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Nik Collection 3!

Photo Moment - June 03, 2020

The new Nik Collection 3 by DxO is here! Find out what's new, what's changed and improved, and how to get your copy today!

This update includes a whole new filter, Perspective Efex, a redesigned Selective Tool for Photoshop users, and the ability to re-edit your Lightroom photos at any time!

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The new Nik Collection 3 by DxO has arrived! What do you think? Get yours here: and sign up for FREE DxO Webinars here:
Thank you for presentation of Nik Collection 3! I have a question, which I can't solve for long: I use to have Nik Collection on Google, then I decided to buy Nik collection 2 by DxO so I deleted the old version to install it. And since that time Nik collection Selective tool does not work, though it does exists in File> Automate > Nik selective tool, but it does not work and the small window with it options does not appear. I want to update Nik Collection to 3, but what should I do to restore Nik selective tool?Should I try to delete Nik Collection 2 first? Thank you very much for help,
Hola Estoy muy interesado en la adquisición de Nick Collection 3 pero tengo una duda muy seria que me frena por ahora su adquisición y espero que me podáis resolver el tema. Actualmente el sistema operativo en mi PC es Windows 10 de 64 bits pero en breve espero cambiar a sistema Mac. Quisiera saber si comprando ahora la licencia de Nick Collection 3 para mi actual sistema de Windows, podré cambiarla de forma gratuita para pasarla a otra licencia para el sistema Mac sin ningún coste o si tendré que adquirir una nueva licencia y volver a pagar por ella. Muchas gracias por vuestra ayuda. No sé donde recurrir. Saludos
I downloaded the collection but I can't get the selection tool to appear. I contacted support, uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, and still nothing. Any help would be appreciated. I'm using MAC, 
PS 2020 and lrc. Thank you
In LRC, version 9.3 on a mac, all NIX choices work except perspective exef. When if chose edit in that plugin, it will not open a NIX window. Also perspective exef doesn't exist in PS 2020! Any ideas on how to fix that?
I don't have the selection tool. I did the File > Automate > Nik Selective Tool 2, but nothing happens
I bought Nik when the company was in San Diego. Then Google bought them and put it out for free. Now it's owned by someone else (?) and you need to pay for it? What make it worth the $$$$... new features? Why should I pay $$$$ when it will just get bought by Google again and put out for free and eventually dust-binned?
I turned off the Selective Tool launching when starting PhotoShop. From your video I see how useful the new interface is. How do I turn it back on?
File > Automate > Nik Selective Tool 2
Does this enable raw edits with silver efex pro as a photoshop plug in without having to convert to a Tiff file first ?
Raw -> smart object -> filter = total editability. I talk about this a lot in my DxO webinars.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for the reply.
Wonderful overview on what to expect in the new version of Nik. Happy to buy using your affiliate link. Do you happen to have a promo code for it?
The promo code is built in — 30% off through the end of this month, so move quickly! ;-)
@PhotoJoseph you got it! Using your link. Looking forward to other videos explaining how to use this tool more efficiently. Thank you.
I’ve done a ton of these. I’m doing webinars for DxO all the time. Visit — top of the page is upcoming webinars, and scroll down for previous ones
Will that new Nik Selective Tool dock to the Ps CC layers stack and stay there when Ps is closed then re-opened? Like the old Nik then Google selective tool did; pre-DxO a few generations ago of Ps... In Nik 2 the darn thing wouldn't stay docked. It just minimized - which was useless. Thx
It does not dock, no.
@PhotoJoseph Thank you for the info!
I dont have the selector tool window- how do I open it?
File > Automate > Nik Selective Tool 2
It's pathetic that version 3 STILL doesn't have all the plugins 4k compatible in Windows. It's simply baffling that Viveza has text so small to the point it's unusable. DON'T BUY THIS!
I like it when you smile :)
Thanks! Do the dxo plugins now support Fuji X cameras? They haven’t in the past?
Hm, I don’t think the plugins are affected by that limitation. Once the raw image is decoded, it’s just a TIF that’s sent to the plugins. PhotoLab I believe does not support Fuji but if you’re using Photoshop or Lightroom to read the RAW files, you can then send the image to the Nik collection. Do you have a difference experience?
after (years ago and :( "thanks" to Google) Nik team of amazing software engineers was "killed", nothing more of truly valuable was added / most even not all of the new perspective capabilities are usually done with lightroom or/and photoshop
Wow this is a really nice interface
Wow!! Worth the upgrade! Thanks! (Can I upgrade from DxO Nik Collection I ?).
good question, but I don’t know the answer. You’ll have to try!
@PhotoJoseph Thanks, but I don't want to buy it if it does not upgrade... ☺
Wow, thanks for doing this vid. Really well done and excited for the improvements. Will grab this suite today from your link.
awesome, thanks!
I’d like to be able to edit and re-edit my Nik plugin settings - without destroying or losing any of the edits I’ve already made - using the Nik apps in STANDALONE mode, TOTALLY DIVORCED FROM ADOBE, ADOBE PRODUCTS, and fecking ADOBE INC.
I don't use Adobe products - yeah, you might have guessed that already - but I do use Nik as a collection of standalone apps. Until DXO develop the ability to add recipes/presets to Vivezza, so that when I hold the Shift key and save the preset, the control point settings are saved along with the rest of the image settings in the preset (like in Analog Pro) - I see no reason to upgrade to version 3.x whatsoever.
Better integration with other apps, away from the fecking Adobe universe, such as Exposure X5, would also be incredibly useful and much appreciated by the non-Adobe community. I'd like to see a partnership or collaboration between the DXO team and with the guys who make Photo Mechanic. Then we could have a one-stop batch making shop for those of us who need to edit hundreds of images while exporting them on the go to different formats. Without Lightroom. Without Photoshop. Without the DXO bundled image editor. Just Photo Mechanic and NIK. Perfect. Now that would have me racing to pay DXO for the upgrade. Honestly, that would be awesome, so incredibly useful.
Right now, DXO ought to look at their apps with a deeper perspective. The team needs to spot where the pitfalls lie in the collection, and fix the glaring issues, such as; adding recipes/presets to Vivezza the way they have already been developed for the other apps in the collection; speeding up the currently awful slow speed - especially on older computer configurations - when moving between images and edits during batch editing.
I would suggest that if you want to continue to see the package updated, then you DO upgrade, even if you don’t need it. Development costs money — lots of it. Contribute in a small way to help ensure development. Just my 2¢.
@PhotoJoseph You're right. Just tired of this Adobe-first approach.
Hey Guys,

An Important Heads up for Affinity users looking to purchase NIK Collection 3 -

I purchased this software form DXO Today thinking that it would be an improvement on version 2 - with a new dashboard and easier access!
This is not the case! The new dashboard feature only works in Photoshop + The new perspective tool will not work inside affinity (Only as a stand-alone tool)
I cannot find any improvement in any other functionality - It strikes me that DXO has opted to develop this for Photoshop

I am seriously questioning the cost of the upgrade £49.99

To make things worse DXO is flashing up a sign saying that if you buy the software in the next 30 mins you will get 30 % off - This is rubbish! - They take 30% their offer is completely misleading.

Caveat Emptor on this one - Let the buyer beware
very well explained...thanks
you’re welcome!
If you are interested only in their perspective tool, you can buy their product called Viewpoint ! Viewpoint works great for me. It is less expensive than buying their entire collection.
I heavily use NIK as part of my workflow in photoshop. The new interface may or may not integrate well with building actions in PS. The LR interface now looks to be 100% usable. Where in the past seemed like a waste of time vs going straight to PS. But this new perspective module looks to be worth the upgrade alone. So I hope they have a demo to try to see if I can integrate it into custom actions in PS and if it saves time.
I hope it works for you!
Beautiful informative intro.
Thx. Well explained. I have upgraded from Nik Collection 2 so it was very informative as there are quite a few differences. Now to play...
Thanks, just purchased upgrade via your link... I really didn't have the money for this but the upgrade is so good I just had to. I shoot with a Nikon 14-24 f2.8 a lot and being able to fix the stretched people on the edges is worth the upgrade price alone. I think that there are quite a few new features that are worth the upgrade price alone. Great job DxO!
Thanks for using my link, and I hope you enjoy it!
A while back I got their trial version without realizing that they would erase my Old Nik version (which I paid for and it is mine not theirs) and installed their new Nik which I was supposed to buy within 30 days. I complained to them and was told that that was standard procedure; and referred me to a page to download the old version if I wanted to or to do without NIK. That old version page, according to Norton, was not a safe page. Thank God I keep 3 copies of my hard drive and was able to format that drive and re-copy it with the way it was before this people came into the marketplace. IF THEY OFFERED TO GIVE IT TO ME FOR FREE AND PAY ME TO USE IT, I WILL NEVER ALLOW THEM TO GET INSIDE MY COMPUTER AGAIN !!!!!!
damn, dude, I figured somn like this would happen
Guess I need to buy v3 when already own v2?
You can buy the upgrade, not the full new version.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks!
Ok, so I have downloaded a Free Trial. It went though all the normal download syuff. Then, no sign of it in my Applications and it is not in my Photoshop. So, it would have been useful if you had started from the beginning, or direct me to a link where I can discover how to get it onto my Mac
There is a link in the description on where to get it. This wasn’t an installation guide, but a “what’s new” video. Sorry it’s not what you were looking for.
@PhotoJoseph It's ok, I have it sorted. Your introduction is brilliant and I have bought the software
I use both Photoshop and DXO Photolab 3 Elite, can I have this loaded into both programs on the same computer?
Does anyone know if this will this work effectively with Capture one or affinity photo?
affinity Photo, yes. That was added in Nik 2.5
Well, since I don't use Adobe software ....
They work standalone, or as plugins to Affinity Photo, DxO PhotoLab, and others.
@PhotoJoseph I cannot get the non-destructive editing to work in standalone. Only control points are saved. There is no 'history' list of changes, just reverts to original. Any suggestions? Thanks!
That LR workflow is horrifically complicated, PS only marginally better. I'll have to pass.
Do you use plugins at all? It’s all the same workflow. Not complicated at all.
@PhotoJoseph I don't mean complicated in that it's hard to understand, I mean complicated in that it takes too many steps to make it worth it. I could get over that and the massive file sizes of the Tiff's if the software was amazing, but they're making minor additions to clearly aging and clunky software. The Nik collection was great back in the day, but it hasn't developed into a modern piece of software at all under DxO. Just my opinion, and I say that as someone who thinks Photolab is a brilliant raw processor.
Thank you. Fantastic job!!
Thanks PJ, I used your links to update my Nik. Been a user since way back. One thing they have improved on is the install process, it does the work for you rather than digging through preset folders.
The new module doesn’t work with Affinity, so no, definitely not for me. Why they don’t mentioned it on their website, I think we can guess . . .
, this is bad. Especially since thy made such a fanfare in 2.5 about the “new” integration with Affinity. Then very next release they have a plugin that doesn’t work with it. That’s bad.
I still using the Google NIK pack (FREE) 149.99 is not going to happen here. Not even the 99.99. Now, 49.99 and I'm in :) I use silver effects 2, 90% of the time and the results are the same --
Please consider that by purchasing you’re funding future development. Companies like DxO don’t operate for free. Google could afford to give it away because they make their money elsewhere. But they also didn’t care about it and didn’t change one line of code in it. Nik Collection used to cost over $500. It’s still a cracking good deal.
@PhotoJoseph I dont make any money using it so its just too over priced for me :)
Another £50/£70 for a new file format. It's not non destructive editing whatsoever. Nothing that can't be done already in PS
Multi Page TIF isn’t a new file format, and it’s not owned by DxO. It’s part of the TIF spec. And of course you can do this in photoshop, but many users don’t want to use Photoshop, hence the feature. Don’t hate the feature just because you don’t need it ;-)
Too pricey for me due to the US / AU Exchange. Will stick to version 2 for now. But do appreciate the work being done on it.
Given that it’s 30% off now if you really do want it, try to pick it up before that offer ends. I think it’s this month only but check the dxo website to be sure.
Past 2 "Black Friday" November sales, the USD upgrade price was reduced to $40. Check DxO day after US Thanksgiving holiday.
Aperture users? :'(

...not that I actually expect updates, I'm just still sad...
Michael… that ship has sailed my friend.
I’d love to have these tools for video, especially the distortion correction!
Whoah… yeah, that'd be cool.
I've always wanted this suite for video.. I spend too much time thinking about it. lol
It really would be amazing. If you’re looking for really cool color tools for video though, check out CinemaGrade. It may be only for FCPX, not sure. But it’s pretty amazing.
@PhotoJoseph Cinema grade looks great. Almost purchased it a while ago until I found out it's Mac only. It is available for multiple applications though. Just not windows which I use with Davinci Resolve. I didn't want to switch from Mac but 6 grand went really far in building a proper Windows based editor. Hopefully one day I can afford a new Mac Pro which wasn't out at the time.
Leeland check out Film Convert Nitrate might be a possible solution
nice tuto
just updated ! amazing update !
When will it be possible to cascade a color efex pro 4 color booste folloed with a deep sylver efex pro2 in same TIF from lightroom ?
Is it easier in Capture one ?
As asked several times on your forums, could we have the viveza basic upoint inside color efex pro ? cep has all other features (curves,... ) than viveza and much more but we don't have a tone/color upoint in cep4 as a new filter. it is really time consuming to launch viveza from lightroom just for a upoint.
Not sure I know what you mean. You can apply CEP4 then open that same TIF in SEP, no problem. What am I missing?
In general, it would be nice to have a Nik studio unique software with, like ON1 PR202, Topaz studio or Luminar 4 few icons to select cep4, sep2, analog efex... and have all filters in cascade. cep4 is the good frame for it because it has a stack of filters. So we would be completely non destructive and could manage colors saturation in cep filters to fine tune the effect of sep2 filters both working in same environment. viveza upoint and analog efex blur tools... also in same environment editable. What i meant with TIF is that if in lightroom you make a virtual copy and launch sep2, save and return to LR, edit original in cep4 to add glow and border and then modify in either sepe2 or cep4 the original, you have lost your changes/stack/upoints. so it doesn't work.
just to be clear because i forgot to check "save and edit later". you can come back to cep4 and change anything but you don't have access to previous sep2 layer so if you edit original in sep2, it makes the cep4 result black and white.
a strange thing. i edited two nef from Lightroom in sep2 and i saw previous image and i can switch between two images inside sep2 !!! and sep2 suggests to save both images, what i did without understanding what i did.
You can’t make a virtual copy and expect the changes to be editable. A virtual copy isn’t a copy. It’s the same file it’s different metadata on top of it. That’s not what this is. If you want to do multiple layers of editing, I recommend that you open it in photoshop and do it as layers there. This option is best for single-filter applications when you don’t want to leave Lightroom. It’s just another tool in the toolbox, not a single solution for every need.
hello, no need NIK3 to make smart object in photoshop and use all Nik plugins. what is innovative is to make it in lightroom and even on original, without virtual copy, you cannot keep the first sep2 editable after cep4 process. But as said if sep2 was inside cep4 like the standard B&W filter, you would have the power of cep4 in sep2 (gradients,...), could cascade several sep2 to different parts of image and NIK3 would be fully non destructive for cep4 and sep2 single TIF ! it would be so easy to migrate viveza upoint and sep2, analog efex inside cep4 which has the stackable platform already.
I think it's only just worth the upgrade from Nik 2. Let's face it, no matter how you look at it this, it's only some simple tweaks to Lr/Ps workflow and the inclusion of DxO's existing ViewPoint 3 software as a "new" plug-in. The whole collection still feels cobbled together with new and old (Nik/Google) legacy plug-ins and it lacks cohesiveness. It's a lazy update and DxO need to up their game considerably for Nik 4. A complete UI overhaul of all the plug-ins would be welcome. Having said all that, I'll still upgrade to support DxO in the vein hope they'll blow my socks off with the next upgrade!
I disagree, I prefer slower updates, especially when a product works as well as the Nik Collection does. I thought with the 30% discount the upgrade was well worth the money, and not only that but we got a Photolab update to boot.
They've hardly done anything to it in all the time they've had. They're capable of making great software but obviously not interested anymore. There's so much they could have done with it but have chosen not to, open source projects put these guys to shame.
I agree about the UI inconsistency. Compounded by the new plugin having a completely different interface again! Maybe it will be the pattern for a new unified UI in v4??? I wish.
Great video and thanks for sharing, Joseph. Just curious as you haven't mentioned - Is Perspective Efex also "non-destructable"? i.e. can one return and make further adjustments from LR? As a matter of fact, can you make further adjustments to all other plugins as well? Just checking and will defo use your links to upgrade
Perspective Efex does not do non-destructive, all the rest do. Totally different workflow, so it kinda makes sense.
@PhotoJoseph It does make sense just thought they'd hit the genius button and figured out a way. Cheers mate
Wow, definitely upgrading to version 3 (using your links of course). Thanks for a great vid PJ!
Wonderful, thank you and I’m glad you like it!
There is no special price if you own DxO Photolab 3 ?
I don’t think so — totally different products.
Great video. Loved the intro as well.!!
thanks! Been wondering what people think of the new animations (this is just the second video it’s on)
PhotoJoseph I must have missed it on the Atomos video cause I originally watched it on their channel.
Fair enough. I took my time releasing it on my channel since I had the new graphics package and was still getting used to it. So much fun!
Does the plugin work the same for Affinity Photo as it does for PS? And is it compatible as a plugin for Luminar? Im trying really hard to not go back to adobe...
Yes to Affinity Photo — that was new in Nik Collection 2.5 and Affinity Photo… 1.8 I think? Anyway yes it does. Nothing new here for Nik 3 which is why I didn’t mention it here. As to Luminar; I don’t know. I don’t think it supports plugins BUT remember that the Nik filters can be run as standalone apps, so any app that has an “open in” function can use the Nik Collection.
@PhotoJoseph So, then try perspective Efex in Affinity, you'll be surprised. It won't work.
If it doesn’t work then please report that to DxO. I haven’t tried it myself.
PhotoJoseph of course i have done so.
iPad OS......?
no, macOS and Windows only
@PhotoJoseph That's unfortunate, thanks.
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