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Introducing Stephen Guy, Your New Aperture Trainer

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September 11, 2013 - 7:01pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I please introduce Mr. Stephen Guy. Stephen is my new assistant, working in the photo studio and also helping out on ApertureExpert. And he’s going to be helping here from a very interesting perspective.

Stephen hard at work, and making it snow on a 90℉ day!

Stephen is a proficient Lightroom user. But to work with me, of course he needs to learn Aperture. He’s currently studying my own training videos, and making notes on what he finds interesting, unique, different, challenging, etc. as a Lightroom user — and those notes will be turned into tips on this site. Also, as a new user, he has the advantage of finding tips in things that I consider obvious, because I’m too close to the application. That means new users of Aperture should be finding more and more great info on this site that’s written specifically for them.

In the new version of the site (getting closer and closer… I promise… it’s a major effort!) we’re now adding a class to each post — beginner, intermediate or advanced — so readers can more easily find the tips that are relavent to them.

You’ve already seen Stephen — he was the subject of the Leica post a couple of weeks ago. Please welcome him to the site, and he’ll be on here posting and commenting before you know it.

Apple Aperture

Welcome aboard Stephen!

All the best!

– Bart

Welcome Stephen
All the best for the future


Thank you for the warm welcomes!

Welcome aboard Stephen

By the way I use both Aperture and Lightroom so it will be interesting how you transform to using Aperture.



Welcome to the Team Stephen,
Looking forward to some great tips on our favorite application.
All the best.


Word up Stephen, looking forward to hearing your take on things. I too am some what new to Aperture. I’ve tried Lightroom but there’s a few things about Aperture I like more.


Thank you all so much, I’m excited to get started!

Welcome aboard,
Im new to Aperture, really liking it so far,
As you would be aware already, with Aperture, a lot of other plugins, and, at times PS is needed for a few other tricks that Aperture cannot do, yet! (smile )
This community is growing, your offer to help is much appreciated

Good to have you with us Stephen. I look forward to your input.


Regards, Barry

Welcome Stephen … as a fairly recent convert from Lr to Aperture … I think it will be interesting to hear your views to see how they compare with my experience of the transition …

Welcome Stephen. Be careful reviewing Joseph’s videos. You might end up talking way faster than you used to. ;-)


Welcome Stephen,
You are working with a champ, we look forward to you input and assistance in future efforts of Joseph and this site.

Keith Merrick

Welcome Stephen, hope you like it here! Great to have a voice on board!

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