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Photo Moment - December 04, 2017

In this show, we'll tour a variety of live streaming solutions. Ever seen the movie “Inception”? It's like that… but with live streaming. We cover the hardware options, the software options, and all of the areas to troubleshoot for each (like audio or syncing). Don't worry… your tour guide is here.  

Products Mentioned In Today's Photo Moment

Epiphan Pearl-2 — Get Yours Here

Teradek VidiU Pro — Get Yours Here

Epiphan Webcaster X2 — Get Yours Here

Alcatel W800 USB Modem 4G LTE — Get Yours Here

Atomos Ninja Inferno — Get Yours Here

SHURE VP83 — Get Yours Here

Epiphan — Get Yours Here

Telestream Wirecast — Get Yours Here

Samson Go Mic Mobile Receiver with LM8 Lavalier and Belt Pack Transmitter — Get Yours Here

Comica CVM-D02 Dual-head Lavalier Lapel Microphone — Get Yours Here

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Can you bring mevo camara into webcaster x2?
No. The Mevo doesn't connect to anything other than its own system
hello Joseph, is the Meebo for live streaming and recording, or just live streaming
Both (and it's Mevo not Meebo). Good luck!
Thanks for sharing your experiences with all this streaming gear. I’ve been on the fence for a while on what hardware encoder/streaming device to get. At first I thought I would get the AJA Helo, then I was certain I was going to get the Vidiu Pro (mainly due to cellular bonding), but now I’m not sure anymore. I think I might have to save up for a LiveU Solo. The company I work for uses the big LiveU units and they’re almost always rock solid.

Thanks again. Subbed.
Hey Joseph, I just bought the SlingStudio solution, seems pretty easy. Any plans to review that?
This is probably one of the most entertaining live stream education live streams I've ever seen. haha hope that made sense.
really appreciate the effort you are putting into these shows!
Great video, taking inception to a new level.
Bought an X2 based on your review, and LOVE it, and the USB audio is great news for my setup.
Excellent content (as always) Joseph! One small note that I wanted to make a slight correction at around 52:50 you mention the "Blackmagic Mini Converter" whereas people should be looking for the "UltraStudio Mini Recorder" instead. I just didn't want people buying the mini converter and being disappointed :)
Great show Joseph, amazing you got that all to work :-) I have been testing out vMix recently however like Wirecast it is dependent on the computer, and I seldom trust those for something like streaming, so what I am looking to do is actually use vMix to do my lower third captions and video playout but take that output into my ATEM switcher and use the Vidiu for streaming. So, using a relatively low spec laptop to add good quality graphics and playout into the stream via the ATEM, plus you get a backup switcher and streaming device thrown in :-)
I need to do some tests yet but hoping to either be able to get an alpha output or against a green background to key out.
Yep, just tested it and I can get a live title into the ATEM, editable live from vMix, keyed on to the program and also with the ability to playout video content etc. I think this has some useful potential :-) I'll try and put a little video together to show what I am doing next week.
Yes, HDMI out from an Intensity Pro 4K card.
I went with the green background option but I'll just check to see if I can get a transparency out of it, I figured not.
OK, finally got round to trying this out with reasonable success, it's not without a few quirks but I think it could be made to work fairly effectively.
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