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ApertureExpert Live Training Session 023: Multiple Mac Workflow

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October 19, 2012 - 5:26am

I finally recorded again! This Live Training was another not-so-live-training, I’m sorry to say. My schedule has been a bit manic lately and finding the time to actually schedule these in advance has gotten tricky. Plus, I’m still not in love with Google Hangouts, and just may have to go back to the GoToWebinar system (assuming it’s even working OK these days).

Of course the video is available as always for $2, and as last time, the complete low resolution version is free for viewing as well. The paid version is at 1920 × 1080! Needless to say, buying the paid version helps keep this machine running.

Multiple Mac Workflow

This is a topic that keeps coming up in the forums, so I finally decided to record a video on it. The process really is straight forward, but as always the video is full of little tips to help you get the most out of the experience. What I covered here is two things:

  1. How to add photos to a new Library on a portable Mac, then merge that Library into your main Library
  2. How to take projects from your main Library on the road with you for further editing — either full editing, or just metadata editing.

And in both cases, I discuss how to handle Managed and Referenced libraries. Cool!

 Get it here… just $2 as always

Here’s the low rez version you’re welcome to watch for free…

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Do you need to catch up on any other videos? They’re all available in the Live Training Catalog.

Apple Aperture

So this will be the 23rd live training I buy! even though I dont work or edit on the road I wil learn stuff for sure. Plus, as you say if 2$ helps keeping the machine running, my pleasure!

Greetings from Madrid!

Just enjoyed your tutorial, great as always!

I have a question with editing on the road. I have a large library and hundreds of keywords (mostly names from African animals and birds). What is the best way to bring the keywords from the master library “on the road” and back again?

What if I add keywords “on the road”, will they be imported into the main library?

Thanks for your thoughts and greetings from Switzerland


Gracias Javier!

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Great question. You can export your keyword list from the main system in the keyword HUD then copy that and import to your other Mac. Then as you saw in the video, added keywords will be carried over. And if you create a new keyword on the other Mac, it’ll automatically move as well and show up in your keyword HUD on the primary system.

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