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EXIF and pixelation problems #1
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by mattspace
December 31, 2014 - 3:36pm

Hi folks, So on my annual holiday, and as usual, I have my d800 and iPad Air with me. Last year it was a simple matter of importing RAWs into iPhoto and doing any quick edits on the road. This time round i’m trying to use Photos, given iPhoto was nuked by the iOS 8 update and im trying to figure out if im misremembering what iPhoto could do. doesn’t let me see EXIF data of my images - what are people using as a solution to this sort of thing? The idea of going through the cumbersome extension process to look at each image individually seems a bit ridiculous. Editing my images is more of less impossible - as soon as i try doing anything, Photos pixelates them into unrecognisability

For example, here’s an image after it’s cropped:

But as soon as i try to adjust anything else, all i get is this:

Any thoughts?


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by PhotoJoseph
January 3, 2015 - 6:08pm

For EXIF, there are two good solutions I know of. Check out this article I wrote, “Viewing Image Metadata in Photos and iOS 8”.

As far as the pixelation goes, that's really bizarre. Is that happening only with cropped images, or with any image? Are you importing RAW files (and therefore Photos is having to use the embedded JPEG), or are you importing full size JPEG files? I don't know what the specifics are in Photos, come to think of it, but in iPhoto if it was over a certain resolution (18 MP maybe?) it was automatically downsized to… 12MP or so. I don't recall the specifics offhand. Not that it should make any difference here, but just more data points to try to solve this.

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by mattspace
January 4, 2015 - 12:07am

They’re the full-sized RAWs from the camera (Shot RAW only). It seems to effect any image from the d800, insofar as I can’t do more than 1 alteration without that happening, so If I try to adjust colour first, then bring up the cropping interface I get a similar issue.

Images shot on the iPad’s camera are fine.

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