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I was a guest on Live Show 15!

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July 29, 2020 - 9:03pm

I was a guest on the Live Show episode 15, where among other topics, we discussed the new “Creator’s Best Friend” app — if you're a Final Cut Pro X editor and YouTuber, you need this!



(watch this on YouTube to be able to click through to the section you want)

0:00 Hello and welcome
0:57 OWC - The Thunderbay Flex 8
2:47 It’s like a Mac Pro tower without the Mac in it!
3:11 FCPX plugins at Idustrial Revolution
3:35 Philip Hodgetts intros Creator’s Best Friend
5:22 Where did the idea fro Creator’s Best Friend originate?
6:59 There must be a better way to do this…
7:49 The coolest thing…
9:54 📺 DEMO of Creator’s Best Friend
12:47 PhotoJoseph - This is how I used to do this
14:14 Clickable URLS are supported 😲
15:23 It’s all about getting views and earning money
17:21 How to put a Chapter Marker on in Final Cut Pro X
19:41 It works with Vimeo as well!
20:57 What about chapters for live shows? 
22:17 Adding chapters to a recorded Zoom show
25:11 Google now shows YouTube video snippets 
29:14 Taking the boring out of post production
30:16 My hovercraft is full of eels 🤷🏻‍♂️
31:20 The best thumbnails for YouTube
33:31 Designing a thumbnail for YouTube
36:55 How do you find the top thumbnails?
38:12 Did you know your thumbnails have to be ‘Safe' ???
39:41 How I got banned from live shows for three months!
42:39 You can get personalised help on YouTube
45:21 Do the three hashtags on YouTube work?
47:19 Keeping viewers on the platform
48:54 Do you let livestreams stay on YouTube?
51:49 YouTube v Facebook views
54:08 Are all YouTube views made the same?
57:08 NEW! - Now you can link to other YouTube Creators
58:57 Can you swear on YouTube?
59:34 Wrap up and goodbye!

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