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LUMIX GH5S Announcement! ► Quick Specs Overview

Photo Moment - January 09, 2018

Turns out… the rumors about the new LUMIX GH5S were (partially) true!


Panasonic Lumix GH5S — Get Yours Here

Panasonic LUMIX GH5 — Get Yours Here

Panasonic LUMIX G9 — Get Yours Here

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Hi Joseph, do you know if the GH5 or the GH5s will be able to work with the follow focus on the Zhiyun crane 2 in the future? They will need to have an update which lets the camera focus through the USB port.
Interesting. You can control focus through the USB port using the Panasonic tethering app. I wonder if the API isn’t available to third parties, or if they just aren’t aware of that?
Maybe it is already possible, but I cant find any videos or people saying that it works. It would be an amazing feature, but I dont want to spend the cash on the gimbal version with follow focus if it will not work...
Disappointed about the release of this new GH5s
I'm going to wait for GH6
The stabilisation and the codec
why not 265 HEVC.
Ok so stabilization is deliberately left out because that’s what the target market for this camera wants. As to H.265 support; I don’t know the answer and I’ll have to dig in (it may be there; I don’t know offhand). But why do you want it? It requires a much more powerful computer to edit.
The H.265 is the new codec these days
to replace H.264 at alf space in video
compression with better quality. Also,
how about UHD 60p in *10bit (internally)
it would be great.

But... I like the 4096x2160p at 59.94 fps that
I saw on B&H description of the GH5s
H.265 is newer, yes, and is in use by 4K and 6K Photo Mode on the GH5, so it’s probably on the GH5S as well. But just because it’s newer doesn’t mean you want it. Do you use a top of the line Mac Pro with a TB of SSD and more power than you know what to do with? Then you probably don’t want H.265.

No camera in this range, or at all, shoots 60p 10-bit internally. Add the Atomos and you can have that though.
Your right Photo-Joseph this camera is not for me I am happy with the gh5
and I already have an Atomos but with a gimbal? Forget it on gh5s
Any word on 48FPS?? I don't see how this keeps getting left out.
Huh, interesting point… I don't see it in any of the docs I have :(
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