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Show Last nn Months Album in Aperture 3.3

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June 13, 2012 - 2:00am

Another new feature in Aperture 3.3 that made it’s way over from iPhoto is the adjustable Show last nn months album. The default is 12 months:

The new “Show last nn months album” feature in Aperture 3.3

As you can see you can change the number, and the album in Aperture changes to match it, of course:

You can alter it, as I have here, to show however many previous month’s photos you want to seeSubtle but a nice feature.

Apple Aperture

I like the new grey UI and Aperture 3.3 seems faster, but why i can’t create new album in full screen view. I’d love make serious editing in full screen. Any solution ?

This may be a new feature…I never noticed it before. If you’re in a project in Aperture and hit the dedicated Play/Pause key on an Apple Keyboard, it starts a slideshow of that project.

Nice little feature, even if it’s hijacked my iTunes listening…


I can’t test right now as my Aperture vault is updating, but what if you hit the keyboard shortcut to create an Album; Command-L?

Brad, that’s always been the way. Most of us wish we could turn that off, actually :)


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In full screen, Command-L doesn’t work neither with context menu in library (appears only in gray tint and isn’t active). Both work in “normal view”.

Thanks anyway, i like this new update.

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