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Yes, ATEM Mini has PREVIEW!

Photo Moment - December 20, 2019

There's a little misinformation about PREVIEW vs MULTI-VIEW on the ATEM Mini out there, and I wanted to clarify. This video explains the differences between PROGRAM, PREVIEW and MULTI-VIEW, and how to enable true PREVIEW mode on your ATEM Mini!

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i was updating the atem mini was previewing before but now it does not preview after the update....please help
Check your HDMI output. It’s probably set to something else.
GREAT VIDEO, The best I've seen. Perhaps you could shoot a vid on this because there are a lot of us out there: How to use Aten Mini to broadcast PowerPoint over zoom with Picture in Picture of presenter on / beside the slide. At the moment I just use OBS to set up scenes and send the composite video over to Zoom through OBS virtual cam. Perhaps this is the best way and Aten is overkill, or perhaps Aten is a better way.... I don't know. One thing for sure I don't want to clutter my desk with multiple pcs. Ideally I'd like to do everything off my laptop (Zoom, PowerPoint) and maybe just get a small external monitor for previewing the Aten. I'd love to know the best way to do this as a regular Zoom Presenter.
@PhotoJoseph Because screensharing in Zoom reduces the presenter to a small square in the upper right corner. I've been using OBS to create a PiP with me on a greenscreen transparent beside the slide. That may still be the best way to go... Thanks
@Howard Olsen got it. I’m doing a live show tonight; I may try to demo it there.
@PhotoJoseph knock em alive!
@Howard Olsen were you on the show? I covered this.
@PhotoJoseph thanks, while you were streaming with Speyburn, I was sipping a Highland Park and watching Mike Adam's and SGT report over on Bitchute! Anyway went back and watched the show thanks. . I'll pickup one of those K9s - been using a Microsoft wireless display, but this looks to have even better transmission. I appreciate your insights. For my use case, I think I'll just continue with OBS Virtual Cam. That way I can run everything off a single PC and just use use my Brio 4K webcam. BTW, I like that blue backdrop you were using. Nice
Thank you so much
If you are using this switcher instead of Wirecast to switch cameras does it actually use less PC memory. Is it less taxing on the CPU?
It doesn’t use the CPU at all. The Pro and Pro ISO models stream from the hardware directly; the base model does need a computer to stream, but the computer just sees it as a webcam. All the switching is handled on the ATEM.
@PhotoJoseph thanks for the info!
Absolutely loved this. Seriously looking into ATEM Mini and learning all I can to make an educated decision as to if I should buy it, and this video was clear, really well produced, concise and to the point. Many thanks!
Thank you! Be sure to catch all the others ATEM videos that I’ve done. Here’s a playlist:
@PhotoJoseph Will definitely watch. Thanks for this! This is what YouTube education is all about 👌🙏
When I connect the Atem mini HDMi out to have a program/ preview in my monitor it says out of reach and doesn’t send the signal. Is that normal?
Never mind, after watching your video a second time, I noticed I skipped a step.
Or use a simple multiview HDMI hub (OREI for $90) to view all streams on any cheapo HDMI monitor and HDMI splitter running each feed into the ATEM.
Or buy the ATEM Mini Pro that has Multiview :-)
Thanks I am looking for something to get rid of the awful second delay on my Extron 1608, I think I have found my golden ticket. Thanks. I am going to pull the camera imputs going into the extron into the mini the use one output the mini back to the extron.
I am an audio guy, big time. But I am a video noob and have been forced into the video game with COVID. I got the ATEM Mini and then had to learn how to use it. I have watched this particular video about 3 times but after the third time the light bulb went off and it all just stuck and I now have it "locked and loaded." That tells me that Joseph's tutorial was excellent and I just needed to catch up! Well done and thank you!
haha that's awesome. Yep, sometimes it takes a few, but I'm glad you got it in the end!
very helpful
Perfect! Nice explain and helpful tutorial. Thank you, Joseph.
Herzlichen Dank. Great explanation.
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You are made to do this buddy!
I appreciate your Video where I am trying to do
Thank You for this! Cleared a lot of things and I am probably gonna buy the device now. :D
Gracias! excelente noticia
Fantastic video. Thank you!
Ne güzel bilgisayarı var. Konuştuğunu anlamıyorum ama yaptığını anlıyorum. Ama bunları deneyecek o kadar iyi bilgisayarım yok
Thank you. Great tutorial.
Thanks. Really helpful video. I wonder if I can plug presenter's laptop HDMI into one input of ATEM MINI, my camera into second input and then in OBS have simultaneously streaming the presentation and the presenter filmed with camera. Is that possible with ATEM MINI or I would have to have a dedicated stream card for presenter's laptop and camera?
Wow like Curtis is right great your an amazing Instructor thank you :)
aw, thank you!
Perfect video!
You're awesome coach.. Thank you!
Thank you for the video.When I connect the HDMI out to an external monitor, it does not display anything? The USB output works well though. Any suggestions would be appreciated..
In the ATEM Software, be sure the Output menu is set to Program. Perhaps it’s set to one of the inputs that you’re not using.
Thank you much needed info on the Item mini
You're welcome!
Hi Joseph. Could you provide a wiring diagram of the equipment in this video? Specifically I want to ensure that I'm understanding your verbal description of the setup. That is, I believe your Desview 5.5" monitor HDMI port is connected to the usbc webcam out of the ATEM Mini and the Mac lightning port is connected to the HDMI out of the ATEM Mini. My issue is that my setup isn't showing output over the usbc interface and I'm not sure how to correct that.
Don't have a diagram but you can't connect a monitor to the USB port. That's for data — data to a hard drive (recording the Program to a video file), or data to a computer (which is converted to video as a webcam). However you can NOT connect a USB/Thunderbolt monitor to the USB-C port. Monitoring has to be done over the HDMI port.
@PhotoJoseph Hi Joseph. Over which HDMI port can I monitor preview before switching to a new camera angle?
There is only one HDMI out port
Hi Joseph, really great! Helped me a lot! But one question: I just don't see the preview on my external black magic monitor, just see'in the 'live camera' what's not what I want. Can you help me with a solution? Or somebody else? Thx a lot!
You answer is at 5:15
@PhotoJoseph Thx for answer. Maybe it because I use the web presenter from black magic? Problem is: I see in OBS also the preview and not that camera I wanna show. So ...when I choose 'preview mode' in the setup I'm on air with the preview. Thats not what I want to ...
I'm gonna need you to explain this a lot more clearly, sorry. And if you're using the Web Presenter, not the ATEM, that's a totally different product (which I don't have), so I have no idea how that might behave differently.
@PhotoJoseph Thx Josef, Thanks for answering me again. I think the problem is that I use both - the web presenter and the ATEM Mini - and as I have come to understand it, I don't need the web presenter anymore if I have the ATEM mini. I can (live) stream with the ATEM Mini too ...right?
You can live stream with the ATEM Mini Pro or ATEM Mini Pro ISO — the original ATEM Mini does NOT have live streaming capability built in.
excellent mythbusting !
Thanks. What if you set your Atem Mini on preview and yo are recording in the hdmi output? What will be recorded te preview or the program?
I assume you’re referring to the OUTPUT menu. That controls what goes out the single HDMI port, so if you set it to Preview, then that’s what goes out that port. None of the ATEM Minis have more than one HDMI output, so you can’t you have Preview or Multiview or Program being output simultaneously. If you’re using Preview or Multiview, the assumption is that you’re getting Program video from either the USB port or you’re live streaming directly if you’re using the Pro or Pro ISO.
@PhotoJoseph thanks for your reply. Very clear.
Amazing video...Thank you. Learned so much from all your videos. How did you get a single-window "Program Mode" in OBS?
This was what we needed. Very helpful and time saving.
Awesome tutorial Joseph! Thank you very much!
My pleasure!
Now THAT'S a review! Great work! thanks
Ho,thank for this food lesson,please,any chance to lower the latency?thank you
Great information. Next time please slow down. I was trying to keep up. However, this was awesome. I am trying to get mine set up very soon for my math classes. I just bought the mini. I am new to it all.
Really great video, man. Thank you. Keep up the good work
Great video!!!
Thank you! This switcher is crazy powerful. Your walkthrough is the perfect companion to it.
It has a multi view. I own this. He is wrong. Look at the buttons.
Thank you so much for this video, it helped me a lot. Appreciated!
Best Atem Mini tutorial I’ve seen. Thank you
Thank you sooo much!!!
This is an outstanding explanation of these features. Thank you!
Finally!! As primarily a live event tech, who often is running a switcher, with graphics/video sources and camera ops, at a distance. I have been trying to find out about the possible preview abilities of this unit ever since it was released! Felt like I was trying to find the Grail! Concise, Clear and Comprehensive... Thank-you so much 👍😁
You are a life saver!! Thank you so much, this was exactly what I needed.
Very helpful and informative.Thank you for the video.
Can the USB feed be the preview instead?
I would like to ask whether you know any solution to display the preview on a computer monitor screen? I want to use the USB cable only and not the HDMI output of the ATEM mini. Your response is appreciated!
There is not. USB is always Program. HDMI can be other things.
Great video. Thanks.

Thx helped a lot. 
one question. Is it possible to have not only one picture in picture?

or a method to see three or four cameras in the stream instead of two? 
thanks for help!

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