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Aperture 3.4 with Shared Photo Streams

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September 20, 2012 - 5:46pm

Aperture 3.4 has been released, with support for the new Shared Photo Stream that’s part of iOS 6, a menu command to open your library in iPhoto, and general “performance and stability improvements”.

I can’t update my system now as I’m at Photokina and mid-demo cycle, and upgrading now would generally be considered a Bad Idea™. I look forward to you guys downloading and letting me know how it goes!

Update on September 23, 2012 - 9:07am by Joseph @ApertureExpert

There are many reports of crashing after upgrading, but Apple has already acknowledged the issue and posted a solution. Please read Solution to Aperture 3.4 Installation Problems.

Apple Aperture

I upgraded and couldn’t launch Aperture anymore :-(
I had to delete the aperture.plist in order to have it back on track.
Now works like a charm at the moment.
I did lost my keyboard shortcut and the colors metadata. I bet they are in the plist file.
For stability I can’t say anything at the moment as its too early.

Frederic B


Keyboard shortcuts aren’t in the plist, but the selection of which set you use is. Go to the Aprrture menu under Commands and choose your custom set.

Not sure what you mean by “colors metadata” though.

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Thanks Joseph,
But no selection was there only iphoto and default from AP
I started to recreate them.

For the colors metadata I mean Label ?!?
I have the French version so I translated it.
I can easily recreate them so its ok.

Frederic B

Seems to be working all fine here - but haven’t checked everything yet..

Aperture 3.4 install wiped out my plugin presets and software key. Luckily, I still had my FlickrExport registration key. Lost all my BorderFX presets. I have not tried Noise Ninja or Photomatix yet to see if they are still registered versions.

Crashed on first launch. May be due to Facebook preferences. See following discussion

Had to delete to get it to work.
Not good!

I had a couple (scary) problems. First launch, got the registration screen, then said Library would be upgraded. The crashes began then. I deleted the aperture Plist file and all is well.

My upgrade crashed as well, and all I get are crash reports when I try to run Aperture now. I am going to try deleting the plist file next. Wish me luck.

I wonder if people who had a hard time with 3.3.2 up date had an easier time with 3.4 and Visa Versa. My went well but I read about the plist file so deleted that befor the install. Still have to put it to use to see how its doing. cheers
Twitter= @davidbmoore
Scottsdale AZ

I’m seeing a pattern of reports that the .plist is not the problem even though it seems to help sometimes (worked for me + a database rebuild).

Deleting the Aperture application and reinstalling might be the answer. Then you won’t need to re-enter all your preferences. I’ve seen reports of this on the Apple forums and on Macintouch.


Weird, had no trouble upgrading from 3.3 to 3.4, apart from the fact that Apple built it off OSX 10.8.2 which just came out yesterday, so you couldn’t upgrade both at the same time.

Don’t see too much different from the last build, but I didn’t get to spend too long this morning trying it out.

I think David has hit the nail on the head.

There seems to be a fragility with libraries and upgrading is showing it up. I had my problem at 3.3.2 as well. I fixed it by making a new library and importing my old one into it. This is a big hammer that fixes most things and will most likely fix people’s problems this time around too.

Joseph, it would be good if you could nudge the Apple guys to look into this. It’s really bad for Aperture’s ongoing reputation.


I just now upgraded and it crashes on launch. I tried the repair window for all three choices, but it still crashes on launch. If I cannot launch, how can I make a new library, etc.

Thank you for the .plist suggestion. I just dragged it to the desktop and the new Aperture 3.4 version opened up just fine.

I had the same issue as Scott. it wiped out all of my presets for every Nik software plug-in and BorderFX. No crashes and it seems to run fine otherwise. Does anyone know what the upgrade was to the RAW support?

Mine crashes immediately I try and open it now.

As a professional user, I am trying hard not to panic.

What is a ‘plist’?!


The “plist” is the preferences file and is easy to remove. Go to the FAQ and look for the “preferences” entry for complete instructions.

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I have the same problem. I tried all your suggestions, but that didn’t work. After repairing till 99% Aperture closed. It happened with all my libraries, small and great. All of them can be opened by iPhoto.
After placing to the trash can and putting it back to programs again, after a restart, I even couldn’t find in preferences file anymore. Apple please help!

Funny thing, maybe I’m blessed (don’t think so), but all my stuff is working great. Updated to the new ML 10.8.2 first, no issues. Then Aperture 3.4, no issues. Then all the extra stuff and new iPhoto. Then I opened each of the programs, Aperture first, updated the library, and did the same to iPhoto, and then updated my vault in Aperture. Now, maybe there is something below the surface, but so far all is well in Dallas Texas. :)

Upgraded with no problems. My library isn’t very large, 4000 photos or so. Things that have changed (I think)…

1) Having multiple Photo Streams and the ability to share and comment on them is nice but no substitue for Flickr.

2) Can’t zoom smaller then full screen anymore. Bummer. I liked seeing photos smaller when I knew I would be printing small.

3) Very wide images (panos) appear larger in the browser with jagged edges to show that some of the image is not being displayed. I like this as I have some very wide panos that appeared too small before.

4) The order of Items in the Library panel have changed a tad. Web stuff is near the top, etc.

anything else?

This is unbelievable. Aperture crashed before being able to convert the library to the current version. I have now tried to repair and rebuild the library with continued crashes. I deleted the plist, and this did not work either.

I would really appreciate any guidance about how to fix the current problem or how to take Aperture back to the previous version. I am concerned that the library may have been updated so it will not work with previous version, however.

Thanks -

Dudley Warner
WARNER Photography


Try reinstalling Aperture from scratch.


I just re-installed Aperture 3 from the original disk after dragging the current copy to the trash. It still crashes immediately.

Dudley Warner
WARNER Photography

Just to add: I did the upgrade to 3.4 overnight last night, got up early this morning (luckily) to find the same problem reported - opening Aperture for the first time causes the database upgrade box to appear, then Aperture crashes. And keeps crashing.

My solution, turning the air blue as this is my daily on-the-road machine, was to duplicate the library (just in case, though I didn’t need to use it) then trash the App (not the preferences) - I used Appzapper - and reinstall off the original DVD by remote disc from my iMac, THEN do the 3.4 upgrade to that.

Problem solved. Phew

A little extra info - this wasn’t originally a clean install of Aperture on my MacBook Air - it was actually a part of a Migration Assistant move of apps from my old MacBook. Could be the difference?


Did you upgrade to 3.4 after reinstalling from DVD? I would use the downloadable updater from Apple’s support downloads section rather than SW Update.

Try a new library. Hold down the option key while starting Aperture and you can create a new library. Do this to rule out a library problem vs. an app problem.

Another thing to try is log into a different account and see if Aperture runs there to rule out a problem in your user account.


I did upgrade after reinstalling from DVD, but I will give Apple’s support download a try. I tried to open a new library, but it also crashed. I was able to open Aperture using a new library from a new user account.

Dudley Warner
WARNER Photography

Apple has posted a response in regards to 3.4 that if you experience crashes to reinstall before updating again:

I think everyone who’s updated to 3.4 should do a re-install even if you think it’s working. I had the crashing issue and supposedly fixed it by deleting Aperture preferences. The app was working fine except I couldn’t log back into Facebook. It appeared to log in and add Facebook to the WEB section but it wouldn’t upload any photos. After reinstalling it now works.

The 3.4 update screwed something up and deleting the plist file is likely only a temporary fix.

Refer to the support link above for how to do it.



Good advice.

I updated FIRST by reinstalling from disc and then updating from the .dmg updater BEFORE ever updating at all (after hearing about all the issues).

Do you think it would be necessary for me to reinstall? Ah, might just do it anyway, can’t hurt.

Is everyone going to have to do that or do you think that Apple will fix the bug so that those of us who have not yet updated will get a clean update without having to do a reinstall? Also, if one is planning on updating, would it be better to simply uninstall the current version and then just download the new version 3.4.
What was this update supposed to cure or make better?

I'd much rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

I was unable to get Aperture 3.4 to run at all. I tried removing the Aperture plist file, re-installing from the Aperture 3 DVD and then updating - first with Software Update and then using the download from Apple Support. I worked with Apple Care Aperture 2nd tier support for about 45 minutes with no ability to run Aperture. At Apple’s request, I emailed all the crash info. and Console logs to them. I was told that their engineers would have to figure out the solution and I should hear something back early next week.

In the meantime, a guy on the Apple Aperture Support Forum figured out that what was causing the problem was the plist files from Image Capture. Once I moved them to the desktop, Aperture was fixed.

Dudley Warner
WARNER Photography

I did the 3.4 upgrade in OS 10.7.5 and no problems. My Nik Plug In’s preferences had to be reset. Two libraries and 6 vaults updated no problem. Sorry to hear about the users that had issues.


Definitely reinstall if you are having launch issues.

I’ve reported this here: Solution to Aperture 3.4 Installation Problems.

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