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Lumix S1 & S1R April 2020 Firmware Updates

Photo Moment - April 08, 2020

The Panasonic Lumix S1 and S1R v1.5 updates were released April 07, 2020, including Prograde Digital CFexpress Type B support and PAL for NTSC cameras!

Download S1 & S1R v1.5 Firmware Updates Here

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I have instaled update 1.5, but NTSC\PAL setings don't show up. Can you help me
Are you sure the update installed? Check the version number now and make sure it shows the update. Your camera was an NTSC model?
Thanks Joseph, I’m so glad you told us about turning the Bluetooth off!
Hello and thank you. Do we have to do same with lens firmware ?
@PhotoJoseph Ok thank you I did it
Hey Joseph. Great video. I was wondering if you had any info on why the S1 focus peaking during video dims significantly as soon as the record button is pressed. I installed this v1.5 firmware right now in the vain hope that this glitch would be addressed. Alas, no. It still gets super dim even with sensitivity turned all the way up during recording. I read on a forum somewhere that other S1 users have had similar complaints and that, oddly, it isn't an issue on the S1H. What gives? I love my S1 but this is annoying. Do I have a faulty body? It's a real pain when trying to use vintage lenses. Advice please!!!
huh, I don't know. That sounds like a question for Panasonic. Please call the support line, thanks!
@PhotoJoseph Ok thanks. By chance do you or anyone reading this have an S1? Does your focus peaking dim during recording?
thank Joseph. Worked perfectly, and i also updated my lens :) Thank you. Subscribed
i still cannot find pal or ntsc setting on my s1r after update firmware to 1.5
I have instaled update 1.5, but NTSC\PAL setings don't show up. Can you help my here? @photojoseph
Any improvements with the auto focus?
This update is specifically to add ProRes RAW output. Are you having problems with the autofocus on your S1H?
Спасибо. Хотя всё рассказано на английском,но всё равно хорошо понятно как обновить.
Hi, I am interested in buying S1, just to clarify, I need to update it in order to have PAL? So when I buy it, it will only come with NTSC? It's a lot of money, just want to be sure before pressing the purchase button :)
Also the update does it have the same PAL settings just like the ones sold in EU?
If you buy an S1 in Europe, it’ll be PAL. And I’ve heard that those already had NTSC as well. In North America, the NTSC versions didn’t ship with PAL capability, but this adds that. And yes to my knowledge all the features are the same.
@PhotoJoseph I bought the S1H 😁 But thanks for your reply 🙂
need Lumix tether support in Capture One, who do i need to harass to make this happen?
that could takes more time. Panasonic has to pay C1 for creating the connection... i know that because i´m partner of C1 and also S1r user.. i´m feeling sad :(
Hi i want to ask why my s1 still cant switch between pal ntsc after the update?
same problem
Any change in autofocus performance?
This update is waste, panasonic s1 have to fix, autofocus in video, and give 4k 422 10 bit 60p, and Shutter angle like as gh5,
Hello, thank you for your video. I bought this S1 camera and I just updated to this new firmware. Now I want to record in 4K 10-bit 150M 30P 4:2:2, but in my camera menu I have this there similar option 420/10bit/LongGop72mps which is 4K 10-bit 72M 30P 4:2:0, not 4:2:2 and 150mbps... How to set to 4K 10-bit 150M 30P 4:2:2 ? Many thanks!
set the camera to MOV recording quality
a question ? Do I need the v-log to run PAL / NTSC ?
Hi is the update for Atomos Ninja V to record in Pro-RES RAW only applicable to the S1H. Is this also achievable in the S1R ? Great show.
Hi, first, thank you for the tutorial. I have a question : is it possible to have the update DMW-SFU2 for the V-LOG and 4.2.2 10 bit for free nowadays ? And if I have to pay 200$, how I received the key code to activate functions ?
you buy it, they ship it to you
what is the sampling rate and color depth of s1 hdmi output?
10-bit 422, I believe. But check the specs to be sure.
I am the owner of S1. I did the last upgrade but it doesn't show me the area switch NTSC PAL . I also see that in your camera it has the option to write MOV files ibut in mine it has MP4 AVCHD and MP4 HEVC. Τhe update is made by the SD CARD. What could be wrong and does not show the change of zones.
I'm not sure what setting you're in that's blocking this… the easiest way to figure it out is to do a camera restore. Save your settings to the SD card so you can restore them if you want to. Then reset and look again.

How is that possible that we dont have aspect ratio feature in video mode (2:39, 4:3, 1:85) ?
I thought maybe 1.5 update will fixed that but unfortunately, no ;/
Do you heard something about, that they are going to add this feature ?

Thanks !
I haven't heard either way. That may be an S1H feature.
In France we don't have this switch option ( ntsc to pal ) do you know why ?
Hm, you should… I was told that this was added to the NTSC cameras but was already in the PAL ones. Are you looking at the same place as I showed in this video for the switch?
@PhotoJoseph Yep exactly at the same place..
Wild. I honestly don’t know, as I don’t have access to a PAL camera. Can you check with anyone else who has one, or call Panasonic support in Europe?
Look forward to your review of the new GH6 after the embargo
Not knowing the Bluetooth being on was preventing me from updating the camera, and here comes PhotoJoseph to the rescue. Thanks mate!
Helped me too! When Joseph said that, I thought "BlueTooth?...nah, that's got to be nuffin" Later, I couldn't get my update started then I remembered what Joseph said. I shut off Bluetooth and bingo, all is well! Thanks PhotoJoseph!!
Haha glad to help guys
hehe awesome. I know, it surprised me too, and that's why I always bring it up!
Hi and thank you for all your movies! I have one problem: I own the S1 and the Sigma 1,2f 35mm, I can not use the buttom on the lens. Can you help? Best regards from China!
Is that after you installed this update?
hi i have alredy lumix s1 i m update thi firmware 1.5 but i have not showing the ntsc or pal....kindly plzzz help me waiting ur reply
I'm guessing the update didn't take. Check that you're actually on 1.5
Hi Joseph I purchased the LUMIX S1R earlier last year after watching some of your YouTube content and each time I update our click onto your channel. I have recently been taking photos of the super moon so purchased sigma mc 21 Mount converter for the Sigma 150-600mm contemporary which after updating works very well But I needed more reach I decided to buy the sigma tc-2001 x2 tele converter which worked okay but I thought the images would been sharper when I looked at the meta data The megapixels dropped from 47 to 20 with to x2 teleconvater I went into the settings and I couldn’t find anything which will change this I found this quite strange when you attach a two times Tele converter you get less than half of the pixels just wondering if you could shed any light on this.
PhotoJoseph Hi Joseph thanks for your reply. I’ll try to connect Sigma if you can try and find out something I’ll be greatly appreciated thanks
Did you learn anything from Sigma? Our assumption is that the MC21 is incorrectly telling the camera it's an APSC lens, which would explain it cropping the image.
PhotoJoseph Hi Joseph it not the MC21 that works fine it’s when I introduce the Sigma TC2001 X2 tele converter it drops from 47MP to 20MP. To be honest I have just sent an email yesterday after reading your message I’m now just waiting for a reply If they I will let you know thanks.
Hi Joseph Sigma got back in contact with me and you were right it was MC-21 they were really good they sent me all the details and how to update the adapter i’m getting the full 47MP with X2 Tele converter and autofocus seems to be working better. Thanks John
John Taylor awesome! Thanks for letting me know.
New firmware - HIDDEN FEATURE! Before this new firmware, the S1 used to hide any shutter or aperture values if the were set to automatic when shooting video. In other words, if you were shooting with auto shutter speed, that number was hidden. If you were shooting in auto aperture, that f stop was hidden. (The S1H does NOT do this) Today, with this new S1 firmware....shutter speeds and aperture values are now fully displayed and you can watch them change live in real time. FANTASTIC!! I have complained to Panasonic about this one as I always thought that hiding these values in video was a bit of a dirty trick. THANK YOU Panasonic for un-hiding this valuable information when shooting video! I'm surprised this was not stated in a "new feature" description of the firmware. Panny,...please fix this on the GH5 too!
Holy crap I had no idea! That's amazing. And yes, I wish it were addressed on the GH5 as well. Thanks for letting us know!
@PhotoJoseph Honestly, with this new added feature, I'd call this a "major update" now for the S1. Removing this firmware cripple was a big deal. I have definitely appreciated this in my S1H. I never understood why Panasonic hid those automatic values in the first place. Sony doesn't do that even on their Alphas or cheap cybershots. C'mon Panasonic you got the right idea now...just fix this on the GH5 next! I'm very happy about this S1 firmware!
What about showing the value for Auto ISO? That being hidden is really frustrating when shooting video.
​@Sean Minor - Yes!,...the new firmware UN-HIDES them now! It's REALLY cool. Any/all automatic value (ISO/Shutter/Aperture) are now displayed in real time. THANK YOU PANASONIC! The S1H always had this but thankfully, they removed this cripple on teh S1. Now,....PLEASE do this for the GH5 next!
Hi Joseph, quick question: I bought an S1 recently (waiting in anticipation for it to arrive, as things are a bit slower than usual due to Covid-19). I also bought the paid firmware DMW-SFU2 V-Log upgrade. Once I install the v1.5 upgrade, I will then install the paid upgrade. But with future firmware versions, do I need to re-install the DMW-SFU2 V-Log upgrade again? Sorry, new to the Panasonic family, so probably a rookie question. Thanks!
Nope, once installed the only thing that'd remove is is a reset by the factory. So if you ever send it in for service, be sure they know you have SFU2 installed, or they may not notice and neglect to re-enabled it, and you won't be able to use the same code. (This obviously shouldn't happen, but I'm telling you because I once heard a story where that did happen!). And, enjoy your new rig!!
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for the quick reply Joseph. Camera is arriving in an hour or so. Very much looking forward to it. Also just watched Mat Joez Lumix S1 timelapse photography review. Cracking timelapse features! Talk soon!
Oh nice, I’ll have to check that out. Thanks!
@PhotoJoseph Hey Joseph, happy Easter! I have been running some tests with the S1 and I'm absolutely blown away by the quality of the footage (422/10-bit) and the 24-105mm lens is amazing! Such range, great DOF, incredible macro. Anyway, I have a question: I bought an Atomos Shinobi and the only thing I can't do, is play a video that was just shot while the HDMI is connected. I can see the image but can't press the play key, as the camera monitor goes black during playback. Is there a way around this? It's frustrating, if the only way to playback videos is to disconnect the HDMI. Thanks!
No. Only if it goes in for service and has a complete system reset. But keep that code!
Hi, as a lumix ambassador could you explain to me how can i do with my S1 to playback "all the clip" and not clip after clip??
it s really anoiing.
And no timecode in this caméra ?
why? sony a7 has got it, why not panasonic s1??
thanks joseph
I don’t understand what you mean by “all the clip”? Timecode is in the cinema cameras like GH5 and S1H.
Thanks for being part of my Lumix Life!! As a proud S1 (my afford limit)m I'd like to know what you think the odds on shutter angle and anamorphic upgrades are? Also just shooting into the universe, I wish we had the "red box" record notification... Thanks for all the info you share.
I honestly wouldn't count on it. Maybe the red record box… I've been asking for this for years (and I think the reason it's in the S1H is because of me!), but the other features are definitely considered "cinema" features so are likely to stay on the S1H. Sorry.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for replying...I'll just keep praying for a little more love for the little brother..
@PhotoJoseph Sorry I'm sure your busy but would you recomend the flat picture profile ove cinelikeD for 8 Bit capture. Thanks for your time.
If you intend to grade it you may get better results but in 8-bit it’ll be minimal.
Funny intro. I’m already subscribed so you can tell me everything that’s coming. Lol
hahah Got your secret decoder ring handy, buddy?
2:44 Who uses "Delete All" anyway? It's so much quicker to just format the card. This must come from a product manager who never actually uses the product.
haha honestly when stuff like that shows up in an update, it's usually because the service center got a lot of calls about it. Remember, a lot of consumers with money buy cameras like these and never take them out of P.
This means the S1H firmware must be coming soon to allow the S1H to shoot RAW. Coupled with an Atomos Ninja V with the Pro-RES RAW Codec installed, you have an awesome camera set-up!
I'm very excited about that for sure
Oh I LOVE that opening tease about what you cant talk about. Hehe...brilliant. You have succeded in making me wonder what the heck it is. I'm guessing GH6 and S1H raw over HDMI.
haha maybe it's just a new camera strap…  😆
@PhotoJoseph I couldn't read your lips but I could read your eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul. I saw "GH6" and "S1H raw' in your eyes! Well? With NAB gone, I'm certain that Panasonic's original NAB announcements will go as planned at some point soon.
it's all in the eyes
Loved the video.
Thank you! That was fun to make
Thank you Joseph! Great precise and straight Tutorial !!
I do my best! Thanks Martin
Thank U Joseph
you're welcome!
Dude, still no shutter angle exposure setting!?!??!?!!? why should i bother install this anyway? so frustrating
Shutter angle is a cinema feature… check out the S1H, sorry
@PhotoJoseph The GH5 has it!
G9 nothing? Oh, hopefully that was the beep... 😉
LOL G9 got a MASSIVE free update at the end of last year. Not sure what you're expecting but I think Panasonic has been VERY generous with the G9.
@PhotoJoseph I have that. But these two had update the same time... So..?
I don't know what you're asking me.
Good stuff Joseph. Thanks for putting this together!
my pleasure, thanks for watching!
Thank You Joseph for always sharing great info!! Stay Safe!
Thanks, you're welcome, and you too!
Now I really want to hear what you sensored got me this time... don't worry I have been subscribed to your channel since God knows when
😂 Thanks man, you’re appreciated!
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