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December 21, 2012 - 8:02pm

Hi all,

For those of you on G+ (and I’m sure that’s a lot of you!) I’ve opened an ApertureExpert community there. I’m honestly not sure what to do with it, as I do like keeping the support forum here on ApertureExpert, but part of me thinks it’s a good idea to have that one running, too. Maybe it’s a bad idea though, and I’m open to suggestions!

What do you think… have the G+ community for a specific purpose other than support as goes on in the forum now? Just let multiple threads go and let nature take it’s course? Tell me what you think, either here or in the G+ community! (see, now I’ve done it…)

One really cool thing is that the Google+ app for iOS is fantastic. Plus since you can add photos (and therefore screenshots), in many ways it could be better than the forums here. So let’s find out.

Finding the community is easy. Either search for “ApertureExpert” on G+, or simply go to and you’ll be redirected.

I’m going to add everyone in my circles to the invite, although I don’t think an invite is needed. It’s set to public so anyone should be able to join. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to circle me up on there too!


Apple Aperture

I find it as a rather bad idea to make this site cluttered through use of third party commercial sites.
I like to have one point of entry to find the needed stuff, ideas and the forum.
Best would be if you focused your energy on keeping this site alive and kicking. From my point of view, this site will only suffer from spreading the content.

We (i) dont want to get more into the claws of all those “free”* (*free as in: “but we will (mis-)use and take advantage of you in any possible way, to be able to commercialize your ideas, informations and creativity”) sites.

I have to agree with Kenny to some degree. However, as someone who is on the road for business quite frequently, and thus, not having access to my desktop, it’d be great to have some sort of mobile formatted website as when I look on my iPhone (no money for iPad or macbook for now) it is so small. Just a thought for future maybe…

Steve Hadeen

As of today, there are 210 members of the + site. That’s going to keep the happy chatters chatting, while retaining this place as the site of record.
I think the + campus is a good idea.

Yep, exactly what i was frightening.
“a place of record” in the meaning historical value only, and further only half the infomations will be accessible at this site.
A real shame….

I understand why people think spreading the content could be a bad thing, but by the same token, I dislike having to visit multiple sites too. This is one of many sites I only follow on RSS, whereas G+ covers a lot of subject areas for me in one place.

Of course the forums here will have better organization, but I will rarely contribute help to others because I just can’t spend the time hanging around on lots of sites. If you post your problem on G+ I will most likely see it there and contribute if I can.

Certainly an interesting set of comments. My experience is that I felt it necessary to “give Google + a try”. More because I thought, no expected, it to be as professional as this site. I lasted a week and felt disillusioned by it. No! more than that I felt as though I was taking part but not in charge of things. Strange feeling. Anyway, end result is that I cancelled out of it completely.

This site seems to be more about what “we (the end user)” wants. Rather than getting caught up in the big wide world of Google etc. I sincerely hope this site doesn’t suffer as a consequence.

Regards, Barry

Not being very techie, I don’t even know what Google + is. This is and will always be my go to site for Aperture related info, fixes etc. O.K., so I just googled Google + and have a basic understanding of it but not my cup of tea at this time.

I'd much rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

From my point of view as a user and participant of this site, it’s not a good idea, sorry. Although I imagine it could be a good idea for drawing visitors to this site. But I have no intention of looking for content at G+ if its not found on aperture

I recently tried Google+ and did not like the experience. Its hard to explain, but I felt somewhat exploited. I feel quite the same with Flicker when it asks my friends to sign up to see my photos. My experience has been quite different with DPhoto. It doesn’t seem so commercial.
In any case, I guess you see that my vote for G+ is a no. I don’t get weird emails or ads after visiting the current ApertureExpert site and I really appreciate that.

Dr. Ken

Thanks to everyone for your feedback. As you’ve probably seen by now, both communities are growing strong. I can’t force users into one place, so supporting both seems to be the right strategy. To be fair I’ve done very little on G+ except to open the forum, and it’s got over 500 members now. So, that’s good. This forum will always be here and it will get much, much better with the site redesign.

— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

I am a new member of this ApertureExpert community, but a fairly longtime member of Google+. I can see the perceived problem in “splitting” the community, but both may have their uses. The G+ may be for the posting of photos by community members, with of course explanations as to the workflow involved, and here is where the heavy duty “dissertations” would be posted. Verbal and Visual, I think they work hand in hand.

By the way, I hope to learn so much from this.

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