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LUMIX S1H — In a Cage

Photo Moment - March 03, 2020

The S1H is an incredible camera, but most users won't be carrying it around like a regular camera. I've rigged mine up a bit… what do you think?

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That might be myfuture camera :)
What is that Tripod Sir...I must have it ??????
It’s a Manfrotto. Don’t know the model offhand. Nothing spectacularly special; I’ve had it for ages.
would you test those Kipon L mount lenses?
I used a 18550 Tilta battery pac to power on the nano. It's small and attaches to the handle via 1/4"
Great video PhotoJoseph as usual! I bought the S1H back in January as our second camera and I'm loving it. (The only caveat is matching it to our BM Ursa has proven tricky). Can't wait for the Prores Raw update. By the way, do you remember what size focus gear you bought for the Helios?
Hi ! Can I ask ? Do you know your S1H half cage can use with the lumix S1 ? Im having Lumix S1 & love to use half cage but cant find any on the market ! Wondering if I can purchase the s1h half cage & use it for my S1 ! Thank you so much & have a nice day !
Evening from Sydney Joseph!...quick question regarding a cage for my gh4/yagh combo. Doesn’t have to be elegant as it’ll be staying put in the you know of anything other than the rather pricey wooden camera cage that would fit the gh4 + yagh? I can’t see any information out there with alternatives, but I thought if any might know it would be you. Thanks in advance, Andrew
I just ordered a smallrig versaframe 1750. Will see what happens 🤷‍♂️.
Great. That’s the company I was going to say to check out. I use their cages and they’re great.
Great video as usual. 👍
does this Half Cage for S1H suit on Lumix S1 ? Please help me @SmallRig :)
This is not worth it. At this pricepoint with all this gear added together you can get a c200 at this point. I get it is full frame and close to 6k but this amount of rigging ruins the benefit of actually having a small camera. Also the performance in the footage shown doesn't translate the cost/hassle.
Um… I mean, I am not sure how to respond. C200 is super35, this is full frame. C200 shoots 8-bit, this shoots 10-bit (unless you're shooting RAW which is a whole other story). S1H is 6K (not "close to 6K", but actual 6K), C200 is DCI. You don't NEED all this rigging on the S1H, but the C200 doesn't get any smaller. The primary purpose of this rig was to add follow-focus to the S1H; you would need to do the same thing to add it to the C200! And I have no idea what you're even saying by "the performance in the footage doesn't translate to the cost/hassle". The shots were showing focus transition using the focus controller… pretty difficult to rack and nail focus on a vintage manual lens without it.

You can argue other reasons you'd prefer a C200, like built in ND (nice to have for sure) and faster auto focus (irrelevant on manual or cine lenses). But don't tell me that this is a waste because you have to add a cage to add follow focus (which you don't; the Nucleus Nano comes with a tiny attachment to mount the FF rod to; I went this route because I wanted all the other accessories, too).

I would love to know what kind of camera you're shooting on.
Jeeze! How’s that HDMI
delay!!?! I’d say that’s unusable 😐
ALL HDMI outputs have delay… show me a camera that doesn't. HDMI processing takes time. The solution is SDI, but that's something you find only in much bigger ($$) cameras. I along with everyone else using HDMI cameras have managed this far… I'd say it's pretty usable.
I've had a tough time Finding an inexpensive Cage that has 15mm Rod Support for the S1H.. A cage or an add on.. Any Suggestions?
I don't understand the question… that's exactly what this video is about. Did you watch the whole thing? If you click through to the webpage listed all the parts are individually laid out, too.
interresting! But a really high construction
oh… well take off the XLR1 and you'll save a few inches!
@PhotoJoseph Yes. But the XLR1 is pretty cool like the external monitor... both together is a big challenge for a real SMALL-RIG. So far I haven't found one.
Not quite sure how to make it any smaller then if you want the XLR1 and the monitor on it ;-)
PhotoJoseph Yes, got also no idea. So your rig seems quite good ;-)
Thanks for sharing all that, Doug. If you have a photo of it online somewhere, drop a link here and I’ll approve it. Having the monitor on the side doesn’t throw the balance off, huh? I haven’t tried the PD MOVIE FF but glad to hear it works. And the “anamorfake”… LOL! Where did you get this modded? I’ve never heard of such a thing! What do they do to the lens??
Great video Joseph and great set-up. Beautiful S1H footage. I prefer to use Manual follow focus system (Fotga Upgraded DP500 Mark III) So I don't need to worry about powering it. I sure look forward to Panasonic releasing the GH6 at Photokina Show.
Sure, and no latency either — but of course you can't disconnect from the camera ;-) Thanks as always for watching!
The question is, I hope they don't cancel this show in London because of this corona virus.
Yeah tell me about it. Not to be selfish but between that and NAB, of those both get cancelled then that’s gonna hurt $$
I hope it does not get cancelled.
What is the brand that you’re using for the focus ring?
link in description — follow that for a list of all products used
Would that half cage work on the S1? Smallrig doesn't really specify, and they don't offer one for the S1
Great question; I don’t know! Let’s find out together… tune in today at 10am Pacific
What is your answer ? Im bought S1 and also looking for half cage for it ! Please help :)
Oh... it only took the opening to give me GAS! (gear acquisition syndrome)
Great build! If only the S1H had great auto-focus <> sadly still on the hunt for the "perfect camera" while hugging & loving my GH5s (not the S, s as in plural) :)
Have you tried the AF in the S1H yourself?
@PhotoJoseph i wish :) hasn't been an option I had to have yet, so I watch your channel (and others) as the Panasonic ambassador and hear that AF isn't great. not that you've said it's bad, just that it's not necessarily great. I don't hear that about Sony/Canon, but they don't have the hybrid system like Panasonic has. (and why the GH5 is my ❤️ and hasn't 💔 yet - even AF on the GH5 is way better than 2 years ago, and I'm trying to use it again)
I think the AF is better in the S1H than I've seen for things like "raise the product into this position and have the camera focus on it" type of shots. For face detection, i.e. "vlogging", I've seen Sony/Canon cameras pulse to the background just as much as the S1H. Realistically it depends on what you want the camera to do. For all the kudos that other systems get in AF, not a single one of them is perfect, and I always have to roll my eyes when I see demos of their AF that looks great, but then in real vlogs it jumps around. No system is perfect and I won't debate the Sony/Canon are better, BUT to disregard the S1H because it's not the AF king is not giving it its full due (I'm not saying you are… largely writing this for others who might read this reply). If your goal is vlog videos then the S1H is totally overkill anyway. If your goal is to make feature-quality footage, then perhaps AF isn't the biggest priority.
Great rig! I bought the smallrig full cage and already regretting because I won't be able to mount the s1h on the weebill s gimbal without removing the cage. The half cage might be a viable option. Love how you can pull the camery out of the cage. Just great! I also have some nice vintage lenses. Chosen with care they give me great results with this superb camera. However, I am hesitating to buy the tilta nucleus: people report that the nucleus is too weak to pull focus on vintage lenses with a more tighter focus ring. The 8 volts might resolve this. Do you have any insight regarding this issue by any chance? My Olympus Zuikos or Carl Zeiss Jenas for example have quite firm focus rings.
Haha car battery 😆 I’m sure there are European companies that do lens repair. Not like photography is a uniquely American thing 😊
@PhotoJoseph maybe ... I did some research. I'll do some more 👍
If you find something good, let us know please for the benefit of others!
@PhotoJoseph I certainly will. I will buy the weebill next month and share my insights.
Always love gearporn!
Yeah, it’s fun like that ;-)
Lol!! I just posted a video on my S1 camera rig and now you gotta go and make me want an S1H!!! Jk I already wanted the S1H 😉 thanks for the video.
haha, #SorryNotSorry? 😁
Hi PhotoJoseph,

Thanks for sharing!

I have a similar setup for S1H (it’s a beast!) but with the Smallrig full cage and Ninja V and it works great.

For the Blindspot PowerJunkie, there is a dc barrel on the small side that gives 7.4V and 4.8A but limited to 28W (but recommended max load of 20W). Alternatively, if you use the NPF batteries from Powerextra Multifunctional Battery Pack NP-F970 (haven’t used other brands so can’t comment) that has a DC output so that’s another option.
Thanks for watching!
Oh LOL I missed the rest of your comment earlier ;-) Interesting about the Power Junkie; I’ll look at it again tomorrow. I just got the Ninja V and it has no power output! D’oh! So I have to figure something out…
Nice one PJ. One day I will convince you to will me all this gear.
Slowly but surely… I will prevail 😂
great video and explanation! 🎬💪
only thing... please write that slide in "explanation text-es" a bit bigger 😄
since a lot of people (including me) watching the video on the smartphone.
also that snoopy airplane was way to small 😄
OK I’ll keep that in mind, thanks. And if you recognized Snoopy, that’s all that matters! Haha
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