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Shutter Speed vs Shutter Angle ► Thoroughly Explained and Demonstrated

Photo Moment - May 25, 2018

Ever wondered what the heck shutter angle is, how it compares to shutter speed, and if you should really care or not? 

5:09 Understanding, and optimal, shutter speed
10:38 Come to India!
12:02 Shutter Angle
17:43 Setting up your LUMIX camera for shutter angle
20:52 Synchro scan; setup and usage

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That should be everything? Was there something I missed? Or maybe something you want clarification on?

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go it , I was in synchro scan , switched it off and now its working.
Late to the game here... but, when considering VFR, should the degrees still remain at 180d? I.e, say I'm shooting 1080p@24, but am shooting at 120fps in Variable Frame Rate. What should the degrees be?
I have seen this turtorial several times and I understand the sync and thee moore preciseness but still I really don't get why/where you loose aprox. 1 step of light. Should'nt it be the same at 25 fps to 50 of a sec. in exposure as 180 deg.= half the time ? In what manner isn't that equal with half the exposure as the 180 degrees to 360 ? Should'nt it in fact (but not possible) the exposure need to be 100 of a sec for 25 fps ? Where do we loose time for enaugh light to the sensor ?
Thanks for watching! Ok… 180d shutter means it’s exposing for HALF of the TIME of that frame’s existence, right? If you’re shooting 25fps, then each frame occupies 1/25 of a second. Half of that is 1/50, so your exposure is 1/50 second. If you’re shooting 50fps, then each frame occupies 1/50 of a second, so then a 180d shutter is a 1/100s exposure — again, half of the existence of that frame.
@PhotoJoseph About so .... I thaught but you have "clearing up my mind" so I ubderstand it as well. 😅 Huge thanks ! 😘 Its a litle bit harder to get it when you not are a "native" to the language.
Fair! And glad to help :-)
V clear and useful but I always understood that 180 shutter in film cameras was 180 degrees because the shutter needed to be closed while the film pulled down. Puzzling.
Great video! Still 180 rule doesn't apply with high framerates
If your intent is to slow it back down to 30 or 24 fps, then you’re right.
@PhotoJoseph The best video on this matter that i found was: "Motion Blur, Shutter Speed, & 180° Shutter Angle // TESTING the RULES! " and the idea is that with less motion you expect to get less blur, so if you slow down 50fps, you'd need to stick to 180 rule. If you're not, it's more natural to see a full 360 (1/50th) shutter. Complex issue :)
That it is! Since you’re enjoying my videos, if you like the complex topics, you’ll enjoy this one:
Best explanation of SS, frame-rate and angle I've ever watched - NOW I actually understand! Just got a GH5 and got a lot of other info and tips from your other videos.. Thank you!
Thank you! Now if you want to understand the math behind the flicker… check this one out next:
If you had to guess (or if you know the answer), what would be the maximum difference in the standard FPS x 2 = SS model before audio becomes noticeably unsynced to the human eye during playback?
I don’t understand the question. Shutter speed has nothing to do with audio sync.
Well, eventually the video will playback with either a ton of motion blur or staccato and stop-motion-y. If you were to interview someone, wouldn’t pushing the shutter to either of these extremes make the audio not line up with the persons mouth?
@Tom Cashman no… but please explain the situation, with numbers.
You explained the shutter speed an shutter angle very good. I like the video and u r funny😂
Glad you liked it! Don't forget to subscribe! ;-)
@PhotoJoseph i already did that🦉
Thanks !!!!!!!!!! Well explained.
Does the shutter angle affect the responsiveness or speed of the AFC focus in the GH5?
I shot an indoor gig of a 6-piece band on a large stage last week with lots of new custom settings, one of which being 240deg. Even filming with 3x GH5 cameras I had to do a lot of panning around and zooming to get close-ups on each person, and the AFC performance was very slow.
Hm, no… frameRATE can affect AF though. IIRC the GH5 samples 60 times per second so 60FPS is best AF performance, 30fps would be slightly less (although probably not recognizable), but 24 may be slower. I think that’s right; it’s been a while since I looked at those numbers.
@PhotoJoseph I'm UK so was at 25fps. I don't shoot gigs at 50fps, there's not usually enough light. If it was a pop show with a dancing singer under a spotlight; yes I would
Why is it that I always find the best explanation last? Maybe I started at the wrong end? Anyway, best real-world "English" explanation yet. No technobabble or jargon that leaves the viewer as bewildered at the end of the video as he was in the beginning. You explained this concept better than they did in film school. Well done PhotoJoseph.
Wow thank you, I really appreciate that. You might appreciate this video next, then. In this one I explore why we get flicker from certain lights and how to avoid it, from a very technical perspective. It’s just math! ;-)
the wikipedia video was great. Now the term "angle" makes more sense, by showing the cirular disk... Thanks!
You’re welcome!
thank you! Funny, this video is suddenly getting views… thanks for watching!
Thank you so much!! It was soooo well explained an easy to understand!!
How much time a rotor shutter takes to comple a single 360 Deg. rotation?
Is it 1 Second?
You have misunderstood how shutter angle works. Please watch the video again.
@24 fps the least it would be is 1/24
Thank you, very valuable information for me. My question is - how to find the closest to 180 degree shutter angle value, if my camera allows me to control only EV and ISO?? There is got to be a way to estimate these values for 30fps and 60fps. Thanks
double your frame rate. At 30fps, 180d shutter is 1/60s
@PhotoJoseph Thank you! Tried to do so, there is no option to switch shutter speed... only EV compensation and ISO
you have to be in manual exposure mode
Thanks for a really good explain for this. The benefit with the YouTube and guys like you. If you wonder how thinks works out just search and find the answer. You are a really “to go” at the subscribe button :) again thanks for good and exactly explanation.
glad it was helpful!
Hello! I can set my G9 to shutter angle...
I assume that was a question not a statement… and no, the G9 does not have shutter angle, sorry
really cool! Thanks a lot - super helpful ;) AND subscribed :)
Awesome thanks!
Thanks. If you want to do slow mo, do you leave the setting at 180?
that's an excellent question. I will often to go 360d when shooting slowmo. Say you're shooting at 120fps; at a 180d shutter that's a 1/240s shutter speed. That's fast. Even at a 360d shutter it's still 1/120th. Either way your frames are going to be pretty motion-blur-less, so the answer is more about how much light you have than the look. Unless your subject is really fast, it'll be hard to tell the difference.
OMG this would be very informative but I can't get over how fast your speak. It's very distracting. Sorry don't mean to be negative. Good video but hard to follow because of this.
You can slow down the youtube video to 0.75 speed
wow so i've just watched a thousand other videos with wrong informations only to see finally the right one here.. subbed
Awesome thank you! Wrong information? That’s unfortunate!
I subscribed your chanel for this video, first time learn about that. Hope this helps for my Gh5 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Awesome! Also watch this one:
This doesnt make a lot of sense to me when it comes to higher frame rates. If 24p 48th gives the right blur to match the eye and 24 120th looks bad how is adding frames to get 60p 120th going to change the blur from the bad look of 24/120th to a good look at 60/120th? Am I crazy or isn't the blur you get at 120th going to be the same for any FR from 1-120p? Logic seems to say that above 48FPS you would want the FR and shutter to be the same to stay as close to the 48th that looks realistic? Unless you want crazy detailed slow motion I dont see the point?
Right, I understand the confusion. If 1/48th blur looks right, how does a different shutter speed blur look “right” just because the frame rate changes? It’s not just about the amount of blur, but the amount of non-blur between frames. If you think about 180d being HALF of the time you see a scene being exposed, instead of thinking of it as a shutter speed, then it makes more sense. No matter what frame rate you’re shooting at, at 180d shutter, HALF of the time you see that scene you’ll see exposed frames, which will have some amount of motion blur, and HALF of the time you see that scene there will be no frames captured. Does that make more sense? It’s all subjective of course, This is the general rule of what is considered “normal”, but you can change it (as directors do) to suit the scene.
Let me tell you this video has been the most clarifying one I found about this topic. Thank you so much. You got a new sub.
Ah. 180 degree shutter automatically does the math for you.
Basically, yep.
Great explanation!
If you know the stuff and just want to know why it's called "angle" go to 14:00
In film nomenclature is borrowed from a variety of different sources: math, science, art, psychology, etc. Some are just made up names and phrases that stuck. Others updated from historic disciplines like Best boy. Still others come from the name of the creator. I'm going to go with math until I'm told otherwise.
Just Subscribed to your channel, very thorough explanation, thanks! You have converted me to degrees.
Great thank you
Very useful video thank you! I presume since the shutter angle is fixed at 180 degrees for video we can no longer rely on the shutter to correct exposure and have to adjust other settings to control the light?
That is correct. In a variable light situation, your best friend is the variable ND filter.

If ISO changes, then dynamic range and noise can change (this is, IMHO, the best component to have change automatically if you’re shooting semi-auto or using a camera setting to adjust exposure).

If shutter speed/angle changes, depending on the motion in the scene, that can change the look of the shot (smooth vs jittery movement).

If the aperture changes, then the depth of field changes. Plus unless you have a lens with stepless aperture, you’ll see the jumps from stop to stop.

So, best method is to lock all three settings and control the light reaching the sensor with a variable ND!
Excellent, thank you!
You’re welcome! If you liked that, here’s my SUPER geeky video on the topic…
Thanks for the vídeo
Explained in a clear and precise way, without any of the useless and wild cut scenes found in other peoples content. You've got a great way about you, and a new subscriber. Cheers!
Thank you I appreciate that!!
Hi Joseph, thanks for the video, very helpful! I have a different question though...Would you mind sharing your set-up for PIP and how you source all your different angles in this video?
I film a lot of depositions and Im trying to find a seamless way of filming the witness and at the same time bring up a separate image (exhibit) via an elmo. Thanks for your time.
I’ve actually done several videos on my live stream setup, and I’m sorry to say that it’s much more complex than it appears! Watch this video first and from there, here’s a three-part very detailed look at my setup (although it’s over a year old now and some details have changed).
You’re a genius, thanks for all your vids. Just finished your course and was sooo helpful!!! You da man 🧙‍♂️
Awesome, thank you!
Thanks so much
awesome explained!
Thanks for the video, I have changed to shutter angle but can not get back to SEC/ISO, I am in video mode, I can only change to either angle/ISO or SEC/db, if I change to SEC/ISO it will not do it, what I am doing wrong please?
Super informative, very 
well explained! Thanks.
Awesome, thanks! I like doing these harder topics… they don't get as many views, but they info is good to get out there.
Thank you so much 🙏
Great video, thank you!
Slow down !! Less coffe perhaps ! ;-)
Couldnt agree more.
perfect explanation! thank you!
Thank you, and you’re welcome!
When you finally arrive at the right place, thank you so much.
grande! love people knowing what they talk about!
Best complement ever 😊
Great teacher :) ! thank you!
Thank you I appreciate that
A clear an concise explanation to a difficult to grasp topic. Thanks you!
My pleasure
Nicely explained
IF I have another question on my GH5, I will be back to your channel. Good delivery, respectful and well informed. Thank you
Thank you!
Every time I think I’ve settled on the G9 I learn something about the GH5 that makes me reconsider which is right for me. Very well presented, by the way.
Thanks! And yeah, it’s a hard choice. Have you seen my GH5 vs G9 comparison?
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