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Vectorscopes, Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera, ATEM 2 M/E… what the heck am I missing?!

Photo Moment - October 20, 2017

I've come up with a new, better way to calibrate the Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K attached to the ATEM 2 M/E using the Atomos Ninja Assassin. But it's still not perfect… what am I missing?!


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Calibrated is always worth it. Only way to match all your cameras and displays.
Yep… then it goes to someone's crappy PC screen and looks like rubbish 😂
Can you take into Resolve and cross check on it's scopes?
DId you resolve this?
Woops, you got to Resolve...
All this calibration can be done only on BM cameras or we can do Canon , Sony ,Ikegami ( Yes Old Television CCD )
I calibrate multi-cam setups for live events with this color chart. The Sony FS7 i.e. has User-Matrix control which lets me identify each color (Red, Magenta, Blue, Cyan, Green and Yellow) and modify hue and saturation individually. This puts the dots on a vector scope in the right places. By that matching FS7's with i.e. different lenses is much easier. Other cameras might not have a multi-matrix function and so matching "in-camera" is much more difficult and final correction has to be done in post.
I second that. It is a great plus of the Sony FS7 to match it to different cameras or lens configurations (at least as close as possible). Not so important for short films but for live or events with projections on big screens it is crucial to have it. Some mixing solutions do kind of color correction but we record many times in-camera as well (parallel to the live caption) for backup or quality reasons. So color correction in the console is not ideal for that case. And in case there is a tight budget it is better to have everything coming straight out of the camera with correct colors than fixing it in post. Especially if you do the switching live and have only a program feed to work with.
It would be a big point on the wishlist of most cameras to have this user matrix feature. I have a C100m2 as well with a kind of user matrix but it is not as easy to use and precise as the FS7 one. There is still some way to go ;-)
Did you focus Micro Studio Camera with atem/bm soft control? Or did it auto? What lens was on it?
PhotoJoseph My thing is that I teach people how to draw. So now im looking for a lens that would allow me this situation at a one man show: mount micro studio camera on a rode psa mic arm and to be able to move camera down for close in to show details and then move out to a larger picture A4 paper. Right now I do it with amateur way of Switcherstudio and iphone which autofocus is good. So now my issue is can I achieve that focus (auto would be best) with bmmsc any way? Or could I use a manual focus once in move camera in/out? What would be your solution?
PhotoJoseph Thnks! I also got advised to get Micro Cinema/s (one guy from shop told me that the same lens was autofocusing on mcc and not on msc) but i really dislike dull colors from what I have seen. ;/ theoretically i could do studio on my talking head and cinema/other camera on drawigns but I would need to color correct it? Can i prepare that correction before going live? And what about manual focus? Or would a solution like this could work: make camera fixed above desk and get zoom lens for setung it manually when i want to bring viewer closer to the drawing?
PhotoJoseph Thanks again for your help and expertise! So glad i found you thanks to Luria and David. I will get 4 lenses for testing as i can return them if they dont work. Will also refer few of my friends wanting to build their mini studio to your videos. Again, you rock! :)
Ive tested this once with my Blackmagic Micro Cinema camera under normal home lights. Colors were way off. I need to test it with my LEDs and see if colors are more in line. Great video btw - helps me by knowing you had a lot of the same questions.
hello Joseph I have my GH5 v2.0 which is blocking it then I remove the Bluetooth and it is unlock I do not know if else have found this too much problem. Alain
PhotoJoseph I ended up with my camera GH5 complement blog nothing worked, I removed the battery always the same blocked then looking a lot of time I realized that Bluetooth and wifi was activate I turned off the Bluetooth and wifi and there the camera to re works this is since the last update
PJ, you're so meticulous! Love your shows man! :)
What type the light do you use for shooting video? 7:52 play when you move the camera all three panel with the light what type? or brand its?
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