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We are considering removing Live Training *downloads*…

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July 20, 2018 - 11:36pm

Live Training videos are currently available two ways — anyone can purchase an individual video for download for $4.00, or paid monthly/annual members have unlimited streaming of all videos for $7/month (or $70/year). Paid members can also download them for an additional $1 per video.

I'm considering removing this download capability. Not many people use it — logistically it's extra work and an extra expense, not necessarily turning enough profit to justify itself. 

But before I make a decision, I want to hear from you, my readers. Please respond to the poll by clicking the image below (it'll open the actual poll in a new window). Members and non-members alike should find an option that fits them. Feel free to leave additional comments here (not on the pPoll's website)


Hi Joseph, I watched your PhotoMoment this morning on youtube but could not comment.  When I got to the PhotoJoseph website, I had to log on, which I did, but the Live portion was not working so I couldn’t comment.  Since I am a subscriber, I have used the streaming service for missed videos more often than seeing them live since I am usually at work or engaged elsewhere.  I do not think I have dowmloaded many if at all of these sessions since I became a subscriber which is pretty much from its inaugeration.  As long as I can continue to have free access to any of these session whenever I want to watch, I’m just fine.  I like the new layout and the ability to narrow easily any subject/topic you want to explore.  The new name is appropriate and I have been  through most if not all of the site names you have started with and switched to!!  Obviously, I’m a happy camper :). Continued good luck witth this updated site.  Cheers,


Florian Cortese

Thanks Florian. Appreciate your support over the years! As to the inability to chat; that's a YouTube chat window, so you have to be logged into your youtube/google account to do that. I've just asked my engineer to add some instructions to that window, so hopefully that'll help future users. If you know for a fact that you were logged into your account, let me know. That chat window is actually open 24/7; you can go there now and chat on the next show (it will disappear after a while), so you can test it any time. 

— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

Joseph, I now realize I clicked on the youtube link on your site so I dd not go to youtube via my usual way so that explains the youtube issue.  I did logon to your site, however, and never got the window with your moment’s session.  Now it had already started and was about 10 minutes in when I tried that option to get involved in the chat. When I got to Live now I have you next Luma session teed up.  If I run into any issues agai, I’ll let you know.


Florian Cortese

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