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Taking Pictures with ONE (left) Hand ► Solving for Paul de Gelder

Photo Moment - May 21, 2018

In Casey Neistat's 368 vlog on 5/19 he interviews Paul de Gelder, who mentions how difficult it is for him to operate a camera with only his LEFT hand. I have some ideas, and plan to share them live!

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I want this camera i am very needy
Thank you... I’ve owned a DSLR camera for ages but haven’t really used it as I only have one arm (left) and found it so fiddly. I like the battery pack idea, I guess my only concern is weight. I don’t wear a prosthesis but I have wear and tear on my left arm..... still, I’ll give it a go.
Thanks again. Matina👏🏻👍
I would LOVE to hear if this works out for you!
I really needed this advice. I had a stroke and I can't use my right hand and I've been concerned about using my camera since it is designed for a right handed person. At least now I can try to use it until the right hand comes back. IF it comes back. Thank you again.
I'm sorry to hear about your situation but so glad I made this video and that it hopefully can help you! I wish you the best and a full recovery.
terrible-video:what if the personlost almost entire right arm?
Way to bring it down. I didn’t make this video for someone who lost their entire right arm, did I. This was extremely specific.
Hey I just broke my right hand and it has a POP on it do u know other solutions to this problem
What’s a POP? (And sorry about the hand)
Great video!! I have a paralyzed arm (right) but I want to take pictures. For now I have the unique left handed camera (Fujifilm instax square sq10) but it was an istant camera.
Could you recommend a camera in which I can use the accesories that you've spoken on the video?
The cameras I’m using are LUMIX; the GH5 and G9 both have the battery grip available ( and respectively), if you want to try the “upside down” shooting method.
Wow. ..... You just gave me hope on maby just maby i can continue taking photos after a car accident last year i got messed up in my left arm sholder and neck and im right handed so i cant hold my camera for more then maby 6 shots before the pain is to bad my left is fine. I will have to try to turn my camera will borrow a friends extra battery/ grip and cross my fingers. Thanks for the tips
Awesome!! Be sure to let me know how it works out. This is all theory until someone actually does it. Good luck!!
PhotoJoseph will do thats for sure 😀
This was really great. I know that part of your job is making these videos but this was very thoughtful. I'm a Lumix user and I find your videos very insightful. Keep up the good work.
What do you think? Any other ideas for Paul?
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