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Yes, ATEM Mini has PREVIEW!

Photo Moment - December 20, 2019

There's a little misinformation about PREVIEW vs MULTI-VIEW on the ATEM Mini out there, and I wanted to clarify. This video explains the differences between PROGRAM, PREVIEW and MULTI-VIEW, and how to enable true PREVIEW mode on your ATEM Mini!

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Very helpful video! One thing I might add is that in order to get into the ATEM setup settings, you must be connected via USB. Those settings will be greyed out if you're just connected over ethernet. But if you access them with USB, you can then go in there and enable the settings to also be available over ethernet.
Finally found this video that describes the ATEM mini functionality in a comprehensive way.
이걸 몰라서 몇 년을 허비했나
😅마침내 도움이 될 수 있어서 기뻐요!
thank you very much. Although I am watching this after 4 years, there is till a lot to learn from this video. Please is there anyway to preview using the Atem software. i.e show the preview on your Macbook?
Thanks for watching. There’s a couple ways you could get the ATEM video on your computer screen. If you are controlling the ATEM over the network, then you can use the USB output to connect to a WebCam software or OBS. That will show you the program. However, if you want the preview or the multiview, then the only way to do that is to use one of the AGEM HDMI outputs and run that into a HDMI to USB converter and then into your computer and again use OBS or something like that to see it.
I had the solution of my problems in 9:12. Thans!!! Your videos is the one on the internet thar have how to solv this problem with the green button!! Thans again!!!
Uff, I though my little Atem Mini was not capable of preview, little did i know now I can!! 🙌🏻
Yes you can! 😃
Hey, Joseph! What's other kind of HDMI Monitor can we use instead of desview??
@@photojoseph and you plug it on HDMI output of Atem mini i think?
@@photojoseph thank you
Anything. Any HDMI monitor should work. Even an old TV.
Can we have pre view from HDMI output and at the same time we have program out put? So we can see put put and record also.
Thanks for information
That requires two HDMI ports which is what the Extreme model has. However all current models of the ATEM mini will record to a USB drive so you don’t gave to use the HDMI feed to record.
Crak total... gracias desde Buenos Aires...
Wow wow just the right video I needed
Hi, in case you want multiview (sorta) feelworld & seetech has available a multiview monitor with 4 inputs and 4 hdmi loop through that can be used, at least for camera previews.
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LIVE saver. Thank you
You're welcome!
Why is it well hidden.. was searching this feature since using small monitor
can't say why but I'm glad you found it!
It would be great if you would do a tutorial on using the Stream deck with the ATEM & OBS
That’s been on my list for a while. I’ve covered it in live events but never in a comprehensive video 🤔
after years using atem mini, i just know that atem mini also can do this. wow, thanks!
Simple explanation that was spot on, well done ❤
The ATEM Mini ISO and Mini Pro both have Multiview, but I can see the regular ATEM Mini does not. Another interesting thing to note, on the Mini Pro and Mini ISO, you can press and hold the PGM button to enable Preview Out on the HDMI output.
Well then, that’s news to me! Neat!!
The ATEM Mini ISO and Mini Pro both have Multiview, but I can see the regular ATEM Mini does not. Another interesting thing to note, on the Mini Pro and Mini ISO, you can press and hold the PGM button to enable Preview Out on the HDMI output.
Can you make a video to explain please
I like your setup please send me basic for hardware simple using atem to obs
very helpful, thanks a lot. Also for extreme iso 👍
This is an invaluable video! So well done, straight to the point, clearly planned and executed. Many thanks from this newbie!
Thank you 🙏🏻
You are a life save on the Preview options was so frustrated, bit knowing how to select program preview. Your video enabled me to change that and do a few things on the Atem Mini Pro ISO. Thank you so much.
I can only connect to the ATEM via the ethernet network cables via the ATEM app, but I really need to be able to preview footage on the network connected laptop. Is this just impossible? I see HDMI and USB-c are the normal way but I'm too far away for those wires.
Thank you, great man!
Good info but I had to go through 8 minutes of fluff to get the info I needed.
5:31 My use case of direct inputs. When I record my gaming i use hdmi 1 for game hdmi 2 for camera, hdmi 3 and four are connected to the pc, one used as an chat preview, one used as web browser preview. And now i can change my monitor to chat, web, preview monitor and multicam (i have a pro version, but you can do it on streamdeck or whatever)
Is there any special requirement on the monitor you are using to see the preview? Asking as I have connected a thinkvision one but it does not show anything?
Make sure your ATEM has latest firmware. There were issues in early formware with some monitors.
Brilliant work! Thank you.
Hello, please i try doing all the setup you shown but my Church ATEM MINI preview is not working
"not working" doesn't help me to help you. That tells me nothing, my friend.
Crazy good quality information! I love Youtube
Glad you enjoy it!
Wow. That's great.
Looks like the ATEM Mini's HDMI "Output" menu is what other ATEM models call the "AUX" output.
Why is it a good thing? That’s not clear why it’s needed.
To be able to see what you’re about to but to air, especially if you’re building a lower third or some other graphic on top of it.
Is there a way to duplicate the program feed on the ATEM mini pro ISO so that I can simultaneously encode the live stream and send the program feed (audio and video) to other rooms in our church building in real time?
You don’t need hdmi to live stream; that happens internally over Ethernet. To hit multiple hdmi destinations you need an hdmi splitter or distributor. But you’ll have to test; not all of them work with the ATEM.
Thaks a lot, didn`t figured it out in months
wow....thank you, still work in 2022
First, I can't thank you enough for this great tutorial and insight. It was a huge help for our livestream. QUESTION: In the Atem Software, under output, I select preview but it doesn't save that preference. Each time we fire up the Atem mini, we have to go back into the output menu to select preview. Is there a way to save this preference so it automatically comes up?
Thanks very much.
Can you run preview through the laptop instead of the hdmi out?
I have tried 3 different monitors and none of them show an image when attached to the ATEM mini. Is there a trick to connecting the monitor. I am connecting with HDMI to the HDMIn output on the ATEM mini. The USB C output is connected to my MAC.
Do you have any cameras plugged in?
Great information on the device. Do you have a video demonstrating Picture in Picture and how to increase the size of it? Thanks for the videos you have up. I’ve already learned much.
very gooood
Hello Joseph. Alexander from Puerto Rico. I have a question about; is thereba way that I can set up the hardware and swithch the camwras by itself while I recording or broadcasting?? I mean if I am doing something by myself alone and I want the Mini change the cameras themselves using the auto button, is that possible? Let me know. I havent buoght the Item yet, and thats why Im interesting to get it..
You can easily build a macro that changes angles on any pattern you like then set it to repeat. Cam1, pause 5 seconds, cam2, pause 5, etc.
What an outstanding video. One of the best YouTube tutorials I've ever seen. Really well done sir! 👍
Thank you kindly!
excellent explanation, thanks!
Sucks that you have to use the USB-C (USB2) port because I get framerate issues in OBS sometimes using this
@@LewisCostin got it. Although you should not have had issues with USB. Is your computer underpowered?
@@photojoseph external capture device using the HDMI monitor output. Solved the fps issues I was getting.
What else would you use other than USB…
What is the name of the little monitor?
I'm looking into a second monitor to capture preview shots. I have a extra laptop that's not being use currently. Is that a possibility?
Easy enough! I'll give you an update in the near future. And thanks for the speedy reply.
Not unless you also have an extra HDMI to USB converter
Incredible good instructions! Thank you! I am brand new to ATEM Mini and just fund your video and all my problems gone!

Thx helped a lot. 
one question. Is it possible to have not only one picture in picture?

or a method to see three or four cameras in the stream instead of two? 
thanks for help!

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