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How to Live Stream with ATEM Mini and Webcaster X2

Photo Moment - January 18, 2020

The Blackmagic ATEM Mini is an amazing little switcher, but it doesn't get you to the internet — for that, you need a streaming solution. Enter the Epiphan Webcaster X2!


(March 24, 2020) Epiphan told me that the X2 is EOL (end of life) and they aren't manufacturing it any more. They did not expect the last manufacturing run of these to sell out so quickly — I'm sure the current health crisis has something to do with that. They wouldn't give me a time frame of when to expect anything to replace it, but I've know the company for a long time and while they have NOT said this to me (just making it clear that this is pure speculation), I am personally confident that they will replace it ASAP. The X2 was an excellent product with clear opportunity for improvement, and I don't see them ignoring this market. 

Timestamps (Chapters) for the Video

  • 0:56 Blackmagic ATEM Mini Recap
  • 2:21 Software vs Hardware; Advantages & Disadvantages of each
  • 4:10 Introducing the Epiphan Webcaster X2
  • 5:19 How to (and How Not to) Connect the Webcaster to the ATEM Mini
  • 7:02 Recording your Live Show
  • 7:44 Tabletop Gear Tour
  • 11:40 Configuring the ATEM Mini
  • 12:32 Configuring the Epiphan Webcaster X2
  • 17:02 A LIVE Broadcast Test!
  • 18:18 OBS Configuration Tips
  • 20:14 Measuring Audio Latency for OBS Programmable Delay

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Comments from YouTube

Thank you. I’ve ordered the ATEM mini thanks to this video, to use with my gh5. Not sure when it will arrive though, due to current world circumstances. In light of this, I’m looking at interim capture card solutions, and to complicate this, I’m looking to help a friend setup a live steam setup with my old Gh4. Trying to make it user friendly for him, giving him my 70d and beachtek, in the hope of capturing decent audio for the stream. Now comes the question...thanks for listening so far, and let me say that I’ve just watched and somewhat absorbed your thoughts on live-streaming with a YAGH. There’s a YAGH for sale for $600 AUD here, and I’m wondering if that would give the best audio, with more reliable hdmi output than the small gh4 hdmi jack, allowing me to power, along with the gh4, with ac power. Getting a bit complex, I guess I’m asking if the YAGH is much more solid as a steaming device as compared to the gh4/beachtek/mini hdmi setup. AC power seems king to me for this person...9v rechargeable don’t. Thanks for your time your work, I can sleep happy now that I’ve asked....who am I kidding, brain is buzzing! Andrew, Sydney
You are a Genious!
LOL, I know many who'd disagree, but I'll take it!! 😂
Thank you!
you're welcome!
When you switch between different videos. Does it only provide the audio picked up that mic?
audio can follow video or it can be locked on any/all channels. Watch the main video if you want the full lowdown
If you wanted to set up two inputs with wireless HDMI is there a way to accommodate for the delay with the BM atem mini?
Unfortunately the audio can not be programmed to a specific delay. I would recommend using the Behringer Shark as it's the most affordable hardware I know of that'll do the programmable delay.
Great video as usual from Joseph. Too bad that there are no ATEM Minis for sale anywhere in the country, and Webcaster X2 is discontinued.
Yeah… the ATEMs sold out because of the current health crisis and the X2 was discontinued but also not supposed to sell out this quickly!
Webcaster X2 has been discontinued.
Yeah, this is a bummer. I just heard back from Epiphan about this. Basically the product is EOL (end of life) and they aren't manufacturing any more. They did not expect the last manufacturing run of these to sell out so quickly — I'm sure the COVID experience had something to do with that. They wouldn't give me a time frame of when to expect anything to replace it, but I've know the company for a long time and while they have NOT said this to me (just making it clear that this is pure speculation), I am personally confident that they will replace it ASAP. The X2 was an excellent product with clear opportunity for improvement, and I don't see them ignoring this market.
Thanks for putting this together.
my pleasure! This was a fun one.
So the X2 is totally discontinued, any further thoughts?
Yeah, this is a bummer. I just heard back from Epiphan about this. Basically the product is EOL (end of life) and they aren't manufacturing any more. They did not expect the last manufacturing run of these to sell out so quickly — I'm sure the COVID experience had something to do with that. They wouldn't give me a time frame of when to expect anything to replace it, but I've know the company for a long time and while they have NOT said this to me (just making it clear that this is pure speculation), I am personally confident that they will replace it ASAP. The X2 was an excellent product with clear opportunity for improvement, and I don't see them ignoring this market.
Joseph I noted the comment in this review 13:00 that the image is crushed and contrasty because of the output chosen by the device. I'm not sure if this is refering to YouTube output or using it on other software.
He's talking about the compression on the USB-C output. The best quality will be coming out of the HDMI port. I didn't realize this when I made the video which is why I did not discuss it. You will see a slight video difference if compare the two, but I'd hardly call it bad.
@PhotoJoseph thanks for the reply that clears it up for me.
Great video! I've been using the x2 for a couple of years now and found your video while studying the ATEM mini wondering if it would hook up to the X2, you answered my questions. That Death to Photoshop was touching, too.
you mean "death by powerpoint"? ;-) And thansk!
@PhotoJoseph Yes, oops! my bad.
If the web cam output is supposed to look like a web cam to the computer...isnt the X2 an un-nessesary expense...just go through the laptop...
You clearly didn’t actually watch the video, or you’d know the answer to that question.
@PhotoJoseph You can stream without the X2....just us the the $$$
Did you WATCH the video?
@PhotoJoseph yes I did...much good information...I love the mini and ordered one from BH...
Great. I'm asking because you keep insisting the X2 is unnecessary. I made it quite clear that it's not NECESSARY but that it offers certain advantages.
What do you think about using an HDMI splitter if I didn't want to rely on an HDMI recorder to pass through to the live stream? Is it worse to have a stream come from a splitter or cheap recorder?
Only way to answer that is with testing but I'd expect a quality splitter (not the kind of crap you see at a Best Buy where they distribute the same signal to 100 TVs and they all look like junk), but a real broadcast splitter, would be just fine.
I've got a question, I'd be after one with USB3 input (and not for Twitch only), so that I can plug the ATEM Mini in via USB. The idea being that I can set up the ATEM Mini and then just go live to the hardware encoding device, while also having a monitor. I saw the Epiphan Pearl Mini but that retails for about £3'000. Do you know of any cheaper alternatives?
keep in mind a USB input for streaming on any hardware may not work — it's data, not video (I mean it's all data, but unlike HDMI), so you may NEED the computer to convert it to a video stream. I'm somewhat guessing here but I've yet to see a solution that will work that way. YOu have to use the HDMI from the ATEM. Also the HDMI is a better quality signal, and you can always split it using an HDMI splitter to send it to multiple destinations.
@PhotoJoseph Hi Joseph. Thanks for the reply. I had seen the Epiphan Pearl Mini as I mentioned previously, I figured it would work as the ATEM Mini uses something like UVC (basically, the same/very similar USB codec that webcams like the Logitech use). So I figured it might work. But I'd be wanting to use the preview mode, and I remember you saying the USB -> HDMI way didn't work with the X2. So not sure what my options are there that aren't "Use a computer"
But why can't you use the HDMI output from the Mini?
@PhotoJoseph I'd be wanting to use the HDMI for the preview before I go on to that view (say to make sure a box is in the right place before opening it, etc). So I can't use preview as you've stated over HDMI.
Ah, OK. Yeah that makes it tough. Sounds like you need a bigger ATEM.
Great video. I believe the USB output is 2.0, not 3.0. That's how it's listed on the BM website, and I realized after first using mine that I was only using a USB 2.0 cable.

Do you think the encoder would handle that? Or is that something you tested?
Wow that's fascinating… you're right. The website does say 1 x USB Type-C 2.0. Well, the encoder definitely can't handle it (I've tried, as has Epiphan), but that's a curious point indeed!
Thanks for all the great info. I am seeing some conflicting info regarding the USB-C out. Others have indicated that the webcam compatible output is recognized by YouTube without the need for additional hardware/software. You are saying otherwise. What’s the scoop on that?
I’m not saying otherwise. I’m saying that you’ll get a better quality signal if you’re using a hardware encoder. The computer sees the ATEM as a webcam. Any app that sees a webcam (Skype, FaceTime, GoToMeeting, Zoom) should see the ATEM, likely including YouTube’s new “stream from a webcam” feature.
@PhotoJoseph "Now the ATEM Mini as you probably already know is not a complete live streaming solution. It handles all the camera switching but does not then get that signal up to the Internet. For that you need software like OBS on the computer or hardware like this Epiphan Webcaster X2" Sorry I don't mean to be overly critical. Your information is fantastic, I just found this part a bit confusing. Thanks for clarifying.
Right… the extra hardware at that point would be the computer and the software would be YouTube and your browser. My point is that the ATEM is not an encoder. The encoding and publishing to the internet has to happen somewhere, and in what you're describing, that's the computer it's attached to.
Nice Video. thanks. Also, Nice Yellow on Blue. it does hurt the eyes.
haha but did you READ it? ;-)
Please question.
I am interested in the resolution and quality of the image or video of the TWO TWO CAMERA MODELS. Thank you
I did a video on the new MEVO Start — You should watch that. They are different; one is not necessarily better than the other.
Hi! Great video! I have a question, can I use the Atem mini with a canon 6d, a canon 60d and a sony a73? Thanks!
as long as they have clean HDMI out, then yes you can. Otherwise you'll have camera info on screen. Just connect each camera to any HDMI TV to test, and if you see camera menu info, dig into the settings to try to find a way to turn it off!
How can I prevent my camera settings from being visible?
you need a camera that has clean HDMI out. Not all do; check your HDMI (or TV) output settings. Cheapest camera I know of that does it is the LUMIX G7
hey joseph, lets say you use an external audio interface in OBS with condenser mics instead of the atem MINI audio inputs, will i be able to get a good audio snyc to the video from the cameras ? i have two AKG c214 and a focusrite scarlett 2i2 and the black magic pocket 4k. all i want is to have one good video source and two microphones, nothing fancy - (im not even that worried about streaming live)
yeah, OBS has its own audio sync-shift, so you should be fine.
@PhotoJoseph ok awesome. if you use an hdmi from the camera it doesnt try to pick up the cameras microphone instead ?
yes it does, however in the ATEM you control which audio you use. You can choose audio from any/all/none of the HDMI inputs (even if that camera isn't live, the audio can still come from it), and/or you can use the audio from the two Mic inputs.
Can i stream YouTube n FB video together?
Not directly however if you use a restream service like then yes you can
Do you have any idea on how to sync cams that are out of sync with the Atem Mini?
Sync video? Yikes… no, actually. If you’re getting enough of a difference that you can see it, then ditch that camera. Like the GoPro… way too much delay. If you’re talking about syncing AUDIO, the cheapest tool I’ve seen that has programmable audio delay is the Behringer Shark
So technically the Webcaster 2X makes me eliminate ElGato Cam Link 4K? I am buying the Blackmagic ATEM, the Allen &. Heath Zedi 10 mixer and Epiphany Webcaster I need anything else? I have mike, computer, 4 cameras, lights and the rest...all I need to know is how to do something professional...besides that, I need to learn how to add the scores, teams, rosters, etc...if anyone can help is greatly appreciated!
Hey Joseph Rivera I'm going to address this on the next LIVE show, at 10am Pacific Wednesday 2020-03-04 at — hopefully you can watch live, and if not, catch the replay for the answer!
Hey Joseph, I addressed your question as promised in the live stream. I did NOT get to the part of adding scores and so-on, but I'm quite sure that's something you can do through OBS. Sorry, no experience there though.
Dope content. Watched this video twice and took down some notes.
Sweet! That’s what I like to hear!
Hi Joseph, So the x2 can not stream to Periscope?
Not directly. But if you use a restream service like you can get to Periscope. I don't know why it's not supported directly; I'd ask Epiphan if that's something that's important to you!
@PhotoJoseph Thanks Joseph if you could talk to them because periscope/twitter in my market is something not to ignore.
I'll mention it but they should hear it from you direct. The more they hear it, the better
@PhotoJoseph Thanks
Lot of great info.
Thank you
If you have a powerful computer (gaming computer) then you will not have a problem with software. If you are using a computer with low specs then you can run into problems. Hardware can also give problems so having hardware does not guarantee success or long term success.
That’s certainly fair that hardware doesn’t guarantee success, and it’s also true that software is better on a powerful computer. BUT software tries to be too complex offering too many features and in my experience (of which I have a fair amount), software will eventually always fail. And it’ll fail spectacularly. I’m thrilled that it works for some people but I would never recommend it for a serious streaming setup.
Excellent video. Amazing gadgets with impressive features. Well explained. Subscribed.
Thank you kindly!
I built this exact set up. Thanks to your videos. I am struggling to find a good HDMI recorder. Any recommendations I am shooting a cheap Canon 800. I am mostly going to be doing sporting events.
Check out this video — this chap tried a couple of cheap HDMI recorders before settling on one:
When placing the Atomos in between the Atem and Webcaster do I have to change the output setting on the Atomos to allow the Webaster to support the signal or does it automatically adapt? Hope my question makes sense. I am not the most tech inclined lol, thanks!
It should automatically adapt, but you do have some control over that as well.
Sar I'm form india sand me whatsapp number and email id
Uh, no?
I’m deleting your post with your phone number; you really should not post that publicly. I don’t give out my number and if you want to book a support session with me you can do that at
@PhotoJoseph my video andar is comment
Brilliant video. So clear and perfect tutorial. Subscribed
Thank you kindly!
So I don't understand why you can't use preview
In combination with the X2 you can’t because preview can only go out over the HDMI port, and to use the X2, you have to use the HDMI output for Program.
Sweet! Nice compilation of real-world solutions. Thanks!
Thanks! Fun video to put together ;-)
Fantastic guide, thanks. Wonder if Webcaster X3 will have: USB 3 + option for audio 44k (not just 44.1k) ??
They wouldn't tell me what's next ;-)
Great info, thanks Joseph!
Thanks for watching, brother!
Hi ! can you do a show on wirecast?
Nope. I hate wirecast. Despise it. It'd be a 60 minute diatribe on why I think the software should be erased from the internet. Sorry. (check out OBS instead)
Great video, helping us over at Tactical Rifleman page. Thank you.
Hey Joseph, discover your awesome channel with the first video in ATEM Mini series.
Have you any suggestion for a multi-sim/carrier LTE device to have reliable internet connection in eviroments without a cabled or wifi connection?

Thank you so much for your incomparable work in exploiting every single quirks and feature of this amazing little switcher ;)
Hehe thanks Guido. Check out ”Live Streaming Pros“ here on YouTube. They have covered several bonded devices and I know will have a recommendation.
@PhotoJoseph Thank you so much! I'll chek it out
Can ATEM mini do split screen (at ~9:20) or did you edit it later ?
That was edited… sorry, I thought it was clear that at that point I was NOT showing edited through the ATEM. But anyway, it sort of can do a split screen. You can have one FULL screen, then another screen on top of that which you can crop, like a picture-in-picture, but made to fill half the screen. You always have to have an entire image underneath though.
Hi Joseph, glad to see you have your little media player hooked up. I noticed that when you hit play you weren't getting a play icon visible on the screen, which was the bugbear I have with my little one, I take it that make doesn't do it or you can switch it off? Andy
haha yeah I FINALLY hooked it up! Works fine and no UI over it while playing. It's annoying that when you hit play it then asks if you want to continue or start over, but other than that it works fine!
Hi do you have any recommendations for a camera in the same price range as the atem mini/x2 around ?300 or so? I think I could get my boss to go for this if I could keep it under 1500 and I'd need 2 camera's and the sundry items to go with the setup...By the way Just found your channel And I love it. you go inhto detail but you get straight to the point and don't waste my time. Thanks!
Thanks for the compliments. Wow that’s a tall order. The problem is that most cheap cameras, if they DO have HDMI out (which you need), it’s not “clean”, meaning you will have information from the camera overlaid on top of the image. The cheapest camera I know of that’ll work is the LUMIX G7 at about $500 (including a lens).
What about the Canon VIXIA HF R800? It seems to have a clean HDMI output. I was about to use that for my video inputs for the ATEM mini, so is there something I'm missing? I'm very new to this, but I've been following your videos a lot recently, and they're great!
Not familiar with the Canon but if it has clean HDMI, then that’s great!
@PhotoJoseph Bit the bullet and bought a GH5-S. Might get a couple G7's as b/c Cam's in the future. Thanks again! still loving your channel.
Awesome review and I didn't know about that sync video. I was doing it the hard way. Thanks
Thanks, and glad that helped! That video is just awesome.
Do you have to connect via google brand account in order to stream to YouTube? Or can I simply use my stream key / stream URL? I’m asking because my google+/brand account was accidentally (and permanently) deleted and I’m unable to use third party applications/websites such as VidIQ, Socialblade, etc. I can only stream via Stream key and with the Stream Now feature. Thank you for your time and great content.
You'd have to create a new youtube account. If your account was deleted, your keys are no longer valid. You have to stream to an account.
Right click on video goto to transform scale to fiit
You’re talking about in OBS? Excellent, thanks!
Great video, so clear and full of detail, appreciate it
Thank you. It’s long but I tried to fill it with goodness!
If a person is doing client work, how easy is it to pair with the clients YouTube or Facebook accounts?
All you need is their password. Or for YouTube, for them to be logged in and authorize the request by entering the code that the X2 generates. I don’t recall how Facebook actually connects to be honest; it’s been a while since I streamed to Facebook directly.
Amazing video even for people how are not in that kind of stuff. I saw the joke in the powerpoint presentation at the first time but when I saw it I couldn't help but smile. I don't want to spoiler something for someone but I had fun reading it...
Haha right on. You’re the first to comment on it… but did you see the hidden message? 🤔
The video is timely and relevant. Thanks Joseph! Really digging the ATEM mini and it's the first switcher used in our studio. I picked one up and am experimenting with it currently. so much to learn and that's exciting and also daunting :) Keep up the great work! 🤜🏽🤛🏽
Thanks Paul! I appreciate that.

Does the x2 allow you to stream through so that you can hit all three major platforms at the same time?

It sure does! You can stream to RTSP from the X2.

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