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Shooting with VEYDRA Lenses ▶︎ On LUMIX GH5 and GH5S

Photo Moment - October 23, 2018

My friend and filmmaker Sean Marc Nipper is in this morning to talk about his experience shooting with VEYDRA lenses!

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Meike Cinema Lenses are the new’re welcome...
Almost 13 minutes with no footage.
For anyone watching this now in September 2019, its official. Ryan Avery of Veydra announced on their Facebook page that the company is officially out of business " due to the conclusion of ongoing litigation between the founders of the company."

Though its unfortunate, a company called Meike is putting out lenses very similar in build quality for a much cheaper price.
Are the 8.5 inches from the tip of the lens or from where the sensor is?
I’m sorry but this was awkward as sin. Feels like a Tim and Eric parody
Why cant i find them anywhere
read through the comments here
Yes sadly Veydra appears to be gone. Some of the ones you see for sale on ebay may well be some of the inventory that was stolen. This experiment was a great micro 4/3's cine option ....... now ...... ?
No footage waste of time.
Is the company still running . On the Facebook pagina not so muts activity
Read through the comments here. Some insight into what’s happening there.
I know 🤪🤪🤪
I hope Veydra didn't go out of business.
EDIT: You can contact me on facebook: Olaf Reinhard Weyer
Since this is a relatively new video, perhaps someone can help me out of a dilemma.
The lens mounts on the Veydras are interchangeable across systems and they are all the same on each lens. The mounts go for 150 Dollars but the Veydra store is broken, BHP doesn't carry them, Duclos lenses doesn't either. Does someone have an Veydra MFT lens and would rather have a Sony (NEX) lens? I would like to swap lens mounts. We could trade them to each other on Ebay (auction, instant buy) for security reasons, if deemed necessary.
All it takes is a screwdriver, insanely simple. We can also trade the lenses of course, but it seems kind of pointless to swap glass when could just exchange the mounts themselves only.
I think they needed to be T1.6. the M43 sensor loves light :)
i'll show you graded Yucatan and Veydra side by side you won't tell one from another :)
emmm I am curious about that how can you achieve pull the hdmi cable to the macbook HDMI port ,and get the image from camera? that's what I saw in the video ^^
HDMI from the camera is going to my switcher, not the Mac.
@PhotoJoseph yep I get it
Considering they aren't easily available anymore, opinions on the Olympus PRO primes as substitutes? They've got focus clutch to avoid the focus by wire too.
Those are great lenses but really a different beast. Part of the benefit of these lenses is identical sizing and gearing positions for cages and focus knobs. I think it really depends on what you need. Just need a single lens with direct or clutched focus? Get whatever works for you. But if you need what the Veydras provide then I’m not sure what else is available at that price point.
Olympus camera user. How do you manage getting the right exposure with manual lenses, the EVF won't show the actual image, I figure because there is no electronic information from the lens.
You don’t need any information. The light that reaches the sensor defines the exposure. I use LUMIX (same as Olympus in this regard) and use lots of completely manual lenses.
@PhotoJoseph Perhaps I wasn't clear enough. With my "normal" lenses (autofocus, electronic contacts) the EVF displays the image as it will be taken. With manual lenses the taken image deviates dramatically from what I see in the EVF. The exposure is completely off (under exposed or over exposed). When I change the iris on the lens, I am actually witness too how the image in the EVF doesn't gradually go from bright to dark for instance, it's more like the sensor having hickups, so that tells me that exposure is never ever correctly displayed. I have several manual lenses and use them on several cameras, it's the same phenomenon across the board.
Aha. Somewhere in the settings will be an option like “constant preview” (that’s what it’s called on Panasonic). This shows the exposure preview; basically showing what will be captured. You would disable this when working with studio strobes but otherwise it should be on.
In Olympus it is something similar to that (which I don't remember the name of, but I always have that enabled) and then there is Live View Boost, the opposite, it adjusts brightness of your EVF depending on outside conditions. I have turned that off always "also".
I'm at the end of my wits.
I don’t know what to tell you man… except, buy a LUMIX? 😬😬😁
These are cinema lenses, whats the point of refering to them in their photography full frame equivalent focal lenght?
For perspective. If you’re used to thinking that way then that number makes sense to you.
About the "play" in the m43 mount. Veydra released a universal lens support that secures the lens 100% from any rotation play. It's a great companion product for these lenses, allowing aggressive focus pulls if needed. The lens support can also stay in place on your rods while you swap lenses.
Dude, can't you backup your configuration before you loan it out?
Yes. Didn’t think about it.
Next video, with the voigtlanders who tell you on twitter. ;)
You can't buy them anywhere! They're out of business. Cool that you have them, but they're done.
Hopefully they will pull out of their struggle and survive
Ahh, freedom from the hideous non-linearity of the Panasonic/PanaLeica focus-by-wire abomination... I'm sold. Remind me again, when did they say they'd be giving us a linear option in firmware by?
this footage is so great! I'm so glad I got to see what it would look like to use these lenses with a gh5.
theyve been removed from BHphotovideo and their store website is down
Just went searching as these were on my list to purchase for the office and they are unavailable on B&H and now Amazon. Anyone know what's up?
Read through the comments here.
5:02 why hell would you pick up a camera and start distracting the hell out of your host?! Pay attention to your host. Very amateur!
I'm curious how they would compare optically to the olympus f1.2 lenses (given the extra speed). also with a speed booster on m43 and sigma 18-35mm f1.8 you are essentially getting constant apature f1.2
This Veydra company really shook up the industry when they release these lenses after their kickstarter campaign, before they came along the market was populated with over-priced products and marquee brands, (beside some re-housed samyang lenses based from their stills line). After them, every major brand started to release similar products at a much lower cost from before, even zeiss! I do hope they can come around to continue to produce their really great products...
Too bad you can't get them from Veydra anymore....
The focus breathing from the Veydra's is very noticeable. Nobody ever seems to mention this.
Is it? Someone asked about that on the show but Sean hadn’t seen it. That’s unfortunate.
It's near zero.
ah, let's fix it in post!
I own a kit of these. 😁 Backed them back on Kickstarter and luckily that turned out alright giving me a really good deal on them. Adam Wilt and Noah Kroll were some of the first hands on with these and boy did they hold up impressively! The have a pretty tame but professional and repeatable character to them, very good for commercial work. For something a little more flavored sorta say, it's hard to deny 'cheap' vintage prime sets such as the Contax Zeiss ones (I have a bunch of these) and Leica Summicron-R (got the 35 & 50mm f/2 E55 myself). Love the official PrimeCircle Zeiss conversions done by LockCircle. But those prices... ouch.

Ryan Avery went on to do different things for other brands (like Tokina) and I'm pretty sure Veydra is pretty much dead in the water, with no new production, support and development. Which is unfortunate. They also had intentions of doing anamorphics when the GH4 got a firmware upgrade with anamorphic mode, but had to abandon it as future cameras would use different crops and such. They could've disrupted the scene a little more still. But of course then as well Rokinon/Samyang/Walimex Pro developed the XEEN line-up. Sigma entered the cinema glass range. Tokina expanded on theirs. Fujifilm came with the MKX18-55 T2.9 & MKX50-135mmT2.9. Angenieux did the impressive Type EZ Series. Albeit all bigger and more expensive.

That's still the major appeal of the Veydras... quite compact and sorta less expensive even than some of that current f/1.2,f/1.4-violence we've been seeing from Panasonic/Leica and Olympus PRO. They're a perfect match with the GH line-up. And... as they do cover APS-C, there's mount kits. I've got an E-mount conversion kit lying around, because way back when the A6300 was rumored and was looking alright (but I was way disappointed in it to actually consider buying one). Nowadays you'd have a hard time getting your hands on these accessories. Might be some old stock around a a few places and people sell stuff 2nd hand, but all things Veydra have pretty much become unicorn status.
Thanks for the info. According to others here in the comments, they are actually still in business but are struggling to recover from the meter theft last year. What a shame.
@PhotoJoseph I don't think they are in business anymore. If they are I'd be sure as hell interested in finally receiving the stuff that I bought from them but never received and never got refunded for despite hitting them up numerous times. Dudes owe me a few hundred dollars right now.
Oh that sucks
If they weren’t t2.2 they’d sound perfect.
It's basically F2.0 ... What's not to like??
Yucatan lens instead Samyang haha!!
was wireless follow focus used with the ronin-S?
Louis Rafael Rosenthal No. The Ronin S only supports mechanical lenses and not all of them as of yet.
Veydra aren't on B&H because they had their warehouse broken into in March 2017 where they lost over 200 lenses. Being a small company, I believe they're still recovering!
I'd presume it's because Veydra isn't as large a company as some might think - they're very much a boutique company. I'd imagine loosing so much inventory probably means there are other more pressing financial priorities.
Hey, I'm the guy who posted the out of business thing. I have a Veydra lens so it's a bit concerning. I talked with a rep from duclos lenses who said the company is still in business but that lenses are hard to come by right now. They literally had $200, 000 in lenses stolen from them, which as a startup can be crippling. Hopefully they stick around cuz their lenses are great!
Thanks for sharing that. I hope they do stick around!
The break in was 18 months ago. Their own store is down. They have no new stock for sale at leading retailers. They have no contact information on their site. Sad to say, but all signs point to their being out of business.
There’s a legal dispute between the two owners of Veydra. Nothing to do with the break in. Until this gets resolved dealers cannot sell Veydra lenses without warranty. If they do sell them then they’ll take on the warranty themselves that’s why if you do find a reseller the lenses will be way more than $899.
Love Glass baby! Love great service!
My friend and filmmaker Sean Marc Nipper is in this morning to talk about his experience shooting with VEYDRA lenses!

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