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SmallRig ► the Svelte Cage for your LUMIX GH5 (or Sony, Blackmagic, Canon, Fuji, Red…)

Photo Moment - December 01, 2017

What's a cage, and why do you need one anyway? I recently bought a SmallRig cage for my LUMIX GH5, and want to show you what it can do! SmallRig also has cages for Sony, Cannon, Nikon, and more!

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Comments from YouTube

Hi PhotoJoseph from Australia. Love the small rig cage for my GH5. My only query is how to I get better bokeh with this camera
Faster lenses. My fastest is the 25mm f/0.95. Pretty sweet!
Do you know if the SmallRig cage on a GH5 will fit most tripods like a Vanguard tripod?
@Major Keanu yea, been watching on flixzone for years myself :D
@Major Keanu yup, have been using Flixzone for years myself :D
Great show , My experience with the SmallRig GH5 cage (New Version): I recently purchased the New GH5 cage and thought I would reach out to you with my issues with this cage.

First is the Function and Button access:
The Record button is not easy to find or reach while holding the cage in a normal manner.
The on/off switch has barely enough room to turn the switch off.
The Bottom Battery door access: In order to use an A/C adapter in a Studio setting in place of a battery, you have to remove the cage to install the A/C adapter. there is a wire that comes down that routes through the bottom front of the camera body but the cage interferes with this installation.
Also in addition the flip out screen on the GH5 is partially covered by the frame when the view is from the front.
All valid observations, thanks for sharing. I don’t think any cage can be completely out of the way and still exist, but all good points. I’ll say for the record button though… if you’re in Movie mode then the shutter button works for that too. Might make it easier on you. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks! Also check out this cage for the GH5, thinking about getting it...
UPC: 840534102180
You Pay: $229.00
Nice Vibe Mate, Subbed to all your glory
🙏🏻 thanks!
Just notice your GH5 grip rubber coming off too, this is quite common cosmetic problem, poor rubber quality.
Where did you see this?
You got rubber coming off right under your shutter button on hand grip where you put your index finger.
Nato rails & clamps + nato handle would result in a faster to (dis)assemble rig. That's what I did.
You could also mount your streaming device to the back end of the handle - it has a vertical cold shoe there.
I think it’d get in the way of the handle there, but maybe not.
viendo time 26:35
Hi Joseph. BTW have you got an SmallRig reference number of the hinged plate for attaching the Ninja to the Case?
Search 1842. It’s called a “monitor holder”. Be sure to start by going to so you get 10% off your order :-)
I have the SmallRig cage for the G85 plus the handle and some accessories to hold the bits for my Macro Rig, so these cages can be usefull for stills photographers as well.
You can purchase from the main site shown here as well as some other places.
I have found "cinemarig (2559)" to be very good and always answer questions about what goes with what when you are staring. They will also send you spares if necessory.

Really good gear for the price
I have this cage and the fixed handle, great product. I also have their g7 cage also, and just got it their new rail/ holder rig set up and it is also very nice. @photojoseph Good show as always.
Thanks! I didn’t know some came with a fixed handle. It can’t come off?
@photojoseph By fixed I meant it dose not slide so you choose where you want it. It just screws in with 2 1/4 20's just like yours. Here is a link.
Great show Joseph, playing with SmallRig cages is deeply comforting, resonates with building Meccano in childhood. I would need a line to enjoy it at your pace though.
Hello Joseph, which microphone did you have attached to this rig?
SHURE VP83 w/windsock (dead 🐱)
Thank you Sir
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