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My YouTube Live Setup Part-3: Switching, Capture, Streaming

Photo Moment - April 14, 2017

And now for part 3 of the live broadcast studio tour. It all comes together in the switching, and gets to you via streaming… let's look at how this all works!

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•• Blackmagic Design Micro Studio Camera 4K ••
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•• Panasonic LUMIX 12-35mm f/2.8 II ••
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•• Panasonic LUMIX GH4 ••
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•• Panasonic LUMIX GH5 ••
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•• Blackmagic Design Mini Converter HDMI to SDI 4K ••
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•• DECIMATOR MD-Cross V2 Miniature HDMI/SDI Cross Converter ••
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•• Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Shuttle 2 SSD Video Recorder ••
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•• Blackmagic Design SmartView Duo ••
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•• Strata Pro iOS ATEM Switcher ••
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•• Telestream Wirecast •• 
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Comments from YouTube

Great job.... I liked soo much
@photojoseph I really enjoyed these videos about your production and streaming setup. I have the basic Studio HD switcher ($999), (which I’ll probably need to upgrade) and a Decklink Duo card to allow 4 SDI sources to get Wirecast or OBS if I wanted to do all switching in the box. So, obviously you enjoy the traditional external switching. I guess the only limitation is that takes more effort to get fancy supersource style shots. Regarding the encoder, what are you using now? I’ve used OBS and Wirecast (trial). What’s your favorite encoder?
@PhotoJoseph Ignore my rambling question above, I found the three Epiphan Pearl mini videos--GREAT WORK. Very impressive box, this may be the best hardware encoder I've seen from an execution standpoint and probably reliability too. I see other people complaining about ViduPro and other hardware encoders which is surprising to me.
@Robert Broussard I dropped Wirecast ages ago. I absolutely despise it.
@Robert Broussard yep I own and have used the Vidiu as well… it has been problematic at times too. Honestly the ONLY box I've ever used that has been virtually flawless was the Pearl.
PhotoJoseph the appeal of a software switcher is that you have a lot of features like overlays and DVE and maybe a smaller equipment stack for mobile streamers and where you don’t need a second computer feeding the switcher for playout. I love my ATEM HD but I struggle with the amazing array of converter boxes and the simple feature set... it feels like 1989 all over again. :) I’m looking forward to NAB 2019 to see what Blackmagic what might have in store for new switchers and what hardware encoders might be compelling. I agree the Pearl looks sweet, I’m glad it’s working well for you.
I don’t disagree at all. However, the frustration of a software switcher and how buggy and crash prone it is is beyond my ability to comprehend
56:43 that would be nice
DO pic to pic where 1pic is what we are seeing and another being the demo
Love your setup the most !!!
Hi, love your channel and the work you've put in. Just wanted to check - would it be possible to do the following:

1. Film using iPhone that is connected to a Lightning-To-HDMI adapter -
2. This adapter is connected to a HDMI wireless transmitter (and receiver) -
3. The HDMI wireless receiver is connected to the ATEM

All this to achieve a roaming camera.
So that would mean that in the HDMI inputs, you could have 2 stationery cameras, and one roaming camera (with lavelier mic for better sound)
Thanks! So, you want to use the iPhone as the camera source to feed into the ATEM switcher? Yes that works, BUT you have to match the framerate. The iPhone sends out 1920x1080 at 59.94fps ONLY. You shoudl feed it into a converter like the Decimator and then you can make it any framerate you want. That's what I do. As to those two products you listed; I can't say if they do or don't work as I've never used them. I use the Apple Lightning to HDMI adapter which includes a Lightning input to keep it powered up. And the wireless ones I've never used but I would expect some latency to be happening there. Good luck!
Can you share the line needed in the xml file to change button colors?
Are you talking about the button colors on my remote control app?
Yes for display on the strapro interface on the iPad. I use the same setup and had no idea the button colors for the macro buttons could be changed. Thanks for getting back with me so quickly. Your video parts 1,2, and 3 are good stuff.
No problem. The developer added the color button feature by my request :-) all you have to do is, in the description line of the macro, put the color in parentheses, like like “(green)”. I don’t recall exactly which colors can be used, but I think they are green, red, white, blue, purple, yellow.
Hi Joseph, listened to your 3 parts on your setup. But I'm still not sure: how do you sync audio and video sources from different cameras (eg. GH5 and BM Micro) Thanks.
I would like to have 1 main audio source (as you do) But sync all cameras (4) in the ATEM switcher (I have the new Studio HD).
OKay, I've watched all three videos. So much wonderful information. I wish I could just have you at my studio for two days to help me do a full set up ($$$ :-)) Remember I am a newb so if I call something incorrectly please forgive me. I'm doing my best. Here are my questions.

Let me start by saying that when I film I do everything by myself so anything I do must be manageable solely by me. I like that you are able to use your ipad as a remote to switch camera view as that is exactly what I need to do when I am filming live given that I need the overhead shot to show my hands doing a stitch/technique or whatever. If you want to see what I'm talking about please take a look at my channel at the videos I do :)

Just to recap what I have learned so far (and so you can tell me if I am correct or not), after watching the part 1 of this series I know that I need a HDMI to SDI converter attached to the cameras (correct? I need one for each camera?) and that converter(s) connects to the switcher...which means whatever switcher I use needs to have the capability of having at least the two cameras connected to it. But here is my first question....

1. My Cam A (face camera) is a LUMIX GH4 and has the YAGH Interface that has SDI those take the place of a converter? I literally just use it to have my 2 lav mics plugged into it (for the same reasons you spoke about in the part 2 video) and to have a continuous power source, OH, and to have a full size HDMI connection (instead of the mini one on the camera) that I use to connect to my TV so I can monitor what the camera is seeing as I film. (I'm always afraid that mini one is going to break!)

Ok, this brings me to the switcher and which one is best for me...

2. Looking at BlackMagicDesign website I see there are so many options for ATEM. Given that I don't have $6k to spend on the same one you have, would the ATEM Television Studio HD work similarly to the way you showed/explained the the 4k one does in the part 1 video? Or, is there one that is even less expensive than $1k that would be a good option? And if I purchase a less expensive one than yours does the switcher control program (ATEM Software Control) you showed us in this video work just the same? If not, what is another software you recommend or does that always come as a program specifically for the given switcher?

Now, here is another question regarding the use of variety of devices...
3. You mentioned that blackmagic likes blackmagic devices (meaning they work well together), does that mean if I purchase a blackmagic HDMI to SDI converter I should also only purchase the ATEM by blackmagic?

I think that is it. Again, wonderful and informative videos. I am a new subscriber and can't wait to learn more from you.

Future Video Request: I have been doing a podcast since 2007 and this year I transitioned to a video podcast. Right now I am using the live streaming option via YouTube and Google Hangouts but I would like to make it a little nicer :) I would love to watch a video of you doing your podcast...maybe you already have one out there.
Just wanted to say I am checking out other videos you've done and I apologize if I've asked a question(s) here that you've answered in other videos and feel free to direct me to any videos that answer my questions (I know how important video views, likes and comments are and I want to be supportive).
Hi Marly. I’m thrilled you’ve enjoyed the videos and want to build a complex system. You’re asking a lot of great questions here. Please reach out to me at and we can schedule a consultation call.
Your three shows about your live-streaming setup were extremely helpful. I am in the process of building a portable setup for myself (and potential client work). If you haven’t already, you may want to look into Quadro for building a list of big buttons with photos for controlling the ATEM Switcher.
@PhotoJoseph - Would be great to see a demo of all your macros and how they are built on a example... regards from Austria
I should do a show on that huh… ok
@PhotoJoseph yes please!
Hi Joseph, thank you so much for your channel, I have been checking it during the last weeks. I am based in Germany and I have created a company in November for live streaming of concerts in small concert halls. I am just now buying the equipment (2 GH5 Cameras and accessories plus a mixer for the music...). I have let the switching and livestreaming equipment to the end, because I think this is the most complicated point here. I have downloaded the demo version of Wirecast and played with it during the last days, a great solution, very intuitive and easy to use. I thought that I could use it as switcher and livestreaming solution, but after checking your tutorials (and other professional reviews) I am tending too to using Black Magic as switch solution plus Wirecast as streaming solution. Just constraining with the thought of buying "too much" or redundant equipment that at the end will end in some corner w/o use...what are the issues you had with Wirecast as switching tell it "broke" or did not work anymore during the live streaming, which is really a "no go" for a business. I thought also that it would be enough with Black Magic for the switching and the live streaming, but I see other guys using both Black Magic and Wirecast, they seem completely compatible...but isn´t it redundant? Or are you just getting the best of both equipments? Thank you so much again, I would be very grateful to get some feedback, maybe also from other members of the channel...regards, Gloria. PS: just for your information, I am getting all my information from the american market. Europe seems to be 15 years behind the development in the USA regarding the live streaming market. Really exciting to enter in such a new market here in Europe, but you can believe me, not really easy, starting with the bureaucraZy and broadcasting regulations that have not been updated since the 80s (believe me, I am having meetings with some regulation institutions here and they are completely lost and overwhelmed by what is coming to us...crazy when looking at the USA and how easy everything looks at your side...) Thank you again
Live with the Lav!
The interface is fine, I’m pretty sure I’m much younger than you and this looks fine and easy to use. Looks like a real grass valley switcher. I guess you want the “iMovie” version of switcher that makes so easy to use it’s hard to use.
@PhotoJoseph Would be great to see a demo of all your macros and how they are built on a example... regards
why use wirecast when obs is free?
+GodAtum Features, reliability, tech support? Honestly I've never used OBS but I hear it's more complicated. Wirecast is far from perfect but I know it well. So… balance, I suppose. I've yet to come across a pro live broadcaster who uses it though.
a few twitch/youtube streamers i know who use 3-5 go pros and obs very well.
+GodAtum cool
Awesome show thank you for time
Very informative!
I really like your shows about streaming! Great job!
I'd really recommend that you totally switch to vMix, ton of stuff you said could be done a lot easier, simpler and more convenient with this piece of software. Sadly, only Windows.
Also, you can always switch from Wirecast to free OBS Studio on Mac, Windows or even on Linux and do the whole show with it too! :)
Thank so much! LOVE your Show! It helps to know how things are set up.
After seeing this show, I think you need to change your Youtube channel name to VideoJoseph 😁
As you've asked, posting my message here as a comment (sent it over email previously).

I must be not the only one who has some suggestions on how to
improve GH5 and I wonder if you can be used as a channel for
such suggestions to reach the right people within Panasonic.

If that's the case, here are my suggestions:

1. Besides 400mbps ALL-I mode, please introduce 400mbps IPB mode

Reasoning is simple - ALL-I encoding of an equivalent quality
requires much higher bandwidth compared to IPB as the interframe
part of MPEG is not used (only intraframe is) and every frame is
forced to be self-contained. In other words, 400mbps IPB would give
a higher quality video compared to 400mbps ALL-I. The cost for that
would be the processing power needed while editing.

I believe this can be done in firmware.

2. Allow separate channel level control for the mike

I have a lav mike that is actually a dual lav wired mike that has a
single "stereo" (dual mono in fact) TRS connector. That is a very
handy tool for a very low profile (gear wise) interviewing. The only
thing that is missing is the ability to adjust mike level in camera
separately for left and right channels. I know that can be done by
some external mixer, but that would make the setup much bulkier. Just
imagine a walking style interview with the camera mounted on a
handheld "glider" style stabilizer - any extra gear adds challenges.

I believe this can be done in firmware.

3. Allow assigning custom functions to record/play toggle button

As it is possible to assign the switching between record and play
modes to any custom button, it would be consistent to let people
using the default switching button for something else.

I believe this can be done in firmware.

If you would like to discuss this email on your show - please do so.

PS. Thanks for all your energy you are putting into your youtube channel!

PPS. One more suggestion for your personally - have you considered
creating a web forum for your community? Using youtube comments for
information exchange and discussions is less efficient compared to a web
I’ll address your question LIVE right here on PhotoJoseph‘s Photo Moment 2017-04-17
sorry missed the show. it's a holiday in the UK today
i vote for lav mic.
Darn it, missed this one. In my defence I was out and about in London taking photos.
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