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Q&A Day: GH5 225-Area Focus vs 1-Area Focus, Zebra Striping, Editing in Lumafusion, and Much More!

Photo Moment - August 28, 2017

We haven't done one of these in a little while. Let's answer some of these questions that have been building up. Was your question on the Answering Block?

M7MMD ZS - 2:29 - Edit 4K 60fps in iMovie?
Directed by Medina - 6:14 - Can I use this ( Monitor with the G7
Matt Nelson - 11:37 - Difference between 225-Area Focus vs 1-Area Focus on the GH5.
Roughneck Barbell - 16:13 - Is the BGGH5 weatherproofed? Does it compromise the GH5's weather proofing?
001Elpato - 17:30 - Edit 120fps/1080p or 240fps/720p in Lumafusion
Tech life - 20:32 - How to import high quality files into Lumafusion on iPad Pro
KingsRX - 23:58 - How Zebra striping works on GH5
SkateTube - 26:50 - Get GX8 to an ISO lower than 200
Jason Satterwhite - 30:23 - Can you reprogram the back dial of the GH5 to adjust gain/ISO in manual movie mode and not adjust shutter.


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