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Adobe Lightroom CC Update v.1.4 for June 2018

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June 28, 2018 - 12:30am

As any regular user of Lightroom knows, Adobe released an all-new version of Lightroom some time ago called Lightroom CC. Yes, that's what the old Lightroom was called… but now it's called Lightroom Classic. (We have updated all app selection menus on this site to reflect that, so if you go to the top of the home page and choose Lightroom Classic, you will find all the older articles). While it initially was lacking many important features, Adobe has been working fast to add significant capabilities to it. Personally, the recent addition of Geometry (straightening leaning buildings and correcting perspective) and the ability to copy and batch-paste settings has been a huge boon to me. This latest update adds even more.

Significant features in Lightroom CC June 2018 v.1.4 update

Here are the big ones:

  1. Image Profiles (including the ability to import and manage them)
  2. Copy & Paste adjustments
  3. Reset to Open
  4. Web Shared Album options

Here's a video covering the new features (as well as a few added in previous updates), and they're also outlined below in text.


Image and Camera Profiles

A “profile”, which is a *.dcp file, is like a LUT (look up table) — basically a “look” that is applied to your image pre adjustments. These can be as simple as Adobe Color, or Adobe Landscape, and so-on, to the profiles (looks) that are included in your Canon, Nikon, LUMIX, Sony, etc. camera, or can be custom profiles made by an X-Rite Color Checker passport profile generator, or even a custom look created by a professional colorist. Regardless of where they came from, Lightroom CC now supports them.

Adobe Lightroom CC June 2018 Update Camera and Adobe Profiles

Also, if you're looking to copy *.dcp files created under Lightroom Classic, you'll find them here: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles

Copy & Paste Adjustments 

The ability to copy and paste adjustments (selective adjustments, even) is a huge benefit to most advanced users. This single feature kept me personally off of Lightroom CC for many projects, but now I have it. 

Adobe Lightroom CC June 2018 Update Copy and Paste settings

Reset to Open

A simple, but important feature. Sometimes you are playing with an image and just want it to go back to where you started when you opened it — but not all the way back to the original image. This command lets you do that.

Adobe Lightroom CC June 2018 Update Reset to Open command

Web Shared Album Options

The Adobe web sharing feature has gotten to the point where you may be able to use it for client delivery, depending on your needs. I'm pretty excited about this one!

Adobe Lightroom CC June 2018 Update Shared Album features

Official Adobe page

If you're looking for the scoop from Adobe itself, head here to read all the nitty gritty details

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