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New Aperture 3 Training on by Derrick Story

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September 13, 2013 - 7:00pm

Fellow photographer and Aperture trainer Derrick Story of has released some new Aperture training on, and it’s awesome! If you don’t already have a Lynda membership, you can get a 7-day free trial, which is a great way to see how much they have to offer.

Derrick’s new training titles are:

Or just click on (and bookmark!) my “Aperture 3 and related training” playlist, which I’ll update as new training that’s relavent to Aperture users comes online.

LinkedIn Learning (formerly

I noticed those training courses the other day. I was quite surprised to see them as there hasn’t been much released for Aperture in a long while. I also wondered if it meant there wasn’t going to be a new version for some time. Why would you release version 3 training if a new version was just around the corner ?

All conjecture of course.

We are but lowly trainers, Nik. We don’t know jack.

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I have been using cameras and associated wares for my livelihood since 1976. There have been spans of time where little has changed … and moments where the industry was set on it’s ear overnight.

Bottom line is … Time waits for no man … it may seem that Aperture hasn’t changed much … but then it is a very deep and intricate solution … even if it remains in it’s current state for some time to come … that does not mean there isn’t much more to learn or we have achieved all there is to know …

I suppose even if a new version is released there will still be plenty of people using v3 for a while to come. I think it was just a surprise after it being so quiet for so long ;-)

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