm gonna try to edit it for a Monday release. Thanks for your help, Joe. Most guys don't respond. Thanks again 🙏
Yeah I'd definitely start with 1080p. 4K does look better if you're on a a big screen but at least on my channel, half the audience is on phones. (Also, it's Joseph, not Joe, thanks)
@PhotoJoseph roger that. Thanks
cant update firmware 1.4 in my gh5s
No love for the G80/G85? Can you have a word with Panasonic and ask them if they can improve the 28mbps of the 1920x1080 50p and 60p Thanks.
Only the pro cameras get updates like this, sorry.
My slot 1 on GH5 is not working. Can I update from slot 2?
I tried but it says NO VALID PICTURE even though i followed all the right steps till then.
Any solution? Anyone...?
It has to be slot 1. If you go to the bottom of the installation page there’s instructions to do it over USB, however I’m pretty sure you still have to have a card in slot 1. Time to get that slot fixed.
Wow this is such a wealth of information! I'm going to have to update my cameras and come back to continue learning. Thanks for putting this all together in such a great package!
My pleasure, and please do keep coming back!
been looking for a camera upgrade and now i got my eyes on PANASONIC they just make Great Video Cameras! and now i'm stuck on which to buy in the G series since i use a canon for photography and this would be mainly for video
It comes down to if you need the GH5 features. Anamorphic, shutter angle, unlimited recording time, NTSC/PAL switching, true 24.00fps. If not, get the G9!
PhotoJoseph Definitely why i'm looking at this now. Just yesterday we were planning on getting the bmpcc6k but just discovered about panasonic and it's staggering! it's like a cheaper bmpcc6k full setup and it'll cost us about $5000+ in total for a fully equipped bmpcc6k.
Nice! If you decide to get the GH5, be sure to check out my complete training course at as well. Good luck!
And the million dollar question, which camera is the best in video for the money after the update?? GH5 or G9? Asking because I need a reason to not buy a GH5... 😅
GH5 still has features the G9 does not (DCI, Anamorphic, NTSC/PAL switching, true 24.00fps, shutter angle control), but if you don’t need those then the G9 is the way to go.
@PhotoJoseph thank you for your feedback! I have one more question if you don't mind. The G9 has a 10min limit in 4K. That means the video stops every 10min and continues automatically with 10min clips, or you need to press the record button every time it stops?
Than Parm oh yeah, unlimited recording, I left that off!! After 10 minutes at 4k60 the G9 will stop. You can start right away again but if you do that enough times on a hot day it will shut down. The GH5 will run all day in intense heat — search YouTube videos for evidence of that! The G9 records up to 29:29 in other formats before stopping; that’s a tax issue (google it if you’re unfamiliar)
After updating my GH5, I found that the auto focus improved--but now I am getting motion blur in Manual Mode.
Then your shutter speed/angle must have changed
I have been rocking the G9 for several years now for some hybrid photo/video work and was longing for more video features, this will work great, going to update the firmware now! Thanks for sharing!
What are your top tips for GH5 lenses? Think travel.
• 15/1.7
• 25/0.95 speedmaster (if you don’t mind manual focus) or the 25/1.4
• 42.5mm/1.2 if you can afford it or the 42.5/1.7 if not (there is a noticeable difference in sharpness other than the half-stop difference).
Hello Birdman! :D
Thanks for the video. Any chance G85 will get a similar update?
Not likely.
I don't get why the Ultra Resolution Mode for Photos couldn't enter on the GH5 update. Aren't they both micro four-thirds with moving sensors? I wish they added that to the GH5 as well.
Processing technology. The GH5S and G9 are a generation ahead.
I think going forth for most people, the G9 is the better buy over the GH5. Makes me wonder if the G series might take over much of the GH roll and the GH will go back to non stabilized more video focused video machine like the GH5s. So the GH6 will be an upgrade to the GH5s, and the G10 will be an upgrade to the GH5?
I was mentioning on another forum about the high res improvements in relation to motion/moving subjects in the image. This was one response I received " it works by substituting parts from a standard res shot, so if there's lots of movement you basically lose any resolution advantage". Can you advise if this is the case at what stage does "lots" of movement cause the resolution advantage to be lost?
That is correct. If there’s movement (i.e. leaves moving) then the camera can’t piece together parts from multiple exposures because they won’t match / line-up. So instead of having bizarre shadow/glitchy images where things moved, wherever there was motion you’ll have scaled-up pixels. Since it’s handled on a virtually pixel-by-pixel basis, it’s pretty hard to spot. The fewer moving portions of the scene you have, the harder it’d be to notice. If everything is moving… well, then the scene isn’t a candidate for high resolution mode 😉
@PhotoJoseph So the new mode 2 of the high res option still requires a static image to get the most out of the resolution. Thanks for the response 👍
Yes that’s right. If the scene is static (i.e. a studio photo) then just use mode 1. But if there’s any chance of movement, use mode 2. Which is usually going to be the right choice.
Joseph thanks, I have a gh5 for about 2 years and never update it. It’s enough updating with the last version of firmware or do I have to get all the updates to get the whole package. Sorry for my ignorance.
Just one update is needed
Thanks Joseph for your help and great video!
I am using .Mov format now to record with my G9.
Guess what... .MOV is an Apple codec but... Apple Quicktime is nog able to open te files !

OMG, Apple. What has become of you ? Apple is becoming Microsoft !
QuickTime can’t read the 10-bit files. It sucks. You have to open those in an NLE. But question for you — are you on Catalina? I haven’t updated my editing system so I can’t check but I’m hoping they added 10-bit support finally.
@PhotoJoseph Hi !
No, i am not on Catalina yet. Since the latest iOS-13-email-debacle i have not had the courage to update MacOS yet.
For quick playback i am using VLC which i highly recommend because it plays back anything you throw at it.
Fortunately FCPX plays it without any hiccups. So i am using VLC to determine which clips are worth importing into FCPX and after importing you are good to go and edit away.
powermichiel I tweeted the question… let’s see what people say:
GH5: HIghlight-weighted metering is a great addition ! Very useful.
Thank you for the detailed update! I don't think there's anything in this update that really helps the GH5, for how I use it at least, but it's good to know Panasonic still cares!
The firmware updates are so good, I forgive the PITA process to activate V-Log L and waveform.
haha glad to hear that!
The most comprehensive, informative and easy to follow video on this subject I've found. Thanks, I now get it ... well at least I'm facing the right direction! Thanks from a grateful G9 user.
My pleasure!
So now I'm very confused Friday I'm buying the the new camera what advise me Gh5 or G9 ? I like take photos and make videos . In Italy Gh5 it's 1250 euro with kit lens and G9 1100 with kit lens... I'm your opinion what's the best in this moment :)
Can you do a video for the s1 update as of 19/11/2019
That’s what this is. I’m making one now on how to install though if that’s what you mean.
Fantastik Firmwares G9, Thanks Panasonic The BEST !
Also, what is considered the best Atomos external recorder for the GH5 now?
Again, no “best”; they have different features you may or may not need. Personally I’d go for the V right now.
Hey Joseph, assuming you’re working on new videos covering using the updated features of these cameras. Could you please cover using the G9’s additional VFR functions as I’m struggling to access them as they’re greyed out in the menu. Can’t seem to find any info on what I need to do to make that menu available.

Make sure you’re in MOV mode then chose mode a format that lists “VFR available”
Is it still recommended that you turn focus to manual on the GH5, then use the rear focus (AE lock) button to focus in on your subject, checking the focus peaking, before recording?
There is no best. Just whatever works for the situation
@PhotoJoseph Understood. But from your Lynda/LinkedIn learning video it seemed like the process I posted above was the best way to stop the hunting issues on relatively stationary subjects.
WTF ! Used Firefox to try it again. It's there ! WTF, Apple Safari ?!?!?!
Cache issue then. Glad you found it!
Nice but... It's the 20th now and it is still not available. Tried yesterday as well. Something wrong with the update ?
Excellent updates. Panasonic is doing a great job.
G9 got a loot better indeed, but the purpose of the GH5 and the G9 is still very different even after the update - GH5 will never do still pics as the G9 and the g9 will never (unless they change in the next update) do videos as the GH5 - Unlimited recording, C4K time and the 10-bit 400Mbs are the deal breakers for filmmakers
You got it. The G9 isn’t a filmmakers camera. The GH5 is actually great for stills though, TBH. That was my main stills camera before the G9 came out.
I've done some initial testing with this FW upgrade and I'm wrapped. Will be shooting my next paid gig with the G9 in 5K video using the 6K photo mode. From that I will extract stills, 1:1 insta-videos, 17:9 videos for everything else. The photos may not be RAW, but if I know what I am doing, I can get them in range enough for 10bit 4:2:2 to be enough and not have to be pushed too far.

This is it. We have the ideal hybrid solution here.

The natural upgrade path is the S1H. Can't lose.
The G9 is now a sub-$1K camera. Currently being sold at places like Adorama and Amazon for US$997
What a beast... Panasonic is WINNING WINNING WINNING in my view.... especially for newbie freelancers cutting their teeth.
Thanks Again, wish I could like more than once. Just finished my the upgrade on my G9.
Went to update the firmware for my GH5 but listed under the Version 2.6 was Version 2.5? Today is Nov. 19 2019?
Just learned about this today at a shop! Now strongly considering the S1
On the G9 ...Can I jump from version 1.2 to version 2.0 without doing version 1.3. ?
@PhotoJoseph Thank you.
Hi, i have an issue with the GH5s firmware when i active the " [AF-ON: Near Shift] and [AF-ON: Far Shift] functions have been added. [AF-ON: Near Shift] preferably focuses on a subject nearby while [AF-ON: Far Shift] preferably focuses on a subject far away." in a functions after i can't able remove hold press the same function because it try to focus. I tried to switch to manual focus also, but it doesn't work. Second Issue i can't see the peaking in autofocus.
OK , so its 0918 in the morn of the 19th 2019, and no sign of the download ..although 2.6 has been added to the firmware page there is still no 2.6 download. Seeing as you have a secret key to the kingdom of Lumixalia can you give 'em a kick outta bed to get them working . Second cup of joe on the way too !!
It’s up, others are installing it. I’ll be doing a video this morning.
Try clearing browser cache.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks but it wasn't that . All installed now and looks good. Panasonic UK had a server tick that delayed the issue. A short call to Pan Uk and the support sent me a clean link. Just another reason why In Lumix I Trust
S nice!
Looking for help, i updated my G9 and it seemed to finish the update and the loading bars stopped. I checked the FW version and it still said 1.2. I turned it off and back on but it won't power on or do anything at all, i think it's bricked. Is there a way Panasonic can replace the FW? It's not under warranty.
@Jake I thought it was over as it returned to LV, so i jumped to the menus and saw it still said 1.2 version. So i shut it off and turned it back on but it stayed off, no response now. Im under the impression you are right and it was just slowly going through stages and it's bricked now but is there any way to fix this? Can Panasonic reinstall the original FW if i send it off or is it dead for good?
@Jake Ok thanks for the help, i will keep an eye out for the new vid. I also gotta decide now what to look at assuming my G9 is toast, i don't have much in MFT so i could go anywhere really.
I just did some S1 firmware v1.2 and 1.3 noise tests. It appears that the new 1.3 firmware ADDS more noise at every ISO mark that the older 1.2 did NOT have. The older V1.2 seems to be significantly CLEANER than 1.3. Looking further into this....beware of v1.3 until this can be sorted out.
Hey Joseph! Great video ! Thanks for this update. I am thinking about getting a G9 but I ask myself if there are limits (in contradiction to a GH5/s) when connecting to a Atomos Ninja V or Inferno Recorder ?
When using HDMI Output 60fps, 4:2:2 10 bit—IS the recording time unlimited for G9? (Instead if 10 min internal?)
That’s up to the external recorder at that point. The camera is just outputting non stop.
@PhotoJoseph So if the external recorder can record for 1 full hour, the G9 can keep going for the 1 full hour? Also, does the G9 NOT have IBIS?
Tony Babarino yes the G9 will output indefinitely (until it runs out of power but you can put it on an AC adapter), and yes of course the G9 has IBIS. Watch the comparison portion of this video; it’s better than the GH5’s IBIS.
How does this affect AF performance with adapted EF mount lenses?
Nothing listed so I wouldn’t expect any changes. Those would, I think, have to come from the adapter manufacturer.
4K DCI please for Lumix S1and real 24 frames on the HDMI output ... even the GH4 can do that .. please
Sorry man… DCI is pure cinema. GH5 and S1H territory.
You're a wealth of info. But sadly, this doesn't seem like they've changed much for the GH5. Good news for G9 owners though. Thanks for the website info. This is TLDR for GH5 owners, insert Sad Face here.
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