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Don’t Forget to Update Your Copyright Date to 2014!

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January 2, 2014 - 9:27am

If you apply metadata on import to your photos (and you should, of course) you probably have the year written into the Copyright field on your metadata preset. Don't forget to update it to 2014!

It’s 2014 now… don’t forget to update your Metadata presets!

To make the change, choose the menu Aperture > Presets > Metadata… and alter your Copyright data (and/or anywhere else you may have included the year). Naming presets which automatically include the date as YYYY will not need to be changed, as those automatically grab the current date.

And here's to a great year of shooting!

Apple Aperture

Thanks for the reminder. I always end up forgetting on the first few shoots and have to do some batch changes to meta :) Enjoying the new web site. For me, I will not rush to upgrade to Aperture 4.0 after the initial mess of 3.0. My present Aperture works like a charm.

Happy New Year!

Ahhh nearly forgot. Too busy with my new Christmas present D7100 and would of over looked this i reckon. Cheers mate

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And of course don’t forget to update the same info in your camera!

Many thanks.  I’ve clearly not read the manual well enough as I’ve never adjusted the metadata before.  I’ve always added a watermark & was happy.  This really is useful.  Many thanks for advising us.  John

Or just don’t add the year in the copyright field, the date is in the file date and EXIF anyway.  Even the © sign is a bit redundant, since it is the Copyright field..

Just add your name and you’re done..

Copyright is automatic due to the Berne Convention, no need to ‘declare it’..

Thank you for the heads-up Joseph!

That reminds I don’t have anything in there, so much to learn!


I did get caught out on an export which automatically puts in my copyright bottom left,

All good except, also that was 2013! Quickly made up another one , (slowly made up), a new one and quickly slipped into the website and replaced the image  with a new image that had the correct year on the copyright

So I guess that is another way we can get caught out

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