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Yes, ATEM Mini has PREVIEW!

Photo Moment - December 20, 2019

There's a little misinformation about PREVIEW vs MULTI-VIEW on the ATEM Mini out there, and I wanted to clarify. This video explains the differences between PROGRAM, PREVIEW and MULTI-VIEW, and how to enable true PREVIEW mode on your ATEM Mini!

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Just asking, why my monitor showed 'no input' after i choose 'preview' mode? Same goes if i select 'program'. My monitor just display on 'camera 1 direct' option. Fyi, i can't switched preview on my monitor like yours. Can you / anyone help me plz? 🙏🏽
Is your ATEM full up to date? There were some updates to address compatibility with certain monitors a while ago.
@PhotoJoseph i just buy last week n download the software that time too.. Is it possible my mini monitor doesn't support that function? 🤔
@Exry Raxac there are some monitors that just don’t work for some reason, unfortunately
@PhotoJoseph i thought all hdmi monitor have same function.. Hahaha.. Btw thanks for the reply n answers sir! Best of luck! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Excellent explanation. Clear, concise, and useful.
The HDMI Output on my ATEM MINI doesn't work as it should.
In the ATEM Software Control, the 'Camera 1 Direct' option works, but none of the others do. I'd like to have the HDMI output as 'Preview' mode, so I can see the camera I am about to switch to.
Have tried every available combination of different cameras, different HDMI cables, have tried two different output screens(projector and computer monitor), even tried putting a powered HDMI splitter between the HDMI Output and the screens.
I saw on the BM forum that others have experienced this too, but I didn't see a fix - surely they have sorted this out!?!
The ATEM Mini Firmware is at 8.6.1
It is the original, most basic ATEM Mini
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thankyou.
Try a reset of the hardware. Put it in recovery mode by holding down the upper left “ON” button while connecting to power. That puts it into a state where a firmware update is required. Make sure you have latest firmware installed first (you don’t now).
Brother.. A doubt!! for our church service, we use this atem mini where no preview.. We take video output by that type from c port into vmix where this is perfect to us... One hdmi output port is free now and we a usb capture card too.. By this way, is there any settings hidden to get preview through hdmi port or not preview means second hdmi input as preview??? Waiting for your reply
So you have the original ATEM Mini, not the Pro? If so, then while you don’t have Multiview, you CAN set the HDMI output to be the Preview, and take the Program out of the USB.
@PhotoJoseph yes.. That was how?
@smile change it in the output menu. Don’t I show that in this video? I must.
@PhotoJoseph yes I got my preview... Hahahahahahah thanks a lot brother
Man, you are so good in explaining things, thanks a lot, you just conviced me to buy the device
awesome, thanks!
What about audio singal whether it is balanced mic level singals are unbalanced mic level singals
You can toggle the mic inputs between mic level and line level
great tutorial! helping my church with live streaming and I am using the Atem mini with VMix program. hope I can work this with my setting. Thank you!
You're welcome, Erenia!
How about preview for a supersource? For example if I made different supersource by Macro, can I preview the marco before air to ensure my next supersource is the correct one I want to air?
Sure, just have the macro build the shot in preview instead of program, then bring it to air manually.
@PhotoJoseph do you have any video to follow? I have created 3 different macro in advance, but when Program and Preview are in SuperSource mode, it changes directly in Program.....
do atem mini support the newsoul portable monitor?
The ATEM has a standard HDMI out. So if the monitor is an HDMI monitor, then yes.
@PhotoJoseph it has a hdmi input but get a no support format
@Ozzie Forbes is your ATEM up to date?
Will the preview only be visible on that 5 inch monitor? Or will it also be visible in the OBS preview program split screen page?
Only on the multiview (which can be any size monitor you like)
Hdmi output with voice?
This is a great tutorial. Thank you!!!
Sir please help me live view showing green in camera view how to solv
Another very helpful video!
Awesome video. Been looking for this..thanks a lot.
Very Helpful. Thank you
Hi! do I actually need that extra small monitor to see the preview?
This broadcasting software to view on the computer what is it called? And does it comes with the atem mini?
किसी के पास बिकाऊ है तो सम्पर्क करे
Saved/Made my day!! Thank you!
Love this bro, clear.
Hey you helpt me a lot with these video. Thank you very much!!! Aloha from Switzerland
Solid video! Very helpful. Thank you!
Hi,,pls help gopro did not working when i connect directly hdmi to my atem mini hdmi cable is 15m longer...what should i do?🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Woow ! Thanks so much ! Do you know if there is a way to get the preview in the ATEM software or in OBS ?
ATEM software doesn’t show video, so, no. In OBS, the only way to get preview would be to set the HDMI to Preview (as is shown in this video), and then feed that into the computer via an HDMI to USB adapter.
Thank you for yours tips they helped me a lot, great job and take care. :)
Glad to hear that!
You are a life saver, thank you!
you're welcome, Robert!
One question: is "program" always fed though the USB-C? There's no indication but I assume that is the case. It's only the HDMI that can switch between "program" and "preview". Good video!
That’s right, John. USB-C (webcam) is always Program.
Mr. Joseph ... just a question with OBS ... if you set the ATEM Mini to "Preview", and you set OBS to "Studio" mode (so you can see your preview screen) can you see the preview from the ATEM in OBS before it goes live??
I'm not sure how you would be configuring in OBS. If you set the ATEM Mini to Preview output, that's only the HDMI output. The USB output is always Program. So yes, you could use the HDMI out as Preview in an HDMI monitor, and pick up the Program in OBS, but you will not see the Preview in OBS. There's no way to see both Preview and Program in OBS.
@PhotoJoseph Thank you!!
Good information to know.
I thought so too 😊
Thank you. This video was very helpful as I had the problem of not being able to switch between preview and program from the device. Could only do it from the laptop/software.
Awesome! Yeah it's kind of hidden… not sure why it's in the setup app and not the main app!
Can you select inputs from OBS?
Sure, just connect a computer as one of the ATEM inputs, and output to that “screen” from OBS
Thank you. I use my ATEM MINI fog live streaming sports. Your videos are a big help.
Right on, I love hearing that!
Helpful. Thanks you answered my questions regarding multi-view vs. preview. Thanks.
That's what I like to hear!
Now I just need a bigger boat aka a bigger paycheck haha
What other brands couse I use? And can I find them off of Amazon?
what other brands of what? I don't know what you're asking
This is the best clarification I've seen yet! Thanks!
This was wonderful, thanks for showing the process
You are so welcome!
How to you connect a go pro to the Atem I can’t find good videos about this
Well more specific I have a Osmo Action Camera if anyone knows how to set that up to HDMI
Don't know if the Osmo is different, but GoPro has an option to output clean HDMI. You enable it in the app. There's a big delay though; I think a second or more.
@PhotoJoseph Oh ok thank you anyways for the help
i was updating the atem mini was previewing before but now it does not preview after the update....please help
Check your HDMI output. It’s probably set to something else.
GREAT VIDEO, The best I've seen. Perhaps you could shoot a vid on this because there are a lot of us out there: How to use Aten Mini to broadcast PowerPoint over zoom with Picture in Picture of presenter on / beside the slide. At the moment I just use OBS to set up scenes and send the composite video over to Zoom through OBS virtual cam. Perhaps this is the best way and Aten is overkill, or perhaps Aten is a better way.... I don't know. One thing for sure I don't want to clutter my desk with multiple pcs. Ideally I'd like to do everything off my laptop (Zoom, PowerPoint) and maybe just get a small external monitor for previewing the Aten. I'd love to know the best way to do this as a regular Zoom Presenter.
@PhotoJoseph Because screensharing in Zoom reduces the presenter to a small square in the upper right corner. I've been using OBS to create a PiP with me on a greenscreen transparent beside the slide. That may still be the best way to go... Thanks
@Howard Olsen got it. I’m doing a live show tonight; I may try to demo it there.
@PhotoJoseph knock em alive!
@Howard Olsen were you on the show? I covered this.
@PhotoJoseph thanks, while you were streaming with Speyburn, I was sipping a Highland Park and watching Mike Adam's and SGT report over on Bitchute! Anyway went back and watched the show thanks. . I'll pickup one of those K9s - been using a Microsoft wireless display, but this looks to have even better transmission. I appreciate your insights. For my use case, I think I'll just continue with OBS Virtual Cam. That way I can run everything off a single PC and just use use my Brio 4K webcam. BTW, I like that blue backdrop you were using. Nice
Thank you so much
If you are using this switcher instead of Wirecast to switch cameras does it actually use less PC memory. Is it less taxing on the CPU?
It doesn’t use the CPU at all. The Pro and Pro ISO models stream from the hardware directly; the base model does need a computer to stream, but the computer just sees it as a webcam. All the switching is handled on the ATEM.
@PhotoJoseph thanks for the info!
Absolutely loved this. Seriously looking into ATEM Mini and learning all I can to make an educated decision as to if I should buy it, and this video was clear, really well produced, concise and to the point. Many thanks!
Thank you! Be sure to catch all the others ATEM videos that I’ve done. Here’s a playlist:
@PhotoJoseph Will definitely watch. Thanks for this! This is what YouTube education is all about 👌🙏
When I connect the Atem mini HDMi out to have a program/ preview in my monitor it says out of reach and doesn’t send the signal. Is that normal?
Never mind, after watching your video a second time, I noticed I skipped a step.
Or use a simple multiview HDMI hub (OREI for $90) to view all streams on any cheapo HDMI monitor and HDMI splitter running each feed into the ATEM.
Or buy the ATEM Mini Pro that has Multiview :-)
Thanks I am looking for something to get rid of the awful second delay on my Extron 1608, I think I have found my golden ticket. Thanks. I am going to pull the camera imputs going into the extron into the mini the use one output the mini back to the extron.
I am an audio guy, big time. But I am a video noob and have been forced into the video game with COVID. I got the ATEM Mini and then had to learn how to use it. I have watched this particular video about 3 times but after the third time the light bulb went off and it all just stuck and I now have it "locked and loaded." That tells me that Joseph's tutorial was excellent and I just needed to catch up! Well done and thank you!
haha that's awesome. Yep, sometimes it takes a few, but I'm glad you got it in the end!
very helpful
Perfect! Nice explain and helpful tutorial. Thank you, Joseph.
Herzlichen Dank. Great explanation.

Thx helped a lot. 
one question. Is it possible to have not only one picture in picture?

or a method to see three or four cameras in the stream instead of two? 
thanks for help!

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